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The Ginsang scale uses the old Terran language ENGLISH and rates environments from A to Z. The "U" Environment is considered so Extreme that Probe study only is possible. Dr GINSANG compares the U Environment to the lower atmosphere of the gas giant SATURN.

The founding document of the United Alliance detailing responsibilities of STAR COMMAND, the Border Patrol, the Diplomatic Corps, Admendments, Security plans, Official Language, Currency, Admission and terms of exclusion from the Alliance, the adoption of Metric Time and Zero Second as official standards.

Abbreviation for United Alliance Craft that proceeds the NAME of all craft operating under jurisdiction of the United Alliance through Central Registry. Even STAR COMMAND, BORDER PATROL and DIPLOMATIC CORP space vehicles carry the UAC Name prefix even though they have indepedent registry Number systems.

Abbreviation for the UNITED ALLIANCE Peace Keeping forces STAR COMMAND.

Abbreviation for the UNITED EARTH. A world wide government which disects the globe into 10 LEAGUES. For the UE to involve itself and its resources in the affairs that occur within any of the independent LEAGUES either 50% of the population of that League must request involvement through their Elected Representatives to the World Body or 75% of the population of a neighbouring League with evidence of impact must request it. On founding the UNITED EARTH instituted a global currrency (GEO-BUCK). Basic principles of the UE heavily influenced the UNITED ALLIANCE Charter.

Abbreviation for the UNITED EARTH SPACE AGENCY which replaced both UNSA and the New SOVIET GLAVCOSMOS on the discovery of the Meganite Base on Mars in 2228 TSC.

2nd largest moon of Sol System (New LONDON) planet URANUS.

A union of former USAmerican states which resulted when the Heartland (Free America) States began their aggressive incursion into Idaho and Oregon (circa 2060). The UWS was originally just California and Nevada but eventually included Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii and Utah. The UWS became an independent republic in 2061 following the collapse of the USAmerican Federal Government while retaining trade relations with remaining USAmerican States.

The world governing body on Earth (New LONDON). Formed during the 23rd Century the UE controls the Earth currency (The GEO or GEOBUCK), internal trade and law in all aspects relating to inter-league relations. With the Earth divided into 10 Leagues and each Leauge having one Security member and one voting Assembly member for each 100 million people much of the UE model was adopted by the United Alliance when it was formed. Disputes within Leagues are decided by intra-league councils which inter-league relations are regulated by the UE.

Abbreviation for the UNITED NATIONS SPACE AGENCY which joined GLAVCOSMOS in the UESA on discovery of the Meganite Mars Base in 2228. UNSA was created when the UNITED NATIONS reformed to deal with the increasing space going threat the Baptist National controlled United States of America posed to open space, particularly the LONG BOW CORRIDOR.

Seventh planet in the New LONDON (Sol) system. Equatorial Radius=26145 km/ mass 14.56xearth/ gravity .8 earth/ sidereal rotation period 12h to 24h + 4h/ 30700 day orbit/ synodic period 369.7 days

Term for the Republic of the United States of America. A nation formed from revolutionary seccession to it's British homeland in the 18th Century (1776 TSC). USAmerica dominated global relations during the 20th and early 21st Century but as the principal source of the Eco-Collapse was unprepared for the devastation. At it's height USAmerica had 50 states in its union but having survived internal strife and break up the USAmerica entered the 23rd Century with only 36 eastern states. SEE ALSO: HEARTLAND (Free States of America) and UNION of WESTERN STATES.

Universal Time. A Terran term marking the time along the zero line of longtitude.

Abbreviation for the Union of Western States.