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united alliance
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The United Alliance INFO DATABASE is your link to a vast resource of reference materials
throughout the INTERLINK but not the only link.

Using the INDEX MENU BAR below you can access directly the DIRECTORY of people, or view INDEPTH articles on a variety of items, or view CHRONICLE with it's Archive and Timeline reference or any of the 6 Corporate links.
or... choose a letter from the lexicon bar above for an alphabetical listing of items.

Learn about ANGLISH, the language of the ALLIANCE,
see where in MILKY WAY GALAXY our space is or,

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space vessels (or visit the WARBOOK)
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compare tunics and uniforms of:
star command__diplomatic corps__border patrol__dullean ddf__topangan fleet__terran uesa
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star command idents___meganites and the meganite empire___ua exploratory and patrol zones
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for a tour of local space as borders changed during the meg war