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The Ginsang scale uses the old Terran language ENGLISH and rates environments from A to Z. The "F" Environment is described as any environment which is at either end of normal human tolerance, an environment where protection is recommendated for survival and required for comfort. Dr GINSANG likened the F Environment to the equitorial region or Arctic regions of Earth or to Earth during much of Eco-Crisis.
Archaic and extremely inappropriate term referring to the egg producing gender of a species. As ANGLISH is a language which does not allow for GENDER DOMINANCE the words FEMALE or WOMAN (as sub-sets of Male or Man) do not exist. In ANGLISH the egg producing gender is termed MATRIS as a variation on MATRIARCH.
It has been argued that had the American Feminist Movement of the mid to late 20th Century focused their efforts early on to get the US Congress to define the words "MAN" or "MEN" as abbrev of "HUMAN" thus confirming the inherent inclusiveness of the phrases and therefore constitutionally guaranteeing that the phrase "ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL" would include all HUMANS rather than emphasizing the exclusive gender dominant meaning of the word through the replacement of the terms "MAN" and "MEN" with the terms "PERSON" and "PEOPLE" that much of the legal difficulty they faced in both public opinion and the courts would not have occurred. A counter argument reinforces that without pursuing the exclusive approach taken the feminist movement would not have been so successful in their subjugation of PATRIS (the seed producing gender) in reproductive and child support issues that have taken the World Courts over 200 hundred years to re-balance so that PATRIS could be viewed in the courts as more than just a source of financial support.
In Faster Than Light travel the method where a unified shell of energy is formed around a craft by synchronized warp field generators creating an extremely cohesive globe of null-space and effectively reducing the mass of all contents to zero. The energies required to create such a field are considered impossible.
The treaty space of the United Alliance that measures 26 standard light years from center. The FIRST CIRCLE is an arbitrary space used for general reference. With the exception of QUIN space and part of the MEG Border ANNEX all space in the First Circle is considered safe for general travel, in reality this is not the case. In the HARTWELL Star Catalog system ALL stars in the First Circle have been renamed after cities on EARTH (New LONDON) minus the oceans. The layout was done on the 2 dimensional Xaxis grid.
Fought between HEARTLAND (Free States) and WESTCAN 2045-2046
North America / Earth / New LONDON
Capitol city : Calgary Alberta.
The First FOOD-WAR (First on North America) began when the breakaway HEARTLAND States of America crossed the Canadian border with intentions to secure the rapidly northward expanding Food Belt for themselves.
The Canadian Federal Government was unable to engage the Canadian Armed Forces in defence of the western provinces due to back room political pressure from the USAmerican Federal Government.

As the HEARTLAND States invaded, Albertan Premier Garth Roth led the charge putting intense political pressure on the other western premiers and ALL western based Members of the Canadian Parliament to declare independence thus creating WESTCAN.
First Run components
Previous to final run components. Preliminary development of any fabricated product requires testing of First Run components which are usually not intended for commercial use.
Groups of starships or other vessels. In the UNITED ALLIANCE's STAR COMMAND the ships are grouped into theatre clusters that as of 2255 numbered 27 Fleets.
Any device which is capable of floating independently of exterior support through micro-grav plate systems while passively recording information. Commonly used by News gatherers due primarily to their ability to track intended subjects without being intrusive.
Area on a ship where FOODMATS and an eating area are located.
A series of world wide localized border skirmishes, sometimes between the most unlikely of nations. Food Wars occurred when countries discovered their lands growing infertile due to Eco-Collapse related issues and proceeded to engage in aggressive action to gain land which was still fertile from neighbouring countries. Only a few of these wars grew hot with three involving at least one nuclear detonation.
A generic brand of advanced food storage and preparation most commonly found on post-QUIN Conflict STAR COMMAND craft.
In Faster Than Light travel the method where a vehicle propells itself with near limitless amounts of energy toward the speed of light. In theory were such power possible as the gravity increased in the craft it would force space to warp around the craft much as light warps around large gravitation bodies such as stars. Following Einstein's principles the effect of increased gravity would be relative to the observer with the craft not appearing to increase in gravity to it's occupants.
Hartwell Starsystem 596. Hartwell name for the YOHDOL EM home system (DM-4 2490 archaic).
The official name of the breakaway HEARTLAND States of Illinois, Montana, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota. Militia action of radicals in the late 20th early 21st Century gave rise to a political movement that gained control in State politics but failed to gain any strength on the national level. When 9 states voted in HEARTLAND Militia candidates as Governors the decision was made to secceed from the Union and only the financially strapped state of the USAmerican Federal Government allowed them to succeed without causing Civil War. Near the end of the 22nd Century an attempt was made by Baptist National President David "Ironside" HALLEY to violently reunite HEARTLAND (Free America) to the USAmerica but methodology caused the attempt to fail.
Hartwell Starsystem 101. Hartwell name for the K'DENE home system (ROSS 882/YZ Canis minor archaic).
Abbrev for Faster than Light travel

An impassioned plea by Alberta MP Chase Ivarson in the House of Commons, Parliament in Ottawa Ontario for the Federal Government to "Act or grant us independence" was met with deaf ears by the reigning Liberals but resulted in all 129 western members of Pariliament to walk from the House in unison (Known as the "Bells Rebellion").
Even before the "ACT OF UNION" was signed Premier Roth had called on all members of every police force, RCMP and military base in western Canada to aid the cause of their new nation. The response was alarming with nearly every military base and the entire contingent of the RCMP training centre in Regina Saskatchewan volunteering.
Even with such a massive response the Western Canadian forces were severely outmatched by the HEARTLAND Army. Outmatched until three engineers at MAG-Star Engineering in Calgary brought forward a failed propulsion experiment of theirs.
The device was supposed to provide clean propulsion for commercial air systems but even though the controlling unit required was beyond existing technology the EMITTER did however have the ability to send high particle bursts great distances. Bursts strong enough to knock the biggest tanks the HEARTLAND Forces had a full kilometer back in a second. Strong enough to obliterate incoming Fighter Jets from the south and even strong enough to impact a nuclear cruise missile, detonating it while it was still over Montana. And all from units small enough to fit in a minivan.
With mass production of these machines providing the new nation with an inpenitrable line of defence the HEARTLAND Forces quickly retreated leaving the new WESTCAN Republic debating counter-attack.
Cooler heads and the looming threat of intervention by the Federal Government of the USAmerica ended such thoughts while members of the new nation stood on guard at the original Canada/US border.
Roth was voted in as Prime Minister of the new Nation and although there were some who believed WESTCAN could not succeed WESTCAN has fact proven to be one of the strongest economic forces on the planet and came through the Eco-Crisis with the lowest fatality rate of any industrialized nation.