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The Ginsang scale uses the old Terran language ENGLISH and rates environments from A to Z. The "W" Environment is so extreme that Probe study beyond initial entry is unlikely to succeed.

Former name of territory known now simply as Washington. On land originally a part of Canada (during the Hudson Bay Fur Trading days) Washington State was the most northwest contingent state in the USAmerica. Washington State found itself isolated and under threat by the Heartland (Free America) States from the beginning of the First Food War. Washington State was the first to recognize the independent nation Westcan. Washington State petitioned and joined Westcan to avoid being overrun by Heartland Forces when the Free American States headed west, invading Idaho and Oregon, looking for a west coast port.

NEUTRAL system. Indigenous name for system 972 New CHICAGO.

Abbreviation for "Was Always This Easy". The WATE designation was created by the CFTS as accredication for any technology which was capable of performing as easily as the technology it replaced. LAP TOP Computers and PALM PILOTS failed to qualify for WATE status but the more advanced HARTWELL DATA PLATE received the accreditation after demonstrating corruption free, tamper free capabilities, light weight operation and "flip" resolution making them the first device ever to be easier than Paper to use. Resultingly HARTWELL DATA PLATE were awarded the Brand name PAPER-WATE before they were commercially available. WATE Certification is the hardest product certification to achieve but ensure instant dominance in category when delivered.

In Faster Than Light travel the method which creates a "pocket" of null-space around the craft by using the forces of nature to bend specific fields of energy around the craft as it moves through space. With the craft slipstreaming out of normal Einsteinian Space the vehicle then slips through the faster than light medium of either Ion or Tach space until the craft finds a "frequency" of least resistence as it travels faster than light. The Meganites broke this method in .... Earth Standard Calendar while Earth passed the light barrier in 2228 with the RIJL Aerospace built BOOMERANG Test Craft piloted by Robert MacMANUS.

According to 21st Century Social Philosopher Vinayak Razak GALAN "Wealth is orderly theft".

Hartwell Starsystem 431. Hartwell name for the XOPUNFO home system (DM+45 2743 archaic). New WELLINGTON is a pemanent member of the UA Security Council.

The Dominion of former Canadian Provinces that include British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, NWT, Nunavut and the former USAmerican state of WASHINGTON. Westcan formed when the Heartland (Free America) States invaded Alberta to secure land during the First Food War. The Federal Canadian government was unwilling to defend the region so then Alberta Premier Roth formed the Westcan Alliance that resulted in seccession from Canada and the formation of the independent dominion. Former USAmerican state WASHINGTON joined WESTCAN when the Heartland Forces turned west seeking a coastal seaport. SEE: Union of Western States, HEARTLAND and FIRST FOOD WAR.

WOLF 433
Archaic name for system 900 New CARACUS, home of the SFOLONT.

WOLF 437
Archaic name for 723 New HAVANA, location of the QUIN'dax Colony world AMBABUTA.

Archaic and extremely inappropriate term referring to the egg producing gender of a species. As ANGLISH is a language which does not allow for GENDER DOMINANCE the words FEMALE or WOMAN (as sub-sets of Male or Man) do not exist. In ANGLISH the egg producing gender is termed MATRIS as a variation on MATRIARCH.
It has been argued that had the American Feminist Movement of the mid to late 20th Century focused their efforts early on to get the US Congress to define the words "MAN" or "MEN" as abbrev of "HUMAN" thus confirming the inherent inclusiveness of the phrases and therefore constitutionally guaranteeing that the phrase "ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL" would include all HUMANS rather than emphasizing the exclusive gender dominant meaning of the word through the replacement of the terms "MAN" and "MEN" with the terms "PERSON" and "PEOPLE" that much of the legal difficulty they faced in both public opinion and the courts would not have occurred. A counter argument reinforces that without pursuing the exclusive approach taken the feminist movement would not have been so successful in their subjugation of PATRIS (the seed producing gender) in reproductive and child support issues that have taken the World Courts over 200 hundred years to re-balance so that PATRIS could be viewed in the courts as more than just a source of financial support.

Hartwell Starsystem 414. Hartwell name for the AMEZOR home system (Eta Herculis archaic) a system considered HOSTILE since their withdrawal from the ALLIANCE in 2245.