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The FIRST North American FOOD WARS were the result of increasing Ecological problems, a northward moving food belt in the northwest/plains region of the USAmerica and power hungry Militia FREEMEN who became increasingly successful in forming a populist party operating in both local and state elections. When 9 states voted in HEARTLAND party candidates for Governor in 2064 the stage was set for those states to breakaway from a debt heavy and increasingly ineffective Federal government to form the FREE STATES OF AMERICA.
The first act of the HEARTLAND Free States was a violent incursion into western Canada in an attempt to secure the northward moving food belt.
This act resulted in the following: 1, The FIRST North American FOOD WAR, 2: The creation of WESTCAN by the Provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, NWT and Nunavut when the Canadian Federal Government refused to act on their behalf due to back room pressure from the USAmerican Federal Government, 3: The WESTCAN forces developing a powerful REPULSOR weapon which not only created an inpenetrable line which the greater number HEARTLAND forces were unable to cross but gave WESTCAN a much needed early nation technical edge for commerce, 4: The state of Washington joining WESTCAN as a province following Heartland incursion and USAmerica Federal inaction followed by the subsequent declaration of War against Heartland by WESTCAN that resulted in Heartland accidentally nuking Billings Montana and the loss of a good percentage of Heartland territory north of the Lewis and Clark Trail in Montana to WESTCAN. and 5: The secession of California, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Hawaii and Alaska when HEARTLAND tried unsuccessfully to seek a westcoast sea port through violent action.
Heartland was forced in ceasing aggression by both WESTCAN and the UNION OF WESTERN STATES. Then with the only trade access being through the Welland Canal (Southern Ontario canal system allowing sea port access from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario and therefore the St Lawrence Seaway and the Atlantic Ocean) the increasingly marginalized Heartland regrouped continuing to gain territory eastward through elections and secessionary votes until they felt strong enough to attempt an incursion eastward which was stopped by critically underestimated USAmerican forces and then later a Baptist National controlled Presidency which declared its own doctrine to recover all land under Heartland control.


Political movement begun by righteous Baptist and Evangelical leaders in the USAmerica during the second quarter of the 22nd Century. The Baptist National party benignly believed that Church and State affairs of a righteous country are connected and that a religious leader could also become head of state and would in fact more accurately represent the wishes of the people of the USAmerica. In this sense the BN Party was destined to be a fringe party and of no threat to the democratic system but merely another player in the lobbying and fractioning of government that the American system had become so used to.
This would have been case in probably any other time in history but the BN party came about during an extremely dark time in American history. The country was half the size of it's greater glory having lost the northwest/plains states in HEARTLAND Free States breakaway elections in the 21st Century and having lost the pacific/south border states to seccession when the Federal government failed to rally against Heartland when their agressions turned toward the pacific/border states.
The Baptist National party also levied a strong following of believers who had survived the near 50 percent population drop of the last century's Eco-Crisis and with exception of the growing Nuarian movement in and around Missouri (who had no federal interest anyway) the Baptist National party found dissatisfaction with the last hundred years of Federal management by the other parties greatly strengthened their numbers.
Engaging similar thinking war heros of the Second Food War such as David "IRONSIDE" HALLEY the Baptist National party rapidly gained support, strength and credibility with the American voting population and quickly made a presense in the House of Representatives and then the Congress.
It is around this point, when David Halley was a Senator on the BN ticket, that things began to turn ugly. Halley had aspirations for the Presidency even though the general population was still wary of the marriage of church and state in that office. Halley lobbied hard for consideration and support, seeking first an alliance with one of the major parties then through coersion by a Union Ticket endorsement for Vice President, all the while running for President solely on a BN Platform "just in case the sheep follow".
When then sitting President Dominic O'Riordan refused to play along the die was cast for the most cunning of hostile takeovers. Vice President Jennifer Cames took office following a Halley engineered assassination of O'Riordan and nominated Halley as her VP. With a heavy hand and the help of Baptist Nationals in both houses Halley forced a very public end to the gridlock between the Executive and Legislative branch ensuring that on the next Presidential election Halley could take the office on a lone Baptist National ticket, which he did.
Almost immediately the mood changed and the ideals of the Baptist National party were swept aside in favor of Halley's own. By the time Halley began his second term he had executed a wave of terror through the legislative and then judiciary branch until all parties were in his step and then in masterstroke removed all constitutional opposition to his running a third term, supported by a Halley controlled congress and house.
The Halley led charge into the crumbling Heartland territory reunited another third to the Union by force but as crisis begat crisis Halley's wave of terror increased, first blaming people of spanish decent in his native Florida and then elsewhere eventually strangleholding those elements of the press which expressed their displeasure through excessive taxes and even more frightening acts of coersion.
As Baptist National forces gained more and more control of the USAmerica, outside forces in the Union of Western States viewed the actions of their former home nation and began, surrepticiously to instigate forces within the USAmerica against Halley and the Baptist Nationals.
These forces, publically identifying themselves as OLD GLORY Forces, built up resistence cells in former Heartland territories where the BN presence was least until a growing tidal wave of resistence surged against the Baptist National controlled Army in the Second Civil War.
Only when HALLEY proved too dangerous to retain did his inner circle move against him and then it was swift to remove him from power following his actions in the Great Holy War.
As OLD GLORY Forces seized America back for people pockets of Halley loyal Baptist Nationals disappeared underground. In time these Neo-Baptists, with their occassional radical pockets of hate groups, seemed to disappear with their more moderate elements cropping up from time to time trying to affect policy and run for office again.
Ultimately their influence and numbers shrank to ineffective levels and they remained only as an annoyance. Seeking sponsorship for the building of a multi-generational colony ship to take them away from Earth for new worlds.
The establishment were unaware of how serious they were in this goal until a senior member of the Baptist Nationals (NEO-Baptist) was discovered on the SHINDAR BOOMERANG Project secreting Driver designs to the Colony Mission project as they were made obsolete. What was thought might be an intellectual exercise to build a colony ship with the abandoned pattens was learned to be an actual Colony Ship fabrication center.
See this as the prime opportunity to remove these unstable elements from society once and for all help was given in the form of supplies, materials, transport and orbital access to speed them along on the condition the Neo-Baptists made room for the NUARIAN Rad-Feminists and the Militia FREEMEN. When the six Colony ships launched a year later little was known if any of them would survive never mind if they'd find the world they were looking for and what would become of them then.


In the time leading up to the ECO-COLLAPSE in 2071 a great number of financial challenges came along with the growing difficulty to grow anything edible in the increasingly toxic environment. Around this time a caucasian woman named Leah Whitewater began the NUARIAN Movement. The NUARIANs believed that the Women's Liberation Movement (alternative spelling "WYMYN's") made a key error early in the struggle by seeking to join their male counterparts as equals and indeed Whitewater cited this thought process as being the cause of the looming ECO-CRISIS.
Whitewater stated that in late 20th Century, when women abandoned their nuturing sides to become men in a MALE PRIORITY driven world they effectly traded security and balance for stress, greed and power and upset the balance of nature. Whitewater stated that a society "FULL OF MEN OF BOTH GENDERS" simply guaranteed that Mother Nature would have to react with a severe course correct in the form of the Eco-Crisis.
NUARIANs believed that the feminist of the 20th Century should have formed communes of farms nurturing independent power from within and could have taken over tremendous amounts of farm land even then which would have rapidly put them in a position of more positive control over their own destiny as well as safeguarding the planet.
They were so committed to this belief that as the Crisis loomed the Nuarians followers began to purchase large tracks of land throughout the mid-west particularly in Missouri until there was a whole dominion of Nuarian controlled farms.
As expected the farms yeilded very poorly in the early years but the communal support structure that Whitewater established kept the farms going even during the leanest of times. With factories shut down and pollution all but stopped the Nuarian Land Management program resulted in a higher than normal return to fertility. Only later was it discovered that one of the contributors to Whitewater's movement had a genetically engineering lentil that practically filtered the toxins out of the soil each harvest allowing that harvest to remove impedements to the healthy crops that followed.
While the Eco-Crisis continued and populations were cut in half all around the world the Nuarians continued to purchase land even cities throughout the region. During much of the 22nd Century their stranglehold on county and even state legislatures was so entrenched that State Police stayed clear of their areas, legislaters turned a blind eye to reports of Civil Rights violations and few men dared tread through their region.
Even as the BAPTIST NATIONAL controlled USAmerican Army fought with the HEARTLAND States both sides feared operating within NUARIAN (or RAD FEM as they were called) areas.
With the collapse of the BAPTIST NATIONAL regime America returned to its constitutional roots and the NUARIAN Councils felt pressure for reforms which they rebuked at every turn often with pockets of micro-terrorist activities cropping up against factions which the Nuarians felt "intolerant" of their utopian feminist vision.
It was hardly surprising then as Space Colonization efforts became more feasible that Nuarian leadership began working toward leaving Earth for another world, a dream made real when UNSA discovered the Neo-Baptist GUELPHON's theft of obsolete faster than light pattens from the SHINDAR Boomerang Project. UNSA assisted the Neo-Baptists on the condition that they make room for the RAD FEM elements wishing to depart for space.

2228 September 11 Earth - The various nations of the North American League generously back the Neo-Baptist Colony project offering many outdated patents, materials and even help in building the Colony Ship on the condition that 1571 Nuarian Wymyn (radical self-segregating feminists groups who began taking over whole towns in the Agricultural belt during the Eco-Collapse) and 500 FREE STATE Heartland radicals are included.

2229 September 9 NEO-BAPTISTS Depart
- The six Neo-BAPTIST/Nuaria/Free Radical colony ships depart Earth orbit, destined out past Alpha Centauri and off into deep open space.

Nuarians used three methods for reproduction:
The first method for reproduction being PSEUDO SEED INVITRO FERTILIZATION, similar to cloning in that one Nuarian would donate genetic material which would be manipulated to play the part of seed when introduced to the other Nuarian's natural egg through invitro fertilization. This method required rigorus efforts by Nuarian Genetists to ensure expansion of the gene pool and health of the child which would be delivered naturally. Sometimes this method would be done in CROSS-POLINATION so both "parents" would carry at the same time.
The second method for reproduction was by purchasing SPERM from male donors who were carefully screened to ensure health and intelligence. This method also involved INVITRO Fertilization of the male seed on the target egg.
The third method, which was greatly frowned upon by the Nuarian Leaders, was called Natural Selection where a group of Nuarians would "visit" a community outside of the Communal Region and fornicate with whoever they felt were the best candidates available in traditional acts of copulation.
The last two methods held the risk of being impregnated with a male child which under Nuarian Council Edict required first tri-mester abortion or the departure of the expecting mother from Nuarian Territory. It was this practice that first fell into challenge following repatriation of the USAmerican Constitution in 2194.


Increasingly unstable elements in the Northwest and Plains regions of the USAmerican in the late 20th and early 21st Century. By the fifth generation of Militia Freemen concerted efforts began to legitimize their struggle for returns to a constitutional based society, with these efforts came the founding of the HEARTLAND Party. HEARTLAND moved into local and state government in a concerted way capitalizing on the increasingly common inaction of the Federal Government and traditional party elements to secure a populist party following.
2064 November - Nine states in the Central North West of the United States vote in
HEARTLAND candidates as Governor. The HEARTLAND Party (backed predominantly by Militia FREEMEN) has been competing with the rival REFORM Party in the region for decades.

2065 May 1 - Years of mismanagement by the Federal Government of the USAmerica add to an increase in tensions between mid-west states and the rest of the country. Under HEARTLAND Party leadership the states of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Wisconsin, the northern counties of Missouri and the western counties of Illinois break away from the United States of America to form a new republic, the Free States of America.

On formation of the FREE STATES OF AMERICA which has been commonly called HEARTLAND States or HEARTLAND America the first act of the new government was a violent attempt to secure more of the rapidly northward moving Food Belt through violent invasion of western Canada.
2066 February 6 - The first North American FOOD WAR begins with the invasion by HEARTLAND Forces of the Free States of America into southern Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The Canadian Federal government initially seeks assistance from USAmerica which declines involvement against the break away republic. Under the direction of Albert Premier Albert ROTH several western base commanders and whole contingents of Mounted Police act on their own accord fighting off the invaders. Canadian forces are heavily outnumbered by the invading Heartland Army losing most of the border below the 50th parallel until superior Canadian technology supplied by high tech aerospace firms in western Canada keep the Free States from overrunning Regina, Winnipeg and Calgary.

HEARTLAND didn't let that stop them for less than 2 years later...
2067 October 27 - The well armed and well fortified HEARTLAND Army of the Free States of America begin a concerted push against Idaho, Oregon, Washington State and northern California in an attempt to gain control of a Pacific sea port. The USAmerica Federal government is slow to release resources still hopeful of a bloodless re-union. Washington State turns to WestCan for aid actually seceding from the Union to join the Dominion of WestCan which declares war on the Free States of America reclaiming most of the territory lost in 2066 and overrunning Idaho and Montana down to the Lewis and Clark trail regaining territory once held by the Hudson's Bay company. A misguided attempt by the Heartland Forces to retaliate with Cruise Missiles results in the detonation of a nuclear device obliterating Billings Montana. This action allows the future Union of Western States to defeat Heartland forces invading Oregon, Idaho and California. By the end of the battle the Free States hold nothing west of the Continental Divide and little north of the Lewis and Clark trail through parts of Montana.

Having already struck a crippling blow to themselves one would think HEARTLAND would finished but this is not the case. Even though they are already directly responsible for the breakup of AMERICA (through themselves and by forcing the creation of the UNION OF WESTERN STATES) and CANADA (in the creation of WESTCAN) the breakaway republic of HEARTLAND, insistent that if it can gain control of food production in North America that it will triumph HEARTLAND simply bides its time, weathers the early years of the ECO-COLLAPSE while continuing to run candidates in USAmerican state Gubernatorial elections.
2130 - HEARTLAND candidates are elected in gubernatorial races in Michigan, the of Illinois, and half of Illinois that are under USAmerica control. Despite popular opinion in these regions they secede from the USAmerica joining the Heartland FREE STATES of AMERICA within a year.

By this point the HEARTLAND Leadership has moved well beyond it's initial Militiamen roots while still seeking many of the same goals that began the party. With rise of the New CONFEDERACY Movement and the BAPTIST NATIONAL Party in the USAmerica the end of Miltia controlled HEARTLAND is inevitable and their desperation begins to show when they begin the Second NORTH AMERICAN FOOD WAR.
2146 - The Second North American FOOD WARS begins when the FREE AMERICAN states, increasingly concerned about their shrinking food monopoly in the USAmerica invades southern Ontario Canada by way of Michigan to take control of the HPFC Hydro farms in the Greater Toronto Area. The USAmerica, dependent on HPFC food exports and hedging toward implementing similar Farms themselves is forced to aid Canada and intercept the Heartland forces.

Rapidly the 2nd Food War is starting to look like a Civil War for the attack into Central Canada was a diversion used to move USAmerican forces away from their true target.
2146 - Anticipating USAmerica's actions in defence of southern Ontario Canada masses of Heartland forces invade and overtake USAmerican states of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio.

Again they underestimate their opponent.
2149 - Coordinating 3 USAmerican Battalions Colonel David HALLEY leads the charge into Heartland territory taking back control of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and the eastern half of Illinois. Chicago is finally back in USAmerican control. A later effort coordinated under General David HALLEY's command brings 5 USAmerican Battalions up from the south into Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas and Oklahoma retaking all territory lost to Heartland in 2131.

It isn't long before internal conflict in the HEARTLAND Congress takes its toll, at this point the USAmerican forces have secured the WELLAND Canal in southern Ontario and blockade it from HEARTLAND access thereby crippling the breakaway republic by refusing it access to sea trade.
2150 October - FREE STATE Congressional authority abandons the Heartland government forcing President Dyan White from office when USAmerican forces in control of the Welland Canal refuse Heartland access to the canal thereby crippling FREE STATE trade.

2151 - In the largest movement of military forces in North American history the USAmerican Army move into Heartland FREE AMERICA territory seizing and restoring Union control on each state as they go. MONTANA and WYOMING petition to join the Union of Western States. Membership is granted. Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota are retaken into the USAmerica as the government of the FREE STATES of America collapses and Heartland Armies surrender to Union Forces.

2151 March 3 - 2nd North American FOOD WAR ends with unconditional surrender of the Heartland Armies. USAmerican federal union control is re-established in all but 14 of the original 50 States (13 of which make up the Union of Western States with the former State of Washington now part of the Dominion of WestCan).

FREEMEN or Militia Freemen still existing in pockets throughout the USAmerica and UWS continue for years, occassionally running in with the law, even more seldomly seeking public office with statements of Federal Corruption by the government. Knowing that their time has come and gone some begin to seek extra-terristrial potential as the concept of Space Colonization becomes more and more feasible. Their pitiful attempts to gain access to funds for Space Colonization cause no end of problems for the governments of both nations and their consistent disruptions eventually result in an unexpected windfall.
2228 September 11 Earth - The various nations of the North American League generously back the Neo-Baptist Colony project offering many outdated patents, materials and even help in building the Colony Ship on the condition that 1571 Nuarian Wymyn (radical self-segregating feminists groups who began taking over whole towns in the Agricultural belt during the Eco-Collapse)and 500 FREE STATE Heartland radicals are included.

2229 September 9 NEO-BAPTISTS Depart
- The six Neo-BAPTIST/Nuaria/Free Radical colony ships depart Earth orbit, destined out past Alpha Centauri and off into deep open space.


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The 2000: Things Every Command Should Prepare For
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