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The Ginsang scale uses the old Terran language ENGLISH and rates environments from A to Z. The "H" Environment describes an environment with moderate Exposure risk, requiring moderate protection for survival.
Indigenous name of the homeworld of the Sahaklesh people 576 New SEPT ILES.

Hartwell Starsystem 034. Hartwell name for the JESEB home system (Groombridge 34 A/b archaic).

Hartwell Starsystems version of the much superior RIJL Aerospace Electro-Brain. Due to faulty matrix' HAEB's were responsible for the incorrectly named "RAEB REBELLION of 2246".

Hartwell Starsystem 585. Hartwell name for ARTICLE 6 protected worlds BOK OAYAN (3rd Planet) and SENT AIRE (4th Planet). (L 68-28 archaic).

HALLEY, David -- USAmerican President
A war hero of the Second Civil War David "Ironside" HALLEY led the Baptists National Party to the Presidency in the latter 22nd Century by exploiting the desires of a weary populace for religious righteousness and the former greatness of the American Union. Following his election the Baptist National Party experienced saturation into the USAmerican state nearly as deep as Adolf Hitler's NAZI party did in Germany in the 20th Century. During HALLEY's presidency there was a suspension of the USAmerican Constitution, the Second Civil War that left Chicago in ruins on their withdrawal from Illinois, persecution of spanish speaking persons as well as the Great Holy War and ended with HALLEY detonating a nuclear weapon on the Russian Glavcosmos farside lunar Base.

The high tech research and development division of HARTWELL Starsystems.

The vessel building division of HARTWELL Starsystems that creates space ships and ship systems.

HARTWELL StarSystems
"The Easiest Part of your Space Travel" ™
The official starmap of the United Alliance (Article 7 of the UA CHARTER) which began as a casual reference by Terran based SOLAR GROUP Alliance members who nicknamed the SOL (Earth) System New LONDON. As Earth was very near the center of the FIRST CIRCLE and LONDON was very near the center of most flat world maps the system began simply enough. HARTWELL undertook the project seriously during the MEGWAR figuring that anyone who could make navigating space easier would have an edge in the Aerospace Industry, although this wasn't true the project has ensured HARTWELL's dominance in the Navigation component and Starmapping business. Currently HARTWELL is patterning areas beyond the FIRST CIRCLE on the cities of other Alliance members as indicated in the UA CHARTER Article 7.

Hartwell Starsystem 723. Hartwell name for the QUIN'dax Colony world AMBABUTA (Wolfe 437 archaic).

The common name for Free America. A group of states started originally by HEARTLAND Milita Governor led states that secceeded from the USAmerican union and then proceeded to attempt violent take over of western canada and later other western and southwest states of USAmerica. It took nearly a hundred years for HEARTLAND to become an economic force largely because of the Eco-Collapse and late 22nd Century action by the USAmerica against them in the Second CIVIL WAR.

Name given to very effective and powerful crime lord working throughout the Western perimeter of the First Circle. Hellman used her cunning to create an alter-ego portrait that many found hard to associate with the actual person. Running drugs, weapons and pirating schemes from New Juneau through to New Caracas it was eventually discovered that Hellman's base of operations were run from New TIJUANA.

Hellman Secret Base
Secondary base of Operations for Drug Lord HELLMAN up to 2255. In the 942 New TIJUANA system the base was destroyed by Robert MacMANUS and his crew on their escape.

Hellman World
Apparent primary base of Operations for the Drug Lord HELLMAN in 2255. 939 New SAN SALVADOR. Base was eventually overrun by Diplomatic Corp Fleet following the FLUFF Epidemic on New MEXICO CITY.

The console which controls the speed and direction of a craft.

Indigenous name for the people of 752 New VANINO.

6th largest moon of Sol System (New LONDON) planet JUPITER.

System 996, the "last stop to shop" in the UA Western Exploration Zone and home to the KONALUHJOILE Colony on the ice planet Maui.

Abbrev for HUMANOID: Any species which is self-aware with evolving intelligence, organic, bi-pedal, mamalian based or exhibiting traits similar to or resembling of.
It was at one time thought that the term "HUMAN" should refer only to the species Homo Homo Sapien of Earth as the term "Earther" or "Terran" were initially considered awkward in general usage but very early on in multi-species contact it was pointed out that making the term "HUMAN" exclusive rather than INCLUSIVE hinted at species superiority (racism) and was a concept to be avoided at all costs if the Alliance was to succeed. The ANGLISH term for things indigenous to the Earth dominated system SOL are known as TERRANS.

A fur trading company that is arguably the longest surviving commercial retail venture in Terran history. The Hudson's Bay Company set up an expanding network of Fur Trading Posts from the shores of the Hudson Bay (Manitoba) across North America to the Pacific Coast. Posts were established as far south on the west coast as Vancouver WASHINGTON (near the Oregon border). Washington (then part of the Oregon territory) was lost to the USAmerica during the Treaty of 1846. It was oddly fitting that the WASHINGTON territory joined WESTCAN during the First North American FOOD WAR reuniting all the former Hudson Bay land under one Federal government.

General in the MEGANITE Defence Force circa 1964 TSC who initiated the ARROWHEAD MANEUVER destroying the MUSSANI Federation and wiping their homeworld clean, an act which now anchors the ZERO SECOND in Metric Time.

7th(largest moon of Sol System (New LONDON) planet SATURN.