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LOCAL SPACE, BORDERS and the MEG Influence on our space....

The UNITED ALLIANCE exists in what we call LOCAL SPACE of the WESTER SPIRAL ARM of the Milky Way Galaxy. While other races have different terms for this region most have begun to adapt to the above term as described in the Complete ANGLISH Dictionary.

As late as 2220 AD Earth/SOL/001/New LONDON was unaware of Meganite Expansion into this area while Dullea/GINPUT/665 New VOLGOGRAD was all too aware suffering through the post MUSSANI occupation period.

For clarification we have renamed or reclassified some of the layers of Meganite expansion on the attatched Map.

They are:

Referring to the region of space classified by the MEG as ALDUS.
Aldus is the first phase of Meganite Contact, a wave of high speed probes fanning out from the Meganite Empire at light speed, calling back contact reports on worlds with life and their level of technical (read: threat) achievment.
An ALDUS probe entered the Earth system in the Earth Calendar year of 1730 AD and found a world with life but pre-industrial.

Referring to the region of space classified by the MEG as GANDER.
Gander is the second phase of Meganite Contact, a long term information gathering probe (or series of probes) sent to that specific star system and joining the system disguised as a COMET with specific and repetative orbits that bring each probe close enough for period analysis. This keeps the Meganite Xeno-Archaelogists assigned to this sector aware of industrial development of the planets inhabitants and therefore allows them to more quickly identify their threat ratio.
The first GANDER probe entered the Earth system in the Earth Calendar year of 1970 AD and found a world which was already engaged in space exploration of it's nearest neighbour. Development three times faster than the Self-Superior minded Meganites that began an acceleration of standard procedure to study this accelerated Earth Model.
Both the LEOUZ and GUEZ contact phases were begun for Earth at the same time. It is believe to be the only time this has happened.

Referring to the region of space the MEG have classified as LEOUZ.
Leouz is the third phase of MEGANITE CONTACT, a series of permanent unmanned monitor stations are set up around the orbit of the target world collecting raw data, intercepting radio transmissions and reporting back on the culture(s) and progress of the target world.
Earth's LEOUZ system was hurriedly put in place in the Asteroid Belt between MARS and Jupiter in 2025 AD while a GUEZ facility was being re-routed from it's original lower threat target world.

Referring tot he region of space the MEG have classified as GUEZ.
Guez is actually a system by system set up with only inhabited worlds with moderate threat potential receiving such attention. In GUEZ a manned and well armed MEG Base is built on a moon orbiting the target world. The station is eventually camoflouged with the most sophisticated Meganite Stealth technology. Communications are kept with the Empire through a faster than light ION pulse PIP transmission system to ensure the target world is unaware of what is going on.
The GUEZ Base for Earth was put on MARS, it's nearest neighbouring planet, due to the rapid expansion into Space of the Terrans. Construction began in 2030 AD with completion of the base (including a Tactical Squadron of Fighters assigned) in 2048 AD. By this point however Earth was suffering the Eco-Collapse and the Xeno-Archaeologists were sure that this fast moving race was about to extinguish itself.

Referring to an area of space or system which has reached a level of advancement which the MEGANITE Councils deems a threat to the Meganite Empire. Meganites refer to this as QUARANTINE and in it's mildest form resembles that.

A MEG QUARANTINE VESSEL is dispatched depositing a minimum of six MEG QUARANTINE PROBES in orbit (most of which are unmanned) of the planet. Any attempts by the inhabitants from that moment on or make orbit result in the craft and it's launch center being destroyed by high energy particle weapons.

For a world to warrant this level of activity they must first make Light Speed. The end result is that just as a world is capable of joining the Galactic Community (which also makes attacking the Meganite Empire a possibility) they are knocked back to pre-orbital levels. Satellites are removed from orbit by these facilities with the MEG PROBES providing what is in most cases a superior level of service.

The MEGS believe that this is necessary to ensure their world never falls victim to an alien attack. In the cases of worlds which rebel then full scale ground invasion, termed POLICE ACTION by the MEGs is instituted and all vestigates of Continental or National Armies and Constabulatory are dismanted.

A MEG Invasion Craft was bound for Earth with TEN level one QUARANTINE PROBES in 2224. The Craft had been called off from the lower threat Quarantine of TOPANGA in 2222 when critical first stage advances in Faster than Light engine design were detected in the Crowfoot Desert testing range of RIJL Aerospace.

The TERRANS (nee - Earthers) suspicious after intercepting some MEG ION pulses beat the MEGS to the punch by running the high speed BOOMERANG Faster than Light ION Craft around MARS.

Although the Base was hidden from technical scans the pilot Lieutenant Commander ROBERT MacMANUS, acting on hunches fed from previous experience, led a first wave assault on the MEG BASE that flushed out their Tactical Wing just as a heavily armed multi-national space force arrived.

The MEGS on the base were unable to overcome the attack and committed suicide to avoid capture.

The FIRST SON (Rigel Aerospace Electro-Brain) on board the RIGEL III was able to link into the MEGANITE Electro-Memory system, making available MEG files about other nearby worlds under MEG oppression, their languages and cultures allowing the RIMBEY PLAN to work.

Most importantly however, this information gave the new UNITED EARTH Space Agency the tactical information they needed to meet the MEGANITE INVASION SHIP with an Armada and defeat it before it even entered the System.

From these seeds the STELLAR 20 was born,
the Solar Group Alliance,
the Rimbey Plan,
and eventually the UNITED ALLIANCE.

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