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The Ginsang scale uses the old Terran language ENGLISH and rates environments from A to Z. The "C" Environment ranges from a semi-sterile environment partially controlled to an environment with extremely moderate conditions. Dr GINSANG likened a C Environment to temperate zone of Earth in a moderate summer.
A city in WESTCAN / North America / Earth / New LONDON
Capital city as well as Hi-Tech and Aerospace centre of WESTCAN
Following the ECO-COLLAPSE the city shrank to a population of 750 thousand
but has since risen to 921 thousand. (highest population was 1.27 million in 2024)
Calgary became the the capitol of WESTCAN on formation of the Dominion following the First FOOD-WAR.
Current Galactic Head Quarters for RIJL Aerospace.
Hartwell Starsystem 556. Hartwell name for the KLEINDUER home system (DM+43 1953 archaic) a system considered HOSTILE since the discovery they were using their originally granted Article 6 world status to cover their raider operations on passing commercial craft.
Hartwell Starsystem 926. Hartwell name for the NEUTRAL people XANKORMA home system (Ross 974 archaic).
4th largest moon of Sol System (New LONDON) planet JUPITER.
14th largest moon of Sol System (New LONDON) planet SATURN.
By the mid-21st Century, following the First FOOD WAR, Canada consisted of the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Foundland. The other provinces and territories having secceeded to form the Dominion of WestCan and drive back the HEARTLAND (Free America) invaders.
Hartwell Starsystem 900. Hartwell name for the SFOLONT home system (Wolf 433 archaic).
A city on the Isle of Lewis/ Hebrides / SCOTLAND / Europe / Earth / New LONDON
The leading edge Hi-Tech Oceanographic center in SCOTLAND
The home of Mairi, honorary Tubette and great lover of spicy foods and things french.
11th largest moon of Sol System (New LONDON) planet JUPITER.
CFTS - Council For Technical Simplicity
Organization founded in 2201 by Dr Phillip Rentow with profits from his PAT-C super computer. The CFTS is a philanthropic organization whose mission is to fund and develop systems which make life easier through technology. A secondary mission has been to provide layman friendly explanations of complicated concepts in order to ensure support of research. The CFTS is responsible for the creation of METRIC TIME which is now the universal standard, as well as the framework of the ANGLISH ensuring it was easier to teach than English. The CFTS was a founding partner in the development of INTERLINK, the trans-Alliance info net in 2241.
Only moon of Sol System (New LONDON) planet PLUTO. Phonetically pronounced "Sharon".
Commanding Officer of the INDEPENDENCE Battle group, holding the rank of ADMIRAL GENERAL. Cherok is the most decorated officer of the MEG WAR.
A city in the United States of America / North America / Earth / New LONDON
One time principal seaport for theFREE STATES OF AMERICA Chicago, "second city" of the United States of America, is the birthplace of Isaac Bill MAGELLAN
Suffering devastating population drops from the ECO-COLLAPSE (2.874 Million dead);
2nd FOOD WAR (229,675 dead; 598,441 evacuated) and the Second CIVIL WAR (159,743 dead; 387,578 evacuated) Chicago is only now returning to earlier population levels.
Chicago was fought over many times between the HEARTLAND Free States and USAmerican Troops in the Second FOOD WAR leaving the west side in ruins.
On Presidential Order the Baptist National controlled army destroyed much of the East and South side during their retreat from the region near the end of the 2nd CIVIL WAR as OLD GLORY Forces swept into the area.
Hartwell Starsystem 972. Hartwell name for the Neutral WASUNGYO home system (Zi Ursae Majoris archaic).
The Terran Christian Savior who's birth begins the Terran Standard Calendar. SEE BC and AD
Confrontation in later 22nd Century started by forces loyal to Baptist National President David "Ironside" HALLEY in an attempt to forcibly reunite the HEARTLAND (Free America) States with the USAmerica.
An area in Alberta Westcan which has attracted military training vessels since the Jet Age. RIJL Aerospace (nee RIGEL Aerospace) set up the COLD LAKE PROVING GROUND as the first stage in it's Prototype Vehicle Testing. Previous to the BATTLE OF LONG BOW an UNSA Flight Academy was set up at COLD LAKE in partnership with RIGEL Aerospace the facility is now the premier Flight Academy for applicants wishing to join STAR COMMAND.
23rd Century term for any COMMUNICATION system. COMM units are an essential part of the Command chain and will always be found linked to the Commanding Officer's station.
Emblem device with communication interface capabilities. Exterior depicts vessel placement, heirachial rating, skill level and afficiliation.
The most senior rank in STAR COMMAND. See UA CHARTER Article…. For responsibilities.
Indigenous name for the people of 014 New LISBON.
Ancient naval term representing the station of a vessel from which the duty commander controls certain operations. Historically the CONN has not always been on the "Bridge" of the vessel but an area where the Commander is best able to assess a particular situation. In current usage the CONN refers to the DISPLAY or CONSOLE which oversees general vessel operation including but not limited to HELM operations.

CALGARY The First FOOD-WAR (First on North America) began when the breakaway HEARTLAND States of America crossed the Canadian border with intentions to secure the rapidly northward expanding Food Belt for themselves.
The Canadian Federal Government was unwilling to commit the Canadian Armed Forces in defence of the western provinces following back room political pressure from the USAmerican Federal Government.

As the HEARTLAND States invaded, Albertan Premier Albert Roth led the charge putting intense political pressure on the other western premiers and ALL western based Members of the Canadian Parliament to declare independence.
In an impassioned plea by Alberta MP Chase Ivarson in the House of Parliament Ottawa for the Federal Government to "Act or grant us independence" was met with deaf ears by the reigning Liberals but resulted in all 129 western members of Pariliament to walk from the House in unison.
Even befoer the "ACT OF UNION" was signed Premier Roth had called on all members of every police force, RCMP and military base in western Canada to aid their nation. The response was alarming with nearly every military base and the RCMP training centre in Regina Saskatchewan volunteering.
Even with such a massive response the Western Canadian forces were severely outmatched by the HEARTLAND Forces, until three engineers at MAG-Star Engineering in Calgary brought forward a failed propulsion experiment of theirs.
The device was supposed to provide clean propulsion but the controlling unit required was beyond existing technology it did however have the ability to send high particle bursts great distances. Bursts strong enough to knock the biggest tanks the HEARTLAND Forces had a full kilometer back in a second. Strong enough to obliterate incoming Fighter Jets from the south and even strong enough to impact a nuclear cruise missile, detonating it while it was still over Montana.
Quickly the HEARTLAND Forces retreated with the new WESTCAN Republic debating counter-attack.
Cooler heads and the looming threat of intervention by the Federal Government of the USAmerica ended such thoughts.
With Roth voted in as Prime Minister of the new Nation there were some who believed WESTCAN could not succeed but the nation has in fact proven to be one of the strongest economic forces on the planet and came through the Eco-Crisis with the lowest fatality rate of any industrialized nation.