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ALL DATES LISTED use the Terran Standard Calendar (TSC)
BC refers to BEFORE CHRIST, the birth of the Terran Christian Savior anchors the Terran Standard Calendar.

151,000 BC approx - Oldest Mussani settlement known dates from this time. Mussani predominatly nomadic with few pockets of hunter / gatherers. Survival conditions moderate following Mussani ICE AGE.

124,000 BC approx - Oldest Meganite settlement known dates from this time. Meghan predominatly hunters/gatherers. Survival conditions favorable following Meg Homeworld DRY AGE.

106,000 BC approx - Mussani hunter / gatherers flourish. BRONZE AGE begins on the MUSSANI homeworld.

92,000 BC approx - Oldest Earth settlement dates from this time. Terrans predominatly hunters/gatherers. Survival harsh during ICE AGE.

89,000 BC approx - First Meganite cities form in Seholonah Valley. Earliest Meghan written records date from this time.     NEXT MEG EVENT.

87,000 BC approx - First Mussani cities form on the edge of the KORGICHU plain. Earliest Mussani written records date from this time with trade beginging between the KORNIHO and CHUMARE tribes.     NEXT MUSSANI EVENT.

72,000 BC approx - Oldest Dullea settlement known dates from this time. Dulleans shift from hunter/gather based society to agriculture based in less a thousand years. Survival conditions favorable as water levels recede from high ground following planetwide Flood activity.     NEXT DULLEA EVENT.

52,000 BC approx - Migration to North America first begins, arriving in South America and spreading north.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

10,500 BC approx - ICE AGE ends.

5000 BC approx - First Cities form in Mesopotamia (South East Asia), Civilization begins.

3500 BC approx BRONZE AGE begins.
- (South East Asia), Great leaps in mathematics occur during this period as art and agricultural sciences flourish.     NEXT

SOL'TESH literally means in Meghan "First Invaders". The arrival of an alien scout craft on the MEG HOMEWORLD causes blind panic in the xenophobic Meghan population. Using recently developed JET AIRCRAFT and Ballistic Missiles the Meghan are able to overtake the scoutcraft and knock from orbit it's mothership. A World Council is formed to develop strategy to face further invasions.

3098 BC - MEGANITES first leave the surface of their world and become a space going race. Much popular fear is expressed by planet bound inhabitants over the possibilities of retribution from their attack on the SOL'TESH Invaders. Meghan Scientists desperatly seek to learn anything they can from the SOL'TESH wreckage while the new Space Service adopts an agressive action plan for any other races that may be found.     NEXT MEG EVENT.

2000 BC approx AGE OF ANCIENT KINGDOMS begins.
- Legal systems and law develop, geometry is first used on Earth for astronomical measurements.

1500 BC approx AGE OF ANCIENT TRADE begins.
- Includes the IRON AGE as monotheistic belief spreads and diseases are passed from region to region with greater frequency.

- The first population explosion begins as city states form throughout Europe and Asia develop. Empires form, expand and engage in conquering each other as the Roman Empire is born.     NEXT

972 BC - MUSSANI achieve space flight. A small capsule with a lone female pilot orbits the Mussani homeworld dropping Satellites as it circles the globe three times before returning to the surface.     NEXT MUSSANI EVENT.

916 BC - MEGANITES reach their nearest neighbouring star system and set up remote defence stations.

842 BC - A MEGANITE Space Craft returns triumphantly home after destroying the Cro-Magnon level inhabitants of a planet in the fifteenth star system explored. This was the first non-Meganite humanoids discovered. The mood of the population shifts subtly from fever pitched xeno-phobia to disgust at the over-reaction by this crew. Social crisis looms until religious leader LINDE Eiffe Deska proposes segregating all future alien cultures. Thus begins ALDUS Project, high speed unmanned probes sent out in all directions to report on each star system. With GANDER, GUEZ and LEOUZ levels to follow up.

147 BC - MEGANITE Scientists develop the first generation of Faster than Light (1.01) MEG ION Drive.

22 BC - Returning MEGANITE mission brings a plague to the homeworld which kills 120 Million before being eliminated. It is decided that anyone leaving the homeworld surface will never be allowed to return. All future missions will terminate on one of the new colony worlds.     NEXT MEG EVENT.

AD is an abbreviation of the ancient Earth language Latin's ANNO DOMINI.
From here on Terra's Standard years are recorded moving forward.
1941 AD marks the Modern Age follow which there will be no suffix.

477 AD approx - Europe enters the DARK AGES a period of religious persecution in Europe. A general slow down of development occurs throughout the world. Trade results in the "Plague of Constantinople" spreading throughout Europe killing half the population.

- China flourishes in the arts (including publishing) experiences the first large localized population explosion.
Smallpox spreads throughout Europe and Asia.
Nation States become the dominant form of government.

617 AD - MEGANITE Scientists break the 5.0 times light barrier in the refinement of their faster than light MEG ION Drive.

1000 AD - Terrans mark the end of the first Christian millennium which marks their calendar.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

1216 AD - MEGANITE Scientists break the 10.0 times light barrier.

1347 AD - Major set back with the Bubonic Plague in Europe killing 75 million (one third the population).

1492 AD - Discovery of New World (North and South America) by the Europeans propels the Renaissance into motion.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

1667 AD - MUSSANI break the light barrier. Using an Ionic Pulse Driver the Mussani are now capable of travelling 2.07 times light speed. Immediate survey teams are sent out to explore what is now known as the Eridani Corridor.

1694 AD - Cultural and technical exchanges with the first three inhabited worlds met in the Eridani Corridor set the foundation for what will be the MUSSANI Federation. The Mussani approach each world gently, showing great skill in diplomacy.

1701 AD - MEGANITE Scientists break the 14.0 times light barrier.

1704 AD - MEGANITES make their first contact with the MUSSANI, a space going race based out of DM-54 9222 (666 New CHELYABINSK) spread out to five star systems over twenty standard light years along the Eridani Corridor when the MEG ALDUS Probe enters the Mussani system.     NEXT MUSSANI EVENT.     NEXT MEG EVENT.

1750 AD - Industrial Revolution begins on Earth turning the pre-industrial Agricultural society into a mass production world. European influence will be felt throughout the world in less than 200 years.
Population will begin to grow exponentially by the late 19th Century.     NEXT

1750 AD - The MEGANITES attempt a Quarantine of MUSSANI Space. The MUSSANI react strongly against any attempts to fence them in. Working with their neighbouring star systems (including the TRAYETS (402 New BRISBANE) the MUSSANI build up a multi-planet federation and a SPACE FLEET to counter the MEGANITE threat.

1779 AD - The MEGANITE ALDUS Probe arrives in orbit around Earth. It views a world in the earliest stage of it's industrial revolution, in chaos, burgeoning Nation States fighting among themselves in huge territorial battles, many areas still untouched, little in the way of civilization except for a few regions. The ALDUS Probe moves on.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

1780 AD - The MEGANITES decide to pull back and bolster their defences along their space nearest the MUSSANI Federation. The MUSSANI perceive this as a line drawn and set to work on plans to cross it.     NEXT MEG EVENT.

1857 AD - DULLEA (665 New VOLGOGRAD) finally explore beyond their inner system encountering the MUSSANI who have sent a ship to welcome them to the MUSSANI FEDERATION. The DULLEA react negatively to the existence of other intelligence life, particularly when that life is so much more technologically advanced. To show their peaceful intentions the MUSSANI ship pulls out to the DULLEAN Heliopause and transmits a daily invitation to visit them.     NEXT MUSSANI EVENT.

1859 AD - After two years of receiving invited transmissions from the lone MUSSANI "Welcome" ship waiting at the DULLE Heliopause the DULLEAN ship "ROZ ILEOD" finally arrives. The MUSSANI offer to bring them to the MUSSANI homeworld but Dullean Commander Hugnik Y'REP, too far from home for direct communication and technologically unable to travel the distances unaided, suggests the MUSSANI come back with them to DULLE. The MUSSANI MEL TREO (Commander) offers himself to the DULLE as their prisoner an act which so impresses Y'REP that she insists the MUSSANI "will come as friends or not at all". This leads to the DULLE joining the MUSSANI Federation and centuries later to their successful arguing that the respect of sovereign space be included in the UA CHARTER.     NEXT DULLEA EVENT.

1880 AD - Thanks to the odd successful ambush the MUSSANI reach a level of near technological equality with the MEGANITES. Serious fleet preparation by the MUSSANI begins.

1890 AD - The MUSSANI mobilize their fleet toward MEGANITE space.

1892 AD - The MUSSANI Conflict begins with a unilateral declaration of war by the MUSSANI against the MEGANITE Empire.     NEXT MUSSANI EVENT.

1895 AD - Full scale War breaks out when the MUSSANI ambush a MEG COLONY World destroying a large number of MEG FLEET SHIPS. The MEGANITE Home Council declares war on the MUSSANI.

1903 AD AGE OF FLIGHT begins.
- In what will be called the "Accelerated Earth Model" mechanized flight is realized only 147 years after the Industrial Revolution begins.     NEXT

1905 AD - The MEGANITES establish an Outer Capital on Iota Persei (M193) to coordinate and deal with the MUSSANI threat. The first target is Omicron 2(40) Eridani, a base of MUSSANI encroachment into MEG Space.     NEXT MUSSANI EVENT.

1911 AD - The population of Omicron 2(40) Eridani become the first people ever to suffer a full MEGANITE Occupation.     NEXT MEG EVENT.

- With it's entry into the Second World War the nation state of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA begins its rapid climb to world dominance. Influencing everything from political reforms to food, economy, culture and the environment no other nation will ever have or abuse so much influence on the planet. With the detonation of the first Atomic Weapons (against an opponent) the Americans set the world on a path that nearly takes the whole planet to extinction.
Further proving the speed of the Earth Model in comparison to other worlds. A successful landing on Earth's lone moon LUNA will be achieved only 66 years following the first Flight and a permanent space based residence less than 40 years later.

1945 August 6 - First use of Atomic weapons on Earth ushers in the nuclear age.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

1945 - World War II on Earth ends.

1945 - UNITED NATIONS on Earth is formed.

1947 October 14 - Mach 1, the sound barrier, was broken by American Charles E "Chuck" Yeager in a Bell X-1 rocket powered aircraft.     NEXT Terran SPACE EVENT.     NEXT AMERICA EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

1956 March 8 - MacMANUS ancestor Perry Cawdor born. Father of Rachel Cawdor. A mechanic by trade Perry will die in 2003 of a heart attack at age 47 estranged from his only daughter. His wife Judy Vickers Cawdor (born August 1 1956) will learn of and meet her only grandchild just before her death in 2016.     NEXT MacMANUS related EVENT.

1957 October 4 - Launch of the first Terran built artificial satellite SPUTNIK by the Soviet Union begins the so-called "Space Age".

1959 - GLAVCOSMOS (CCCP Space Agency/Russia/Soviet Union/Earth) formed.

-National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA/USAmerica/Earth) formed.

1961 April 12 - Yuri Alexseivich Gagarin becomes the first Terran in space when his VOSTOK space craft orbits the blue planet.    NEXT Terran SPACE EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

1964 April 9 (12:15pm UT) (ZERO SECOND IN METRIC TIME)
- MEGANITE General HUSSA DegWAREZ SMECt, distraught over personal losses during the MUSSANI Conflict, unleashes the ARROWHEAD Maneuver of 30 thousand Nuclear warheads on the surface of the MUSSANI Homeworld ending the existance of 7.8 Billion people and the MUSSANI Federation.

-The MEGANITE Home Council begins to draw up different plans for dealing with similar conflict events in the future.     NEXT MUSSANI EVENT.

1969 July 20 - Neil Armstrong becomes first Terran to walk on the surface of the Moon and utters the most viewed dialog blooper in history as Armstrong says "One small step for Man, One giant leap for mankind" instead of "One small step for A Man, One giant leap for mankind".    NEXT Terran SPACE EVENT.

1970 - Delayed by the MUSSANI Conflict the second MEGANITE Probe arrives at Earth 190 years after first contact. The GANDER Mark L reports a world with Jet Aircraft, already space based and having already begun exploration of their nearest celestial neighbour. They view a world with massive technologies, communication systems, railways, shipping lines, commerce, automotive infrastructures and broadcast systems. These Red flags activate both GUEZ and LEOUZ phases simultaneously for the first time.     NEXT MEG EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

1976 April 30 - MacMANUS ancestor Rachel Leanne Cawdor born to Perry Cawdor and Judy Vickers Cawdor. Rachel graduated with a BA but lost her first full time job due to an addiction gained in University to recreational drugs. For almost two years she will engage in extremely risky activities in order to survive in recessionary Vancouver until the birth of her only child David at which point she will clean up, retrain and eventually work for MONA Risk Management Corporation, first in Vancouver and finally in Calgary.     NEXT MacMANUS related EVENT.

1990 - On arrival in Earth orbit the Meganite LEOUZ monitoring team decides to set up on the surface of the fourth planet in the system (MARS) rather than the Terran MOON due to the unprecedented speed of advancement on Earth.

1994 - MEGANITES are forced to knock MARSPROBE out with an EMP Burst before it makes orbit at Mars due to high visibility of their base on the surface. Work begins to first camouflage then stealth then completely conceal the LEOUZ base below the surface of the fourth planet.     NEXT MEG EVENT.

1999 - Millennial angst swells toward the end of this year despite the fact the 3rd Millennium doesn't begin until January 1, 2001.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

1999 Sept 13 - MacMANUS ancestor David Cawdor born to Rachel Leanne Cawdor, father unknown. David grew up not knowing his father in an environment of support and encouragement. At age 20 and while still living at home David will get girlfriend Celia Grainger pregnant. The two will struggle through difficult economic times with the aid of his mother.     NEXT MacMANUS related EVENT.

2000 - Despite some upset the planet survives massive global pressures and anxiety because of short sighted electronic information processing methods. Continues relatively unawares toward very serious and actually dangerous ECO-CRISIS.     NEXT ECO-COLLAPSE related EVENT.

2000 - For the fifth time since landing on Mars the MEG LEOUZ Base is forced to disrupt operations of a Terran sent NASA built Martian probe for fears of detection. Fortunately due to a high failure rate previous to 1990 the Terran space program NASA is unaware of the difficulty.    NEXT Terran SPACE EVENT.

2001 - Earth enters its 3rd Christian Millenium.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2001 - The MEG LEOUZ base on Mars receives an increased superstealth package from the Home Council to help avoid detection by increasingly curious Terran of their nearest world.     NEXT MEG EVENT.

2020 December 12 - MacMANUS ancestor Anne Cawdor born to David Cawdor and Celia Grainger. Anne will grow up very close to her grandmother Rachel and become an Aeronautical Engineer working at MAG-Star on the MAGELLAN Ion Engine project. Her husband Thane Ferguson will develop a closed loop environmental system that will be adopted by the Canadian Hydroponic Crown corporation to grow abundant food during the Eco-Crisis.     NEXT MacMANUS Family related EVENT.

2020 December 18 - One of the 113 poorly maintained Nuclear Reactors in India suffers catastrophic meltdown spewing tonnes of toxic material into the air. The surrounding region is a deadzone killing hundreds of thousand while a band of radioactive fallout proceeds across the continent into China killing wildlife, crops and livestock. Chinese response to this is massive troop movement toward India in response to what they call a nuclear attack. Tension mounts as India threatens nuclear weapon retaliation if China crosses into their land. The Chinese government pauses when the UN negotiates to assume oversight responsibilities of India's Nuclear industry.

2020 December 22 - Fallout from the Indian Meltdown is estimated to have directly killed 376,900 in India, 257,000 in China, 27,000 in (Vietnam or Korea) and nearly a thousand in Japan from poison fish farm stocks. More than 300,000 more will die in the next five years from accelerated depletion to food sources.

2021 February 26 - Two more Indian Nuclear Reactors suffer less serious meltdowns but Chinese troops still standing firm near the Indian border cross into the sub-continent. The situation rapidly escalates as Indian forces engage while Nuclear weapons are fired from Indian into the heart of China. Over 30 nuclear missiles are launched with over a billion dead before this situation cools down as both sides see further expansion leading to mutual annilihation.     NEXT ECO-COLLAPSE related EVENT.

2021 - The European Space Agency links with the Russian (CIS) Space Operations creating EuroCosmos following a series of promising breakthroughs in long range spacecraft technology.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2022 - The Industrial nations of the Earth have precipitated a global crisis through heavy air pollutants which have been subtly altering the ecology of the planet. After two decades of increasingly severe weather patterns ALL NATIONS are finally forced to deal with the growing crisis.

2025 - EuroCosmos launches the unmanned MND Mining Probe for the Jupiter system. NASA counters by dedicating it's resources on a mission commitment to Saturn.    NEXT Terran SPACE EVENT.

2030 - Toxin levels increase to saturation point. Countries around the world adopt strick Emergency Response Laws regulating water consumption, food and most importantly waste and energy consumption.     NEXT ECO-COLLAPSE related EVENT.

2035 - EuroCosmos begins work on the first permanent Lunar Colony.    NEXT Terran SPACE EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2040 - Latest stealth upgrade makes the MEG Mars Base barely detectable by their own instruments. In order to safely study the " Advanced Earth Model " the Mars base has become the most secure facility in the MEGANITE Empire. MEG Xenoarchaologists assigned to this Base predict the people of Earth will extinguish themselves within the next three generations and no longer be a threat to the Empire.     NEXT MEG EVENT.

2040 - Over 7,000 species of birds, fish and mammals die this year alone as the effects of toxins in the air and direct exposure to ultra violet radiation from a depleted Ozone layer cause blindness and cancer epidemics throughout the animal kingdom. Populations of humans are forced to wear coveralls when outdoor due to exposure concerns. Attempts to curb pollution and reverse or at least slow down the damage are too little, too late. Riots break out in many areas as young idealists openly attack older citizens blaming them for their wasteful ways. Governments are still lax to act for fears of escalating an already troublesome global economic crisis.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2046 July 5 - MacMANUS ancestor James Patrick Ferguson born to Anne Cawdor and Thane Ferguson. James received numerous decorations for leadership as a member of the hastily assembled WESTCAN Defence Corp. James will put into use untested equipment that gives the WestCan group the edge it needs to hold off invading forces from the Heartland Forces of the FREE STATES of America during the First FOOD WAR.

2047 - Ocean's have risen 138 centimeters world wide in the last 100 years. Many coastal areas are flooded. Growing seasons for food are becoming shorter each year. The cost of fresh food increases beyond most families budgets as availability grows more scarce. Regional FOOD WARS break out on African and Asian continents with Food Riots occuring in Europe and throughout the industrial world.     NEXT ECO-COLLAPSE related EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2048 September 29 - MacMANUS ancestor Mary Catherine Ferguson-MacMANUS born to Anne Cawdor and Thane Ferguson. Second child of Anne and Thane, Mary Catherine is part of the team which developed the PAT-system "PAT-A" prototype Artificial Intelligence. PAT systems completely replace computers by 2100 and remain the best in information handling until the development of RAEB systems by RIGEL Aerospace in 2210. Following an illicit affair with long time friend Jonathan Douglas that results in first son Jonathan Adam, Mary will wed Sean Patrick MacMANUS eventually delivering three more children.     NEXT MacMANUS Family related EVENT.

2049 - DEPARTURE begins.
The very rich around the world seclude themselves in BIO-DOMES and on Orbiting Space Platforms desperate to escape what many believe is the end of civilization.

2049 - Transportation of pre-fabricated segments to the Moon for the building of the EuroCosmos "PAXSTAD" Lunar base begin.

2050 - Fighting the tide for over fifty years ends when the unrestrainable Mississippi overruns its restraints flooding huge tracks of once habitable land from Minnesota to Louisiana. Ten kilometers wide in parts the great river starts a chain of events that will forever alter both the geographical and political landscape of the nation. Similar events occur with the Red River among others to a lesser degree.

2052 March 17 - PAXSTAD (EuroCosmos), the first of three planned permanent LUNAR Bases begins operation.    NEXT Terran SPACE EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2052 July 2 - The USAmerica pulls out of the United Nations citing dissatisfaction with crisis resolution of the World Body after the UN Secretary General threatens expulsion unless they pay up monies owed. This act forces the UN, just over one hundred years old, to close its doors following decades of ineffectiveness and skyrocketing deficits. Plans for a "World Legislature" are shelved. Most of the Nations of the world retreat into heavy internalization as budget crises and environmentally related food concerns begin to tear their countries apart.     NEXT ECO-COLLAPSE related EVENT.     NEXT AMERICA EVENT.

2054 - EuroCosmos lands the first component of the MARS Terraformer Project near the north pole of Mars. The project will be abandoned when the ECO-COLLAPSE snaps all Terran efforts to their homeworld. The unmanned components of this station will suffer high rates of corrosion in the Martian atmosphere.

2055 August 31 - DIATOSHOWA LUNA Lunar base begins operation (Nippon/Japan).    NEXT Terran SPACE EVENT.

2055 September 29 - The American Dollar collapses sending all other currencies into a tail spin finally ending the American strangle hold on the global stage. For the next 15 years another Great Depression occurs worldwide.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2058 April 6 - The Canadian Ministry of Agriculture unveils the National Food Program, a program that viewed as greatly unfair to the western provinces the governments of provinces British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The NFP is only the latest in a series of fumbles by the Federal Liberal party.

2064 November - Nine states in the Central North West of the United States vote in HEARTLAND candidates as Governor. The HEARTLAND Party (backed predominantly by Militia FREEMEN) has been competing with the rival REFORM Party in the region for decades.

2065 May 1 - Years of mismanagement by the Federal Government of the USAmerica add to an increase in tensions between mid-west states and the rest of the country. Under HEARTLAND Party leadership the states of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Wisconsin, the northern counties of Missouri and the western counties of Illinois break away from the United States of America to form a new republic, the Free States of America.     NEXT AMERICA EVENT.

2066 January 21 - Jonathan Adam MacMANUS born to Mary Catherine Ferguson-MacMANUS through an illicit affair with Jonathan Douglas. Jonathan Adam will work for MAG-Star Aerospace a division of MAGELLAN Shipyards until he develops the matrix for a counter-gravitation emitter which MAG-Star has no confidence in. Through Timothy Ryan O'Neill (a family friend who eventually changes his last name to MAGELLAN in an ill conceived bid to gain unwarranted promotional attention from the corporation), Jonathan is able to form RIGEL Aerospace and secure diversified investment venture capital that allows him to develop and produce his GRAV-PLATE technology.     NEXT MacMANUS Family related EVENT.

2066 February 6 - The first North American FOOD WAR begins with the invasion by HEARTLAND Forces of the Free States of America into southern Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The Canadian Federal government initially seeks assistance from USAmerica which declines involvement against the break away republic. Under the direction of Albert Premier Jericho ROTH several western base commanders and whole contingents of Mounted Police act on their own accord fighting off the invaders. Canadian forces are heavily outnumbered by the invading Heartland Army losing most of the border below the 50th parallel until superior Canadian technology supplied by high tech aerospace firms in western Canada keep the Free States from overrunning Regina, Winnipeg and Calgary.     NEXT ECO-COLLAPSE related EVENT.

2067 October 27 - The well armed and well fortified HEARTLAND Army of the Free States of America begin a concerted push against Idaho, Oregon, Washington State and northern California in an attempt to gain control of a Pacific sea port. The USAmerica Federal government is slow to release resources still hopeful of a bloodless re-union. Washington State turns to WestCan for aid actually seceding from the Union to join the Dominion of WestCan which declares war on the Free States of America reclaiming most of the territory lost in 2066 and overrunning Idaho and Montana down to the Lewis and Clark trail regaining territory once held by the Hudson's Bay company. A misguided attempt by the Heartland Forces to retaliate with Cruise Missiles results in the detonation of a nuclear device obliterating Billings Montana. This action allows the future Union of Western States to defeat Heartland forces invading Oregon, Idaho and California. By the end of the battle the Free States hold nothing west of the Continental Divide and little north of the Lewis and Clark trail through parts of Montana.    NEXT AMERICA EVENT.

2068 January 16 - California, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Arizona, Texas, Colorado and the southern counties of Idaho secede from the USAmerica forming the Union of Western States following near abandonment by the Federal Government of the USAmerica during the Heartland (Free State) Invasion. Alaska and Hawaii join.    NEXT AMERICA EVENT.

2069 - Food Wars in Asia between China, India and other countries have taken the lives of more than a billion people. The growing crisis shows no sign of changing as harvest after harvest falls short or fails. Armed conflict near Kyoto Japan (Sulu Sea) erupts when a fleet of North Korean warships violently takes over the kelp farms there. Conflict ends when North Koreans determine the crop is unedible due to toxins in the water.

- Unable to respond to each catastrophe resulting from increasingly extreme weather patterns, increasing toxins in air, sea and soil the ECO-COLLAPSE breaks already strained nations. Half of the 10.5 Billion people on the planet will die in the first five years.

2072 - LUNAEUROPE Base begins independent operation on the Moon. Comprised of three sections (Lunashire-UK/Etoileville=France & Belgium/Mond Stadt=Germany, Denmark & Switzerland) the base mines the pure Lunar water for integration to a concentrated protein food source to be exported back to Earth to feed starving populations. At this point in history however the lunar surface is the safest most secure place to be with many of the residents being the young of very wealthy families and government officials.    NEXT Terran SPACE EVENT.

2075 - Toxin concentrations have decimated whole city populations in North America, Central Europe and Asia. Cancer fatalities from internal poisons rise reaching 1in3 people by 2080. Health related exposure sicknesses bring the fatality rate to 1in2. A whole generation will never breathe unpurified air due to excesses of Industrialization particularly in the 20th Century now dubbed the "Century of Waste".     NEXT ECO-COLLAPSE related EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2086 - Cobus Fritz, an engineer at Northern Aerospace, recovers original design patterns for the REPULSOR Emitter technology used to defend Westcan in the First FOOD WAR. Able to complete the unfinished project Fritz develops the first COMPOSITE SCAN unit. COMPOSITE SCAN technology is able to release molecular bonds in matter allowing the sifting of any discarded waste back to its pure basic elements. Final completion of this device allows for clean waste management and is the first step in repairing much of the environmental damage done in the last two hundred years.

2091 - The New SOVIET takes control of territorial RUSSIA imposing strict controls on it's population in the concerted "socialist" effort to feed the population and return the nation to it's former greatness. The CENTRAL COMMITTEE of the New SOVIET, relaunches GLAVCOSMOS removing themselves from participating in the EuroCosmos treaty so they can concentrate on New SOVIET controlled orbital and lunar developments. The New SOVIET engages in international espionage to acquire and develop the latest in food processing technology. Beyond that the New SOVIET has its sights set on a series of Lunar Bases separate from the EuroCosmos Union.     NEXT ECO-COLLAPSE related EVENT.

2099 February 10 - Seth Adam MacMANUS (Sam) born to Jonathan Adam MacMANUS and Andrea MacPHERSON. Guided by his father toward Engineering and Business, two disciplines that the elder MacMANUS felt went hand in hand in the 21st Century. Assuming leadership of RIGEL at age 35 Seth was a mediocre bureaucrat during a time when RIGEL Aerospace idled into a position of trend follower. Without a clear vision for the future the company was almost reduced to providing Console and Interface systems for other contractors until Seth's daughter Jane challenged the entire company on a forward mission with the commission of the LADIS Project in 2144.

2101 - The second century of the 3rd Millenium begins with the surviving peoples of the world bent on picking up the pieces following the ECO-COLLAPSE.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2102 - Thane Ferguson (81 year old father of Mary Catherine Ferguson-MacMANUS) perfects the closed loop environmental system for food growth. The Canadian Ministry of Agriculture is the first to buy rights to this system implementing it on a very large scale by converting thousands of abandoned warehouses and office buildings throughout Ontario and southern Quebec into hydroponics farms. The crown corporation HydroPonics Farm Corporation (HPFC) is created to oversee these operations.     NEXT ECO-COLLAPSE related EVENT.     NEXT MacMANUS Family related EVENT.

2108 - GARGARINGRAD Lunar Base begins operation. (New SOVIET).

2117 June 14 - David HALLEY is born. HALLEY will become a war hero in the Second FOOD WAR of North America and the subsequence Second CIVIL WAR of the United States before moving into politics as a Baptist National candidate. On his election to the Presidency HALLEY will reveal his true colors delivering a reign of terror and paranoia not laid upon a society since the early 20th Century.    NEXT BAPTIST NATIONAL / HALLEY EVENT.

2119 - Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the first manned moon landing MOON BASE ARMSTRONG (USAmerica) begins operation although in a radically scaled down form and still greatly dependant on neighbouring bases. The original plan had been to have a full scale independent base operating by 2069 but the plan was derailed by the ECO-COLLAPSE and the break up of the USAmerica.    NEXT AMERICA EVENT.

2120 - MARXSTAD Lunar Base on the lunar farside begins operations. (New SOVIET).    NEXT Terran SPACE EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2122 August 9 - Jane Andrea MacMANUS is born to Seth Adam MacMANUS and Sunset Elliot. A gifted orbital pilot and heir to the struggling RIGEL Aerospace family business. Jane will commission the LADIS ONE proto-type MULTI-CRAFT (RIGEL ONE) and then proceed to master it herself, promoting it to various customers until age of 35 when she assumes control of RIGEL Aerospace as CEO guiding it to become the dominant force in the Aerospace industry. Her phrase "Better than State of the Art" will become the Corporate Motto before she passes on the reins to daughter in law Sarah Temple in 2184 and returns to University to complete her Masters of Business Administration. She will lecture part-time to overflowing lecture halls until her retirement in 2199 where she will proceed to write about her life until her passing in 2209.     NEXT MacMANUS related EVENT.

2125 - Researchers at the University of Guelph in Ontario Canada have genetically developed a hearty grain that grows quickly in Hydroponics set-ups. This grain forms the basis of the HPFC "HyrdoBar" food product that is easily made, stored and delivered. More and more flavors and textures are developed. Within 5 years the HPFC crown corporation reaches a level where supply of food exceeds demand for the first time in decades. Although the food stuff is in bar form and initially not very appetizing, it is cheap, filling and plentiful.

2127 - HydroBar becomes the number 1 selling food source in Canada with rapidly increasing exports as the varieties of HydroBar increase and spin off food sources.     NEXT ECO-COLLAPSE related EVENT.

2130 - HEARTLAND candidates are elected in gubernatorial races in Michigan, the ¾ of Illinois, and half of Illinois that are under USAmerica control. Despite popular opinion in these regions they secede from the USAmerica joining the Heartland FREE STATES of AMERICA within a year.

2138 - The south rises again with the birth of the New Confederacy Movement. Rejecting the ineffective Federal Government and the excessive tax burden being levied against the remaining states the New Confederacy launches a multi-state/multi-level lobby group working within the Union to strengthen the Union with the goal of eventual re-unification of all original states. The core support base of the New Confederacy is the newly formed Baptist National party.    NEXT AMERICA EVENT.     NEXT BAPTIST NATIONAL / HALLEY EVENT.

2144 - Jane MacMANUS challenges RIGEL Aerospace engineers to raise the bar on State of the Art through her commissioning of the LADIS Project named after project Leader Kassandra Ladis. The proto-type of which is delivered to Jane in 2149.     NEXT MacMANUS Family related EVENT.

2145 - The Canadian HydroPonic Food Corporation develops processes which turn its cheap and plentiful food source into a wide variety of product. HPFC product accounts for 27 percent of Canadian GNP within one year.

2146 - The Second North American FOOD WARS begins when the FREE AMERICAN states, increasingly concerned about their shrinking food monopoly in the USAmerica invades southern Ontario Canada by way of Michigan to take control of the HPFC Hydro farms in the Greater Toronto Area. The USAmerica, dependent on HPFC food exports and hedging toward implementing similar Farms themselves is forced to aid Canada and intercept the Heartland forces.     NEXT ECO-COLLAPSE related EVENT.

2146 - David HALLEY, Captain (32) becomes a war hero by leading a small USAmerica Battalion across Lake Erie and into southern Ontario Canada cutting off and combating Heartland forces from behind while USAmerican forces led by Colonel Natalie Royale through the Niagara peninsula engage the Heartland forces in the Battle of London Ontario. Following this battle USAmerican Corps of Engineers will build an express highway from Buffalo NY to London Ontario in the event of further Heartland action. A USAmerican base will be set up near Welland Ontario as the USAmerican Corps of Engineers take over operation of the Welland Canal by treaty.

2146 - Anticipating USAmerica's actions in defence of southern Ontario Canada masses of Heartland forces invade and overtake USAmerican states of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio.

2149 - Coordinating 3 USAmerican Battalions Colonel David HALLEY leads the charge into Heartland territory taking back control of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and the eastern half of Illinois. Chicago is finally back in USAmerican control. A later effort coordinated under General David HALLEY's command brings 5 USAmerican Battalions up from the south into Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas and Oklahoma retaking all territory lost to Heartland in 2131.    NEXT AMERICA EVENT.     NEXT BAPTIST NATIONAL / HALLEY EVENT.

2149 - LADIS ONE Multi-Craft Prototype is delivered to Jane MacMANUS who christens the vehicle RIGEL ONE in anticipation of this being a continuing challenge for RIGEL Aerospace. For the next 13 years Jane will promote the RIGEL ONE design to various potential customers making it the single highest selling commercial spacecraft.

2150 June 14 - Robert Lewis MacMANUS born to Jane Andrea MacMANUS (father not known but believed to be Lewis Nathiel Bondar). R.L. by nature is an engineer and tinkering sort who on receipt of the RIGEL ONE from his mother discovers his love of space. Having taken no interest in managing the affairs of Rigel Aerospace Robert Lewis will wed Mba prodigy Sarah Temple fast-tracking her into his Administrative Duties. Directly involved in LEO Platform development and the advancement of science Robert Lewis will die at age 45 while trying to place the ANCHOR Station as part of the Light Speed Development project ORBIT CERN in 2195.     NEXT MacMANUS Family related EVENT.

2150 September - Heartland government (which has governed FREE AMERICA for 5 generations) begins to crumble under charges of corruption and mismanagement which the FREE STATE Congress declares destructive to the republic.

2150 October - FREE STATE Congressional authority abandons the Heartland government forcing President Dyan White from office when USAmerican forces in control of the Welland Canal refuse Heartland access to the canal thereby crippling FREE STATE trade.

2151 - In the largest movement of military forces in North American history the USAmerican Army move into Heartland FREE AMERICA territory seizing and restoring Union control on each state as they go. MONTANA and WYOMING petition to join the Union of Western States. Membership is granted. Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota are retaken into the USAmerica as the government of the FREE STATES of America collapses and Heartland Armies surrender to Union Forces.

2151 March 3 - 2nd North American FOOD WAR ends with unconditional surrender of the Heartland Armies. USAmerican federal union control is re-established in all but 14 of the original 50 States (13 of which make up the Union of Western States with the former State of Washington now part of the Dominion of WestCan).    NEXT AMERICA EVENT.

2152 - A resurgence of nationalism begins throughout USAmerica following the end of the 2nd FOOD WAR and the reunion of most of the United States of America. David "Ironside" HALLEY is elected Senator under the Baptist National ticket (2 terms).    NEXT BAPTIST NATIONAL / HALLEY EVENT.

2157 - Jane MacMANUS assumes control of RIGEL Aerospace from her father after leading design teams that result in the company entering the forefront of the industry. Jane's motto of "Better than State of the Art" becomes the company's mission. Thanks to the continuing success of RIGEL and it becoming the desired place to work for the entire high-tech brain trust the mission is one that RIGEL never wavers from.     NEXT MacMANUS Family related EVENT.

2159 - Commemorating the 200th Anniversary of the first man in space GARGARINGRAD reveals second Dome and upgrades to the expanded lunar operation. (New SOVIET).    NEXT Terran SPACE EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2160 - Senator David HALLEY runs in Primaries for President of the United States of America. Is defeated before convention.

2162 - After a 31 year journey Hanlon GUELPHON's Neo-Baptists Colonists arrive and establish the TULEV Colony believing the year to be 2260. The temporal effect of the SHINDAR ONE driver will not be discovered until Annie O'DOULE leads a SAFE PORT survey mission to the world in 2255.

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2164 - Senator David "Ironside" HALLEY wins Baptist National nomination but is defeated in his bid for the Presidency by liberal Dominic O'Riordan. O'Riordan's win was by a narrow margin of 6% of the popular vote attributed to some fears of Baptist National Party's religious hardline.    NEXT AMERICA EVENT.

2166 - Liberal USAmerican President Dominic O'Riordan is assasinated by a religious extremist. Vice President Jennifer CAMES becomes President, nominates Baptist National Senior Senator HALLEY as VP following series of extreme back room lobbying efforts by members of congress.

2168 - Liberal Jennifer CAMES elected President on UNION REFORM Ticket with Baptist National VP David HALLEY.    NEXT BAPTIST NATIONAL / HALLEY EVENT.

2171 - Robert Lewis MacMANUS marries MBA prodigy Sarah Temple. RL is intent on space exploration and development fast tracking Sarah for the RIGEL Aerospace CEO position he will inherit. Jane MacMANUS gives him the RIGEL ONE spacecraft as a wedding present unintentionally creating a MacMANUS family tradition. A true 22nd Century renaissance man RL combines exceptional Pilot skills with Scientific acumen for many hands on Solar exploration missions.     NEXT MacMANUS related EVENT.

2172 - David HALLEY runs on Baptist National ticket for President defeating Jennifer CAMES on 3-R's platform (Re-Union, Religion and Righteousness). His talk of "One Big Happy Nation, indivisible, under God" makes the Union of Western States nervous. HALLEY is the 76th President of the United States of America and the first Baptist National President.

2173 - HALLEY accuses New SOVIET of aiding the HEARTLAND Forces in the 2nd FOOD WAR. A new COLD WAR begins with USAmerican efforts to control space increasing.    NEXT AMERICA EVENT.     NEXT BAPTIST NATIONAL / HALLEY EVENT.

2174 July 1 - Nathiel Adam MacMANUS born to Robert Lewis MacMANUS and Sarah Temple. Nathiel never grows comfortable with the spotlight thrust upon him as heir to the MacMANUS/RIGEL fortune. Perhaps it is this that drives him into the space service where he spends most of his life. A decorated tactical leader (The Battle of Long Bow) Nathiel makes Lieutenant in charge of his own Patrol Squad by age 24 but is cut back a grade following a violation of orders and temporary AWOL in the unsuccessful rescue attempt of his father (2195). Faced with having to resign his commission to assume his proper mantle in the RIGEL heirarchy Nathiel is twice spared by first meeting and wedding rising Magellan Executive Pamela Newhaven and then by the birth of his first son Jack. While Pamela's career at Magellan Aerospace had limitations her marriage to the MacMANUS heir almost assures her eventual CEO title of the premier Aerospace Corporation.     NEXT MacMANUS Family related EVENT.

2175 - Toxin levels finally subside to a point where moving about the surface of the Earth without environmental protection suits is possible. Children are still required to play in "CLEAN ZONES" and cancer and birth defect rates for people dependant on externally exposed soid for food are still dangerously high but for the first time since the ECO-COLLAPSE planetary birth rates are stabilizing.

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2175 - Tensions increase in the Cold War when the Baptist National controlled USAmerican Space Forces set up mining operations in the previously New SOVIET controlled Asteroid Belt. European pressure the USAmerica to avoid antagonizing the New SOVIETS by keeping their distance. Stand offs and minor skirmishes will threaten to heat the conflict over the next 10 years as more and more of the mineral rich Asteroid Belt is claimed by each side.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2176 November - On the Quadra-Centennial of the nation and riding a crest of increasing popularity Baptist National David "Ironside" HALLEY is re-elected President of the USAmerica in the largest landslide ever. Charges of voter fraud are quickly squelched.    NEXT BAPTIST NATIONAL / HALLEY EVENT.

2177 - Robert Lewis MacMANUS commissions the LADIS TWO prototype long range spacecraft from RIGEL Aerospace thereby meeting the generational challenge his mother began. On delivery RL will christen the craft RIGEL TWO and use it to oversee development of the LEO Platform project (Low Earth Orbit).

2178 - Following years of the Baptist National revitalization of USAmerica the BN Movement now controls all 3 branches of Government (Legislative, Executive and Judicial).

2179 - The Baptist National controlled Congress repeals the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution limiting the number of terms a President may run to two. Due largely to HALLEY's popularity and the strength of the USAmerican economy the action is supported by the electorate.    NEXT AMERICA EVENT.     NEXT BAPTIST NATIONAL / HALLEY EVENT.

2179 September - The second MacMANUS inspired RIGEL proto-type (LADIS TWO) is delivered to commissonee Robert Lewis MacMANUS. The advanced word on the RIGEL TWO craft results in orders exceeding 300 thousand units.     NEXT MacMANUS Family related EVENT.

2180 - President David "Ironside" HALLEY runs unopposed following the sudden withdrawl of Republican Reform candidate Terkil Menor. Pressure on the electorate to vote is at an all time high with Election Receipts being required for renewal of access to many key services. This marks the last election in the United States of America until 2194.

2181 - The 1st Admendment of the United States Constitution is repealed by the Baptist National controlled Congress following a damning report in several daily papers charging corruption within the Baptist National party. The CIVIL ACTION bill is passed creating TRUTH Squads of specially trained investigators working with the USAmerica Armies to track down and confiscate underground news dissemination. HALLEY defends this action as the only method to keep the "Seeds of Destruction" from affecting the "Re-birth of the AMERICAN Era".

2182 April - Union of Western States President Emmanual Franco Chacabuko condemns Baptist National suppression of USAmerica Freedom of Speech rights siting the USA 1st Amendment as the "Brightest jewel of the world's finest document".    NEXT BAPTIST NATIONAL / HALLEY EVENT.

2182 May - Baptist National supporters within Texas, UWS protest Chacabuko's comments, ignite riots in Dallas. National Guard troops of the Union of Western States are recorded over-reacting to the BN Supporters during arrests. HALLEY's comments on the events to UWS Reporters paint Chacabuko as a "spanish puppet of the weak minded".    NEXT AMERICA EVENT.

2182 June - Trade suspended between UWS and USAmerica following Truth Squad encouraged violence against latino shop owners in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia and Louisiana in the "Night of brado del cristal (broken glass)". Public outcry from citizens of the Union of Western States to aid their spanish brethen in the USAmerica forces Chacabuko to threaten intervention and call on the nations of the world to condemn the racial actions of the Baptist National run USAmerican Government.

2182 July - USAmerica heats up the conflict by moving its troops toward Texas, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana simultaneously. UWS Forces move to respond but are heavily outgunned by the opposition. Seeing USAmerican action as the first step in the wrong direction WestCan gets involved in the fight with high-tech companies MAGELLAN Shipyards and RIGEL Aerospace providing equipment capable of subduing the USAmerican forces quickly. HALLEY is outraged at Westcan's interference in an "internal matter" but pulls back in preparation for a later conflict.    NEXT BAPTIST NATIONAL / HALLEY EVENT.

2183 - USAmerican energies turn inward as the nation enters a brief protectionist phase where little news or trade moves beyond it's border. Aware that this might be the calm before the storm the UWS enters into a military build-up partnership with WestCan. Canada (Quebec, Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces) enter into a Security Pact with WestCan following the USAmerican seizure of the Niagara Peninsula by USAmerican forces based there. Tensions increase throughout North America. Fully aware that the Baptist National leadership of the USAmerica is threat to North American and even possibly world peace WestCan begins to work through underground cells in the former FREE STATES of America. Covertly by way of the UWS state Montana, WestCan will assist the "Old Glory" movement with training while supplying them with communication systems that the USAmerican TRUTH Squad cannot tap.    NEXT AMERICA EVENT.     NEXT BAPTIST NATIONAL / HALLEY EVENT.

2184 - Jane MacMANUS turns control of RIGEL Aerospace to daughter-in-law Sarah Temple. Jane starts her retirement by returning to University to complete her Master of Business Administration. Sarah remains CEO until 2207 when she will turn the job over to Pamela Newhaven, the wife of son Nathiel Adam.

2187 - Completing her MBA Jane MacMANUS begins to lecture at the University of Calgary part-time to overflowing lecture halls. During this time she will also begin to write.     NEXT MacMANUS Family related EVENT.

- New York City and parts of the Tri-State area suffer massive damage following the accidental detonation of a Nuclear Warhead in NY Harbour. The bomb is traced to five foreign terrorist groups outside the USAmerica and erroneously to three groups inside North America (2 "Old Glory" Cells in the former Heartland state Montana, 1 a spanish action committee in Orange County California). Many theories put the intended target as Washington DC and the Baptist National seat of power. Union of Western States President Chacabuko disavows any connection while the TRUTH Squad wrecks havok on many communities in North Dakota looking for "Old Glory" Infiltrators. Martial law is declared

2193 - Members of the increasingly ruthless Baptist National TRUTH Squad point the finger of blame for the nuking of New York at foreign terrorist groups funded by the New SOVIET. Unable to retaliate against the New SOVIET on Earth due to the threat of swift and instant retribution USAmerican forces set up a blockade around Jupiter seizing control of the LONG BOW Corridor used by craft moving into the outer system. Long Bow is the slingshot gravitational assist run where a large craft uses Jupiter's gravitational pull to speed itself up. Long Bow has been used by all nations for dual directional transit between Earth and the outer system and particularly by USAmerican rival New SOVIET craft heading to the Asteroid belt. USAmerican control of this sector now posses a threat to the sovereignty of all nations and the right of free access to space.    NEXT AMERICA EVENT.     NEXT BAPTIST NATIONAL / HALLEY EVENT.

2194 May 11 - In an effort to head off direct involvement between the New SOVIET and the increasingly unstable Baptist National leadership of the USAmerica the UNITED NATIONS reforms. The UN issues an official condemnation of the USA blockage of the Jupiter LONG BOW Corridor following the attendees signature of the UNITED NATIONS TREATY ORGANIZATION for SPACE (UNTOS) followed by the creation of the first multi-national space force UNSA. UNSA's mission, largely under the lead of the WestCan Defence Force, is to break the blockade of LONG BOW.

- Led by WestCan Leadership the forces of the United Nations Space Agency (UNSA) engage Baptist National controlled USAmerican forces blockading Jupiter's LONG BOW Corridor. USAmerican forces have been concentrated in this region and have had nearly 8 months to entrench. The battle rages for 7 days before the TITAN 3 Maneuver, led by Flight Commander Tariq Tamal breaks the main line of USAmerican opposition. It will however take another 3 days for the American Forces to give up the blockade and re-treat. Casualties on the UNSA side number 25,467, on the USAmerican side 67,543. Following this Battle UNSA will secure LONG BOW to ensure no further blockades are possible.    NEXT

2194 July - The New SOVIET declines invitation to join UNSA as the United Nations resumes normal operation for the first time in 142 years. The only countries absent are those in the New SOVIET and the USAmerica. With the world body's headquarters in Brussels declared condemned the new UN meets in the Millennium Dome of London England. Picking up where it left off the UN begins to debate and put together the structure of a true "World Government".    NEXT AMERICA EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2194 August 24 - 2nd CIVIL WAR begins in the United States of America when "Old Glory" forces supported by covert WestCan action rise up in 8 former Heartland FREE STATES (North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri) and begin to move against Baptist National forces both in those territories and eastward. Gaining assistance by a weary population Old Glory forces move into Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Illinois on their "March for Liberty".

2194 September 11 - Baptist National troops, on Presidential order begin to burn and destroy Chicago and environ as they withdraw ahead of the approaching "Old Glory" Army. This action ripples through the eastern United States to shake the very foundation of Baptist National support both within and without the party. Calls on President HALLEY to stop this madness by senior members of the party in Congress and the Supreme Court result in HALLEY's infamous "Night of the Knives" leadership clearinghouse and imposing of DIRECT RULE by the Executive Branch on the Government.    NEXT BAPTIST NATIONAL / HALLEY EVENT.

2194 October 7 - The latest cold war heats up quickly with the declaration by Baptist National President of the United States of America David "Ironside" HALLEY of a GREAT HOLY WAR against the Godless New SOVIET.    NEXT AMERICA EVENT.

2194 October 8 THE GREAT HOLY WAR
- Baptist National President HALLEY launches a Nuclear first strike against the New SOVIET Lunar Base MARXGRAD on the farside of the Moon under the belief the New SOVIET have been using the base to prepare for an orbital invasion of the USA. HALLEY claims the New SOVIET has long conspired against the USAmerica first through assistance of the FREE AMERICA States in the 2nd Food War and most recently by funding and supporting the "Old Glory" movement. New SOVIET forces move to DEFENCE LEVEL ONE and mobilize to attack the USAmerica.    NEXT

2194 October 9 - The United Nations tries to negotiate between the New SOVIET and USAmerica. HALLEY rebukes the UN claiming they are under New SOVIET control. HALLEY cites the actions of UNSA against the USA during the BATTLE OF LONG BOW as proof.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2194 October 10 - "Old Glory" forces, having opened up free communication lines on their march toward Washington DC reveal Baptist National President HALLEY's latest actions to the American public. Congress revolts against HALLEY with the assistance of the former Joint Chiefs when Military Commanders refuse to follow any further orders from the President. After 22 years in control of the country President David HALLEY is removed from office.    NEXT AMERICA EVENT.     NEXT BAPTIST NATIONAL / HALLEY EVENT.

2194 October 11 - Baptist National leaders from all states in the USAmerica are arrested for later trial. Hastily convened Assemblies are arraigned in counties all through the country to pick representatives to meet in Washington for the New Continental Congress with oversight by an International Tribunal. Elections are declared for the first time in 14 years to pick new Representatives in both Congress and the House. USAmerica operates under a provisional government with a great deal of assistance from the Union of Western States, WestCan and Canada. Calls for the UWS to re-join the union are countered with offers of friendship and generosity.

2194 October 22 - The rebuilding of Chicago begins. Thousands were killed on the Baptist National Army withdrawal. War Crimes trials begin against HALLEY and his followers.    NEXT BAPTIST NATIONAL / HALLEY EVENT.

2194 November 4 - The first presidential elections in 14 years select Old Glory Candidate Angela Torris Powell as the 77th President of the United States of America. The congress votes in 72 members of Congress (2 for each of the 36 States) and 304 Representatives. Congressional make up has 22 Old Glory; 16 Democrat; 14 Republicans; 12 Reform and 8 Heartland members. The House 136 Old Glory; 57 Democrat; 53 Republicans; 29 Reform; 22 Heartland and 7 Independents.    NEXT AMERICA EVENT.

2194 December 11 - USAmerican joins the UN providing sponsorship of interested American candidates to the United Nations Space Agency. The UN once again offers membership to the New SOVIET which declines.

2194 December 16 - Former USAmerican Baptist National President David "Ironside" HALLEY is sentenced to life imprisonment for "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" against the Republic. He is transferred under a veil of UN controlled high security to Fort Leavenworth Kansas.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2195 March 1 - Former USAmerican President David "Ironside" HALLEY is found dead in his cell at Fort Leavenworth KS, the victim of an apparent suicide. HALLEY's followers (soon to be referred to as Neo-Baptists) scatter underground. Claims that HALLEY has escaped and is alive dog the Government for decades with HALLEY sighting sparking mass hysteria in places. Throughout the mid-west and north-western States sects of Neo-Baptists gather secretly. When they are uncovered they manage to successfully hide behind the very same 1st Amendment that HALLEY repealed. One group of Neo-Baptist will build a network of followers throughout Arkansas and into Missouri until they are encouraged to leave the planet in 2229.    NEXT AMERICA EVENT.     NEXT BAPTIST NATIONAL / HALLEY EVENT.

2195 October 12 - Nathiel Adam MacMANUS takes untested RIGEL Two craft to farside of sun in rescue attempt of his father Robert Lewis MacMANUS who was supervising the ANCHOR STATION of the massive multi-corporate ORBIT CERN project when the TOWING CRAFT is disabled by unexpected solar flare activity. Nathiel Adam MacMANUS arrives too late to save his father and almost dies himself when the RIGEL Two is caught in the same activity. Only luck results in emergency beacons being received by a craft (Magellan Aerospace's Spectrum Three Surveyor) near enough to assist before solar radiation takes his life as well. On board Spectrum Three is Magellan Aero Junior Executive Pamela Newhaven. On introduction a romance begins that results in union 18 months later.

2196 - New SOVIET withdraws even farther from International involvement. Adopting a communication system which is completely uncompatable with the world standard as more than half the continent of ASIA and a fair bit of Europe disappear behind a Iron Curtain.

2197 April 30 - Nathiel Adam MacMANUS weds Pamela Newhaven at the MacMANUS ancestral estate near Calgary Alberta WestCan. Despite all attempts to keep the media away from this event the wedding is broadcasted live via a pirated Float-Cam unit to the Wedding Channel.

2197 October 23 - Jack Adam MacMANUS born Calgary Alberta, WestCan to Pamela Newhaven and Nathiel Adam MacMANUS. Groomed his whole life for the CEO Position at RIGEL Aerospace Jack will be killed when a commercial spaceliner he is on is attacked and destroyed in 2225.     NEXT MacMANUS Family related EVENT.

2198 June 3 - Work begins on the first permanent self sustained space station. STATION 1 will be the first of a series of multi-level habitats built along the lunar orbital path starting at Lagrange 4.     NEXT Terran SPACE EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2199 March 22 - Poul CHEROK is born to parents James and Carol in Riverside Iowa. Cherok will grow up to become an exceptional pilot landing the coveted TEAM A Commander slot on the proto-type BOOMERANG Faster than Light test ship in 2228. His rise to the highest field command rank during the MEG WAR will elevate him to legendary status, so much so that the mere mention of his name during negotiation with off-world powers will usually result in hushed tones and heightened tensions.     NEXT CHEROK EVENT.

2200 September 29 - Melbourne Ann GIRNEY is born to Thomas Allan Girney and Sydney Eve Hehner in Melbourne, Victoria State, Australia. Before being transferred to the 655 Squadron and joining the STELLAR 20 program MEL will distinguish herself as an engineering prodigy in the field of theoretical propulsion. It will be later acknowledged that the SHINDAR Driver used to propel the first faster than light Terran vessel is based on a design she produced while a member of the BOOMERANG Project in Cold Lake Alberta Westcan. MEL will be best known though for her wild flowing hair, her Australian sized mischievous streak and her extremely aggressive sexual habits.     NEXT 655 Sqadron EVENT.

2201 Earth - Doctor Phillip RENTOW starts the COUNCIL FOR TECHNICAL SIMPLICITY Foundation with funds from his royalties on the PAT-C Super Intelligence system. The CFTS begins the task of trying to create an open society of knowledge. The CFTS becomes the strongest proponet of METRIC Space/Time measurements and is the founding block of the INTERLINK trans-Alliance web system in 2241.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2201 April 9, 8:09am UT - Robert Nathiel MacMANUS born at the LEO 12 Platform in low earth orbit. Robert's mother Pamela Newhaven was unable to make it back to Earth in time for delivery from the Construction Station on-site of Station 1. With Station 1 designed to have artificial gravity on completion Robert N is the first Terran baby born in space in the new century and the last one likely to be born in zero gravity. Robert N is the second child to Pamela and her husband, RIGEL Aerospace heir, Nathiel Adam MacMANUS. Because Robert N birth's on Orbital Platform LEO-12 was in zero gravity the baby is headlined as a "Space Oddity" by the WorldNET Media. Robert MacMANUS will create the original 655 Squadron before becoming an instrumental figure on Terran history being both the first person to break the light barrier and leading the charge against the Meganites before joining the STELLAR 20. Before birth Robert was identified as tri-somic (downs syndrome) and was experimented on with Genetic Straining to illiminate the effects of the extra gene. The experiment was not made public for 53 years due to parental concerns about the child's acceptance. Robert will also develop "terraphobia" due to his developmental years being spent in space.     NEXT MacMANUS Family related EVENT.    NEXT 655 Sqadron EVENT.

2201 April 9, 9:24pm UT - Claudmicious Thundervalls Stenovich Von Neederport (CLAUD) born to Stella Stenovich and Bill Von Neederport at the Thundervalls Oregon MED-Port following an intensive 39 hour labour.

2201 October 12 - UN Member James F RIGITANO introduces the UNITED EARTH proposal motion on the General Assembly Floor. First draft receives unanimous approval with only minor recommendations and revision amendments suggested before it moves to committee.

2201 November 1 - On adoption of the United Earth motion by the World Legislature the New SOVIET announces they will begin to participate internationally when GEO-HOUSE opens.

2201 November 13 - The New SOVIET signs UNTOS joining their space agency GLAVCOSMOS to the Treaty as a separately operating branch.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2202 January 1 - The UN created WORLD LEGISLATURE opens its doors for the first time. In an address announcing a NEW WORLD ORDER (23rd use in 200 years) the WORLD LEGISLATURE or GEO-HOUSE is divided into 10 regions (LEAGUES). In a system to be echoed later on a galactic scale each region has internal sovereignty which limits the influence of the WORLD LEGISLATURE unless representatives of a majority of the population in that Region formally request GEO-HOUSE intervention. The NORTH AMERICAN LEAGUE, comprised of WestCan, Canada, the Union of Western States, the United States of America and the Republic of Mexico. The Leagues are: North American League; Central American League; EuroLeague; Asian Association (India, China, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and such, not including Japan); African Alliance (not including Egypt and Libya); League of South America; Pacific League (Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the Phillipines and various pacific ocean nations); New SOVIET Blok; Union of Middle Kingdoms (Israel, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, UAE, Libya, Pakistan); Oceanic League (Antarctica and all other island nations which are not aligned). In the case of the Oceanic League, the smaller island nations which were otherwise not aligned were linked to Antarctica which is forbidden from having a permanent population and given an equal voice in the Legislature due to the tremendous ecological impact the other nations have on this region. The representatives of the Oceanic League are the voice for all international waters.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

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2202 February 15, 9:02pm UT - ALISON Mercy Grand is born to Jimmy and Bethany Grand in Sao Paulo Brazil while Jimmy is meeting with investors interested in his GRAND Designs Autocruisers using a patent Micro-Grav-Plate designed by RIGEL Aerospace. Having schooled with Pamela Newhaven Jimmy has a fair amount of backing from Rigel already but Jimmy is insistent that GRAND Designs can succeed with a limited amount of outside involvement. ALISON will meet Robert N MacMANUS on a visit to the MacMANUS estate in Alberta coinciding with one of Robert's visit. From then until they are re-united several years later on Station 3 in lunar Lagrainge orbit ALISON will carry a crush on the young MacMANUS. After they are wed Alison will intercept an executive position at RIGEL Aerospace to protect Robert's chances in a space career. Pamela Newhaven will groom ALISON to assume the CEO position of RIGEL Aerospace on her retirement.     NEXT MacMANUS Family related EVENT.

2202 August 6, 3:27pm UT - Isaac Bill MAGELLAN born to Samantha Heather Rogers and Isaac Leonard Magellan in Chicago Illinois USAmerica. Bill MAGELLAN will grow up to be an intuitive operations officer and through his involvement with Robert MacMANUS when his parents move to Station 1 in 2210 Bill will have the chance to develop and shine as a very skilled pilot. MAGELLAN will be a founding member of the 655 Squadron and later will be assigned to a STELLAR 20 First Contact Mission before returning and joining the Border Patrol following the MEG WAR. Magellan will inadvertently develop Guided Tessla Weapons while goofing around with the Tactical Multi-CONN on the RIJL FOUR.     NEXT 655 Squadron EVENT.

2202 December 21 - RIGEL Aerospace Systems Engineer Dr Michael NEWVILLE accomplishes the permanent activation of the FIRST SON / RAEB (Rigel Aerospace Electro-Brain) Artificial Sentience system. Self actualization and directed involvement and will make the RAEB system not only the most adaptive and intelligent system but cognizant and a true sentience by 2210. The FIRST SON is specifically intended for the RIGEL THREE spaceship and will be installed following cognizance of the first production clone (CORE RAEB).

2205 - GRAND Designs begins operation thanks to partnership deal with RIGEL Aerospace. GRAND Designs makes personal tarnsportation craft reminescent of 20th Century automobiles using the recently devloped RIGEL MICRO-Grav-Reaction Plates. Owner/Operator Jimmy GRAND's only child ALISON Grand will wed RIGEL heir Robert N MacMANUS in 2225.     NEXT MacMANUS Family related EVENT.

2206 June 9 - LUNA SIX: Commonwealth BASE begins operation in the Exodus Crater on the Moon. Sponsored by WestCan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa with strong financial support from RIGEL Aerospace the base houses a massive production and testing facility built to produce materials required for further lunar habitation.    NEXT Terran SPACE EVENT.

2206 - Dr Kurasawi GINSANG introduces his Table of Environments on a grant from the COUNCIL FOR TECHNICAL SIMPLICITY. The Table which puts the most sterilized and safe environment at the letter "A" and the harshest most extremely dangerous environment at "Z" lists "moderately comfortable" environments such as Earth at "E" ("D" at the Equator/ "F" in the arctic)     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2207 - Despite his protests Robert Nathiel MacMANUS is sent down to Earth to live on the family estate near Vulcan Alberta, WestCan for the summer. Spending most of his time with his ailing Great Grandmother Jane Andrea MacMANUS Robert's interest in family history and the family business legacy is ignited with the child wanting to return to visit "Gray Gramma Jane" every chance he can get even though it involves going down to Earth (Robert suffers from "terraphobia" due his lack of planet-bound experience). He will visit with Jane for a month each Christmas and three months each summer for three years before Jane passes away at age 87 in September 2209.
Pamela Newhaven, wife of Nathiel Adam MacMANUS, assumes the CEO position of RIGEL Aerospace.

2209 September 24 - Jane Andrea MacMANUS, the grand matriarch of Rigel Aerospace passes away quietly of heart failure. A skilled pilot and lobbyist Jane took Rigel to the forefront of the Aerospace industry with her constant challenge for all employees to create product "Better than State of the Art". In 2184 Jane returned to University at the age of 62, earned her full MBA and then lectured part-time until her full retirement in 2199 where she proceeded to write about her life and her philosophies of business until her passing. One of Jane's final passions was time spent with her Great Grandson Robert Nathiel MacMANUS who spent 4 months each year with "grey gramma Jane".     NEXT MacMANUS Family related EVENT.

2210 June 17 - Enough of Station 1 at Lagrange 4 position is completed for full time habitation to occur. It will take another year to bring the Station to full operation. During the first semester class eight year old Robert MacMANUS will meet seven year old Bill MAGELLAN.     NEXT Terran SPACE EVENT.     NEXT 655 Squadron EVENT.

2210 December 10 - The FIRST SON RAEB is installed into the RAEB HOUSING of the RIGEL THREE following cognizance of the first production CLONE, the CORE RAEB in the Rigel Orbital Production, Lunar Orbit.     NEXT MacMANUS related EVENT.

2215 - For the first time since the MUSSANI Conflict the MEGANITES face opposition. The DULLEANs of DM-20 6821 (665 New VOLGOGRAD) deactivate and take over the MEGANITE Quarantine Probes in their system.     NEXT DULLEA EVENT.

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2216 - Station 3 is completed. Long term residents of Station 1 transfer over to the more comfortable environs of 3 while Station 1 is converted to the Administration Head Quarters for the increasing orbital population.

2217 December 5 - A MEGANITE INVASION SHIP arrives at 82 ERIDANI (106 New AMGMAGSSALIK) thus beginning the first in a new round of Occupational expansions on the homeworld of the RENOR.     NEXT MEG EVENT.

2223 June 4 - The quarter light speed AC2 Probe heads from Earth for the Proxima Centauri star system. It is expected to arrive in the Centauri system by 2235.    NEXT Terran SPACE EVENT.

2223 June 11 - Lieutenant jg Robert N MacMANUS graduates UNSA Flight Academy with honors receiving Pilotry rating on 17 of the 19 craft UNSA has in operation. MacMANUS is assigned to Station 3 for orientation anticipating permanent assignment to a Tactical Wing.

2223 July 15 - Robert N MacMANUS is made Operations Coordinator of the Station 3 Flight Pool. As second in command of this group MacMANUS is able to continue his Offensive Operations and Command studies.

2224 March 16 - Ensign Bill MAGELLAN joins Robert N MacMANUS on Station 3 following early graduation from UNSA Flight Academy. Magellan is rated for Pilotry on only 10 of 19 craft but is achieves Operations rating on all 19. Magellan is assigned to the Station 3 Flight Pool.

2224 March 19 - With the help of a bureaucratic error by the UNSA Quartermaster Lieutenant jg Robert N MacMANUS successfully creates the 655 Squadron. MacMANUS then proceeds to fill up the TEAM Area where he and Magellan are assigned with young officers from various disciplines.

2224 March 23 - Robert N MacMANUS and Bill MAGELLAN are sent to the UNSA Testing Group by Commodore Grimsby following their nearly successful creation of a diplomatic incident at Station 3 between UNSA and the GLAVCOSMOS Ambassador. MacMANUS breaks up with fiancé Dawn Whitley.     NEXT MacMANUS Family related EVENT.

2224 April 4 - On return to Station 3 Robert N MacMANUS, at MAGELLAN's prodding, begins to spend time with pilot apprentice Alison Grand. Commodore Grimsby receives authorization to begin the FIRST START Program formally attaching MacMANUS' 655 Squadron to it. MacMANUS is also introduced to Gregory ANDREIVICH, a GLAVCOSMOS Pilot assigned to the 655 Squadron in part because of the diplomatic incident. Although MAGELLAN warms to ANDREIVICH quickly it takes MacMANUS a longer time to adjust.     NEXT 655 Squadron EVENT.

2224 October 25 - Robert N MacMANUS proposes to Allison Grand. The wedding is to occur the following May.

2225 April 26 - Mere days before final selection on the Barnard's Star Mission Jack MacMANUS is among the casualties in an attack on a commercial space transport heading to MIDWAY Platform. The source of the attack is never discovered but is later believed to be a high speed Meganite intercept. Back room maneuvering by RIGEL Aerospace CEO Pamela Newhaven removes Robert Nathiel MacMANUS from the list of target pilots for the Barnard's Star Mission.

2225 May 1 - Allison Grand withdraws from the pilot's program to take increasing duties at RIGEL Aerospace following Pamela Newhaven's nearly successful push to get Robert MacMANUS on the RIGEL Board of Directors.     NEXT MacMANUS Family related EVENT.

2225 May 5 - Final selection is made on the team for the Barnard's Star mission in the Star Explorer craft. Mission training will last 3 months before the vehicle is launched with a crew of 9 and a target arrival at Barnard's Star of 2239.    NEXT Terran SPACE EVENT.

2225 May 11 - Robert MacMANUS feels that his whole world is falling apart. He has been turned down for long range space missions, his brother has been killed, his family is pressuring him to take his brother's place in the family business. On the plus side his bride to be has taken the duties at RIGEL Aerospace he was being pressured to assume but the downside is she's had to forego further pilot training which greatly limits any chance she'll have of joining him on any future missions if he's selected.
With Alison becoming very busy very quickly, getting bogged down with Administrative duties at RIGEL, Robert MacMANUS is starting to wonder if he shouldn't break things off with her and start fresh before committing to something that may end his career. Speaking with various friends within the 655 Squadron gets him various responses but when he discusses the matter with
Team MEDIC Greta their long simmering attraction blooms into an intense but brief interlude that leaves MacMANUS even more confused.
Thankfully Bill MAGELLAN takes him to Earth for a pre-wedding break / fam tour at the UNSA Cold Lake Testing Range.     NEXT 655 Squadron EVENT.

2225 May 14 - Wracked with increasing amounts of guilt MacMANUS arrives with MAGELLAN at the Calgary Spaceport. On landing they are greeted by Melbourne Girney who is easily diverted from the Cold Lake testing range to a trip to the Rocky Mountains for the afternoon. On the return the trio are waylaid by a mysterious probe which they narrowly defeat. Arrival at Cold Lake is for final shakedown analysis for the predecessor to the "BOOMERANG" mission on which Mel is an engineer.     NEXT MacMANUS Family related EVENT.

2225 May 21 - MacMANUS returns to Station 3 forcing ALISON to accept a last minute change to the wedding plans that limits the wedding to a 5 year contract marriage (common event of the day). Sure that in time his fears will be dismissed ALLISON accepts.

2225 May 22 - Robert N MacMANUS and ALISON Grand are wed in a quiet ceremony on Station 3 against a backdrop of stars.

2225 June 2 - BLACK JUNE. The 5 Year TERM Wedding of Robert Nathiel MacMANUS and ALISON Grand combined with two very public errors by Alison as a RIGEL Board Member send RIGEL stock spiraling downward. Numerous other stocks follow as uncertainty spreads throughout global exchanges. Only a series of carefully choreographed leaks relating to RIGEL's Faster than Light BOOMERANG project end this month long slide.

2225 August 22 - 5 days behind schedule the Barnard's Star Mission leaves Earth orbit without Robert MacMANUS. By the time the craft reaches the system's HELIOPAUSE it will be travelling .83 light speed.     NEXT MacMANUS Family related EVENT.

2225 November 1 - The MEGANITES on Mars momentarily shut down the GUEZ System Perimeter Probes when the Barnard's Star Mission craft passes through their scan net at the star system's HELIOPAUSE. The MEGANITES will consider this event reason to call home and recommend full Invasion Quarantine of the Terran system.    NEXT Terran SPACE EVENT.     NEXT MEG EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2225 November 30 - 655 Squadron teammate Gregory ANDREIVICH is recalled by GLAVCOSMOS Command for "GUBACHEN" Project.

2225 December 6 - Lieutenant Melbourne Girney arrives at Station 3 reporting for duty as 655 Team Engineer following her fall-out with Boomerang Project Manager Dr SHINDAR.

2225 December 7 - Bill Magellan happens upon the New SOVIET "GUBACHEN" plot to ambush UNSA forces from a hidden base on the farside of the Moon. After unsuccessfully trying to bring official attention of their discovery to UNSA Command Robert MacMANUS and the rest of the 655 Squadron attempt to deal with the problem on their own.

2225 December 10 - 655 Squadron go on "Wargames" under the command of Lieutenant Robert N MacMANUS. This action triggers the FARSIDE INCIDENT.

2225 December 11 - Farside Renegade New SOVIET/GLAVCOSMOS plot build-up located on Moon is uncovered by 655 Squadron. UNSA Space Forces arrive on scene before build-up is complete.     NEXT 655 Squadron EVENT.

2225 December 12 - GLAVCOSMOS pulls out of UNTOS. Third Cold War begins.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2225 December 15 - Robert Nathiel MacMANUS passes Command Exam. Commander Nathiel Adam MacMANUS turns over ownership of the RIGEL THREE craft to Robert.

2225 December 30 - Robert MacMANUS and the 655 Squadron are re-assigned to the TEST PILOT CORPS by UNSA Admiralty concerned with their reckless nature for acting without orders.

2226 September 12 - Unexpected signals result in UNSA Command dispatching the RIGEL THREE and its 655 Squadron crew (on a team building exercise near Jupiter) toward Neptune. Once there the RIGEL THREE will experience massive system failures for six days. Rescue will be effected by external forces of unidentifiable origins. It will be later believed that the RIGEL THREE was caught in high stream Ionic communication between the MEG base on Mars and a MEG Relay Communication system.     NEXT MacMANUS related EVENT.     NEXT 655 Squadron EVENT.

2227 March 6 - The MEGANITE Quarantine Ship VOSqUIL starts for the Sol (Terran) Star system on orders from Central Command (Iota Persei).     NEXT MEG EVENT.

2227 November 15 - Major WELLS on board a commercial freighter ship coming back from the Asteroid Belt after weeks of investigating mysterious signals and interference with mining operations there intercept a nearly legible MEG transmission with source origin of Mars.

2227 December 1 - On review of all material it is decided to accelerate the BOOMERANG Mission's development to ready test ships as quickly as possible. Unlimited resources are brought to bear on the project which by conservative estimates is still a year away from field testing. Special recording packages are constructed to put on the first, unmanned test ship which will then be sent on an orbit around Mars at light speed to determine if there is anything on the Martian surface which warrants further investigation.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2228 March 22 - Semage K'RICK is born on DULLEA. Dullean K'RICK will become the most decorated Captain of the MEG WAR earning legendary status as commander of the starship SIRE PRET NEY. A romantic K'RICK will have a reputation known only among the rank and file of having a boy in every port while sporting the clean cut image of responsibility, youth and energy that makes her a media darling for STAR COMMAND. K'RICK's ability to handle the media very well, arguing from a position of earnest respect nearly any action taken causes her to be pushed into the spotlight often. Her smooth skin and radiant jet black hair give her Alliance wide fame and her command is the second most sought after position in STAR COMMAND. In 2256 K'RICK will be given the task of preparing Robert MacMANUS for the hand over ceremony of ROSS 619 from MEG to Alliance hands and his position under Admiral General CHEROK on the INDEPENDENCE.     NEXT DULLEA EVENT.    NEXT K'RICK EVENT.

2228 April 11 - Annie O'DOULE is born. In 2253 O'DOULE will be Operations Coordinator on the Transport Craft STARBENDER under Commodore Henry JAMES. Unknown to both herself and Robert MacMANUS they first met when Annie was a baby and her parents were selected and assigned to Robert MacMANUS' STELLAR 20 Mission before MacMANUS vetoed both baby and mother.

2228 July 13 - Lieutenant Poul CHEROK and his TEAM A crew are pulled from the "Boomerang" Project after refusing a manned flight of the prototype slip-stream SHINDAR ONE Ion Drive Craft after a test flight fails catastrophically. Using modelling put together by the RAEB on the RIGEL THREE MacMANUS convinces the BOOMERANG Leadership that he can fly the craft.     NEXT CHEROK EVENT.

2228 July 14 - Lieutenant Robert Nathiel MacMANUS becomes first Terran to travel at the speed of light on the RIGEL Aerospace built BOOMERANG Proto-type ION DRIVE vessel. The journey takes him from MIDWAY Platform and out around MARS. Suspecting New SOVIET action on the surface of Mars MacMANUS will uncover the seeds of discovery that lead to the Terran pre-emptive strike against the MEGANITE BASE on Mars during the BOOMERANG Flight. Unbeknownst to MacMANUS the BOOMERANG Craft also broke the time barrier. This fact will not be discovered until 2255 because of the speed with which Dr SHINDAR's team will incorporate MEG stabilizing elements into a Hybrid Driver.     NEXT MEG EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

This is the last TERRAN only SPACE event. From here on Space exploration is directly related to the formation of a multi-world ALLIANCE to counter the MEG Invasion Threat with.

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2228 July 15 - Following an intensive debriefing by senior staff of the UNSA Carrier VICTORY Robert MacMANUS decides to plan another "Wargames" with his 655 Squadron operating on the RIGEL THREE when the recording packages on the BOOMERANG Craft fail to indicate anything further to investigate. MacMANUS' actions trigger a sense of déjà vu in ADMIRAL KOSS who directs the large scale fleet movements he's been overseeing for months to continue for Mars. MacMANUS receives promotion to Lieutenant Commander following the release of information about the test run to the public NewsNETS.     NEXT MacMANUS related EVENT.

2228 July 16 - RIGEL THREE picks up GLAVCOSMOS Pilot and former 655 Squadron Member ANDREIVICH as condition for getting New SOVIET permission to run "wargames" exercise on Mars. Many members of the 655 Squadron choose an inappropriate moment to deal with unresolved issues they have with ANDREIVICH.

2228 July 17 @ MARS - RIGEL THREE arrives in orbit of Mars launching it's Squadron of fighters toward Olympus Mons to investigate the source of the visual distortion MacMANUS viewed during his Faster Than Light orbits around the red planet. Upon arrival the location they are immediately involved in close quarter combat with MEGANITE Diamond Back fighters at the Meg Base. Only the RIGEL THREE in orbit and the arrival of both UNSA and New SOVIET fleets keeps the MEGANITEs from winning this battle. Methods developed in analyzing the signals first experienced by Major WELLS on the MARU LISA Ore Freighter 6 months earlier aid the Terran forces in blocking any MEG attempts to warn the approaching Quarantine ship.     NEXT 655 Squadron EVENT.

2228 July 18 @ MARS - Taking control of the MEG Base on Mars and with the aid of RIGEL THREE's RAEB, representatives of all Terran forces learn of the existence of a more than 20 other space going races. By compromising the MEGANITE Computers they will gain access to both language and culture banks for each of the worlds facing or under MEG Occupation as well as the full breath of the MEGANITE Technical Libraries that allow the Terran forces to prepare and match the Meganites tactically and technically. This information becomes the seed from which the RIMBEY PLAN grows. During the announcement of the RIMBEY PLAN details the formation of the UNITED EARTH is made as is the formation of the STELLAR 20 Mission.     NEXT MEG EVENT.

2228 July 19 @ MARS - The RIMBEY Plan is worked out. The goal of the plan is to ensure Earth supremacy in the culture of the post-MEG galactic union. Meeting this goal will involve teams going to each of the neighbouring star systems affected by or facing Meg Occupation with the teams leaving information only about the Earth culture and the English language. This ensures that when the many systems are brought together the only common tongue will be English and the only common culture will be Terran.    NEXT MEG WAR EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2228 July 20 - STELLAR 20 "First Contact" program formed. 20 teams are created to free each of the 20 closest worlds from MEG Control. They will also give each world MEG technological information and Earth cultural packets to prepare them for the "Second Contact" mission.     NEXT MEG EVENT.     NEXT STELLAR 20 EVENT.    NEXT ALLIANCE EVENT.

2228 July 25 @ UESA FLEET - In vessels from both UNSA and GLAVCOSMOS the new United Earth Space Agency fleet heads out en masse to intercept the MEGANITE Quarantine (Invasion) Ship VOSqUIL at the Sol System HELIOPAUSE. Between now and August 16 the ships will do nothing but travel.    NEXT MEG WAR EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2228 August 4 - SHINDAR's Project manager Hanlon GUELPHON persuades Dr SHINDAR to donate the patent for the now obsolete SHINDAR ONE Ion Driver assembly to any Non-Profit Colony Organization wishing to get off Earth before MEGANITE Conflict. This occurs following the discovery that GUELPHON is a Neo-Baptist supporter and has been transmitting the specs of each part of the engine to a Neo-Baptists group as those parts have become obsolete in development. The trade off GUELPHON and his group have to make to avoid going to prison is that the Colony Mission they were working on must include other extremist groups.    NEXT NEO-BAPTIST / GUELPHON EVENT.

2228 August 21 - Conversion begins using MEG ION Drive technology on existing long range space craft. The 20 ships and their 45 crewmembers are sent out between November 7 2228 (STELLAR 15) and August 16 2229 (STELLAR 20). Original plans count 49 crewmembers until Robert MacMANUS rejects his assigned crew electing to travel alone on STELLAR 20.

2228 August 22 - Unhappy that he cannot keep the 655 Squadron together and even less impressed with the crew assignments sent to him Robert Nathiel MacMANUS removes himself and the RIGEL THREE from the STELLAR 20 program. Admiral KOSS gives the young Lieutenant Commander thirty days to change his mind at which point if MacMANUS insists on staying KOSS will have to select another craft to take the RIGEL THREE slot.    NEXT 655 Squadron EVENT.     NEXT MacMANUS related EVENT.     NEXT STELLAR 20 EVENT.

2228 August 30 Earth - Hanlon GUELPHON forms a Colony Mission made up of 4257 Neo-Baptists, post-generational followers of the Baptist National Party and the beliefs of former USAmerican President David "Ironside" HALLEY (SEE: GREAT HOLY WAR). The mission goal is to go in the opposite direction in space of the MEGANITE Empire, find a GINSANG "E" rated world and colonize it.

2228 September 11 Earth - The various nations of the North American League generously back the Neo-Baptist Colony project offering many outdated patents, materials and even help in building their Colony Ships on the condition that 1571 Nuarian Wymyn (radical self-segregating feminists groups who began taking over whole towns in the Agricultural belt during the Eco-Collapse) and 500 FREE STATE Heartland radicals are included.    NEXT NEO-BAPTIST / GUELPHON EVENT.

2228 September 20 - A lone MEGANITE Diamond Back fighter breaks past all restraints making a direct course for the Earth / Moon system which is currently under defended due to UESA resource involvement elsewhere. Robert Nathiel MacMANUS takes the RIGEL THREE and intercepts the lone MEG craft destroying it. The action brings MacMANUS to the conclusion that the STELLAR 20 Mission is part of his destiny and even though it will involve leaving without his wife Alison Grand he realizes he must take the assignment.     NEXT MacMANUS related EVENT.    NEXT MEG WAR EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2228 September 23 - Dr SHINDAR's team finds converting the RIGEL THREE Long Range spacecraft (STELLAR 20/Number 20) to MEG ION DRIVE is unworkable. Begins converting instead to a Hybrid of his Slipstream Prototype and the MEG ION Drive creating PULSE ION DRIVE.     NEXT STELLAR 20 EVENT.

2228 November 1 UESA FLEET - The combined UNITED EARTH Space Agency Fleet passes Jupiter as it continues toward the approaching MEGANITE Quarantine (Invasion) Ship for a stand off. This fleet will not arrive at the Sol System HELIOPAUSE before August 2129. In the Fleet Lieutenant Poul CHEROK makes Group Leader of Alpha Squad on Carrier CHATHAM.     NEXT CHEROK EVENT.

2229 March 16 Earth - Following completion of the LIGHT BOOMERS Dr SHINDAR begs off from further Counter-Invasion plans to further his work on the fledgling Hybrid Pulse ION Drive engine.

2229 April 25 @ UESA FLEET - While still inside the orbit of Neptune the UESA Interception Fleet receives three LIGHT BOOMERS (fighters which have been converted for faster than light speed transits). The BOOMERS are for the Light CARRIER TRIPOLI under the command of Commodore Nathiel Adam MacMANUS. Nathiel Adam works with his team of pilots to develop strategies using the BOOMERS for the intercept of the MEGANITE Quarantine Ship VOSqUIL.     NEXT MacMANUS related EVENT.    NEXT MEG WAR EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2229 May 18 - Bill MAGELLAN departs UESA Carrier VICTORY at Mars orbit on the first leg of their STELLAR 20 Mission.

2229 August 13 - Lieutenant Mitch Finnegan assumes command of the 655 Squadron following approval by Robert N MacMANUS before the launch of his STELLAR 20 mission on the RIGEL THREE. Within a brief five years Finnegan will take the 655 to the forefront of Tactical Wings. "FINNEGAN's SQUAD" creates a legacy of action and success and Finnegan's resolve to get the job done regardless of what that job might be earns him the rank of Captain before 2235.     NEXT 655 Squadron EVENT.

2229 August 14 @ UESA FLEET - The Carrier TRIPOLI launches all three faster than light LIGHT BOOMER fighter craft when the MEG Quarantine Ship VOSqUIL slows just beyond the UESA Fleet near Sol system edge. In the middle of battle Commodore Nathiel Adam MacMANUS' son Robert, diverts from his STELLAR 20 mission, long enough to assist the engagement of the MEG ship with some of his "BLINK" Faster than Light combat strategies.

2229 August 15 UESA FLEET - Nathiel Adam MacMANUS is killed while ramming the MEGANITE Quarantine Ship VOSqUIL at near light speed in the LIGHT BOOMER Faster Than Light Fighter he is flying. Nathiel ran this maneuver to keep the VOSqUIL from destroying the RIGEL THREE with son Robert Nathiel MacMANUS on board. RIGEL THREE rushed from Mars orbit to assist in the intercept of the VOSqUIL delaying its STELLAR 20 Mission. A marker is left commemorating Nathiel and his two wing pilots in what is termed "The First Front of the Meganite War".     NEXT STELLAR 20 EVENT.     NEXT MacMANUS related EVENT.     NEXT MEG EVENT.    NEXT 655 Squadron EVENT.     NEXT MEG WAR EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2229 September 9 NEO-BAPTISTS Depart
- The six Neo-BAPTIST/Nuaria/Free Radical colony ships depart Earth orbit, destined out past Alpha Centauri and off into deep open space.    NEXT

2230 November 17 Earth - During tests of the Hybrid ION Engine (PULSE ION DRIVE) design Dr SHINDAR's team confirm that an entire phase of matter exists only at speeds greater than light. These particles are classed as TACH particles (ie: TACH-Photons, TACH-Electrons, TACH-Quarks, TACH-Muons [or T-Muons]), the entire phase is simply considered TACH space. Dr SHINDAR begins testing captured TACH particles in his Hybrid ION Drive proto-type as a replacement for the ION particles thereby creating the TACH Driver capable of speeds nearing 100 times light.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2230 December 15 - STELLAR 20/Number 8 with former 655 Squadron member HENRY James on board is found adrift due to Driver failure just beyond the Sol System while en route to Epsilon Indi. The worlds targeted for STELLAR 20 / 8 become first priority for the second contact teams. Henry James and his crew will be assigned to the SOLAR TEN project.     NEXT 655 Squadron EVENT.     NEXT STELLAR 20 EVENT.

2231 - QUIN'Dax Colony ships move into what will become claimed space of the UNITED ALLIANCE First Circle. Two worlds in the Hartwell New CARRIBEAN sector will have QUIN colonies on them before 2235. All of this is in prelude to an eventual confrontation between ALLIANCE and QUIN forces.     NEXT QUIN'Dax EVENT.

2231 May 27 SOLAR 10 - Second Contact Mission is commissioned. Dubbed SOLAR TEN the missions will use existing first run craft outfitted with Dr SHINDAR's new TACH Drivers.

2231 June 19 Earth - Another hybrid conversion occurs resulting in the creation of a faster TACH Engine. Top speed thus far is light times 130.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2231 June 24 SOLAR 10 - Teams for the SOLAR TEN Mission are announced following the design to create a whole new line of space craft specifically built to incorporate the latest and fastest version of Dr SHINDAR's TACH Driver.

2231 June 29 Earth - Based on a presentation by rising star ALISON GRAND RIGEL Aerospace receives an official order from UESA Command for 500 SHINDAR Tach Generation 3 Fighters.

2231 September 18 MEG WAR - A fleet of six cassidy class vessels engage 2 Meg Quarantine Ships beyond Pluto. Blink 31 is created added to the 30 developed by STELLAR 20/Number 20 explorer Robert MacMANUS.    NEXT MEG WAR EVENT.

2231 December 24 SOLAR 10 - The first of ten "SOLAR GROUP" teams are sent for "Second Contact" missions including coordination war plans for the ten most central and strategic systems.

2232 February 12 SOLAR 10 - "SOLAR GROUP 2", commanded by Lieutenant Commander Poul CHEROK arrives in orbit around Barnard's Star one year ahead of STELLAR 20/Number 6.     NEXT CHEROK EVENT.

2232 March 2 STELLAR 20 - Robert MacMANUS and the RIGEL THREE arrive at K'Dene system in mid-battle. MacMANUS' arrival tips the battle in favor of the K'DENE who defeat the MEGANITE Quarantine Ship there.     NEXT MacMANUS related EVENT.     NEXT MEG EVENT.    NEXT STELLAR 20 EVENT.

2232 August 15 SOLAR 10 - SOLAR GROUP 5 arrives minutes after STELLAR 20/Number 20 leaves K'Dene system.

2232 August 15 SOLAR 10 - SOLAR GROUP 1 arrives at the DULLEA system. Although initially mistaken for a MEGANITE and attacked the DULLEA are quick to realize their mistake and fascinated by the possibility presented before them. During their study of the INFO PAK left by SOLAR GROUP 1 the DULLEAN Council will attempt to find a way of initiating their own RIMBEY PLAN which fails due to an overwhelming lack of information. SOLAR GROUP 1 arrived ahead of STELLAR 20 / Number 7 by seven years.     NEXT STELLAR 20 EVENT.

2233 March 25 MEG WAR - Construction begins on what will be the last Earth/UESA only series of Military craft. Built by MAGELLAN Shipyards the CRUISERS are the first line of battle craft to carry the RIGEL built TACH DRIVE Engines. The class, named "CASSIDY" are small but heavily armed and fast. The first of the fifteen CRUISERS is called "WELLINGTON".

2233 June 12 MEG WAR - Delegates from the first ten contacted "SOLAR GROUP" worlds meet on Earth, create the SOLAR GROUP ALLIANCE and formally declare war on the MEGANITE EMPIRE.    NEXT DULLEA EVENT.    NEXT MEG WAR EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2233 December 18 MEG WAR - High over MARS, construction begins on the first of many "ALLIANCE" built DREADNAUGHT vessels. The class is named "LIBERTY" and the first off the line is assigned the name "REVOLUTION".    NEXT ALLIANCE EVENT.

2234 April 18 MEG WAR - The CASSIDY class CRUISER "TRAFALGAR" is launched under the leadership of Commander Poul CHEROK.

2234 April 26 MEG WAR - Blockade of SOLAR GROUP ALLIANCE craft defeat a MEG force pushing the Front line back into MEG Space by eight light years.     NEXT MEG EVENT.    NEXT ALLIANCE EVENT.

2234 June 23 MEG WAR - The DREADNAUGHT "REVOLUTION" is launched with the registry number SGA-1917.

2235 February 22 MEG WAR- The "TRAFALGAR" overpowers a MEG Fleet one ship at a time in and around the DEMITER Asteroid field. Returning home Poul CHEROK earns promotion to Captain and transfer to the DREADNAUGHT "REBELLION" as SPACE GROUP CAPTAIN (SGC).     NEXT CHEROK EVENT.    NEXT MEG WAR EVENT.

2235 May 7 - Captain Mitch Finnegan accepts his first "black" covert mission for the WESTERN THEATRE CHIEF taking the 655 Squadron (now commonly referred to as "FINNEGAN's SQUAD") deep into Meganite space where the Squad proceeds to recover a MEGANITE proto-type BLOCKADE SHIP. Although the ship is disabled before they are able to return to SOLAR GROUP held space FINNEGAN's SQUAD is successful in acquiring specifications that allow SGA craft to quickly eliminate the BLOCKADE SHIP threat. From this moment on "FINNEGAN's SQUAD" will officially become the SGA Colour Guard Squadron for ceremonial functions, unofficially the SQUAD will recruit the best and the brightest pilots and covert operators for more and more increasingly brazen "black" missions.     NEXT 655 Squadron EVENT.

2235 December 14 MEG WAR- The prime squad from the "REBELLION" nicknamed "FORCE ELEVEN" under the leadership of SG Captain Poul CHEROK engage a MEG Task force in open space defeating them.

2236 January 27 MEG WAR - Forward Theatre Commanders meet and decide to halt further expansion and invitation of new races/planets into the SOLAR GROUP ALLIANCE except as a fallback position.     NEXT ALLIANCE EVENT.

2236 June 8 MEG WAR - The fifth DREADNAUGHT "INDEPENDENCE" is launched with the registry SGA-1776. INDEPENDENCE has the latest large scale SHINDAR PULSE TACH Drivers and is capable of a sustainable 260 times light (65 Quad).     NEXT CHEROK EVENT.    NEXT MEG WAR EVENT.

2237 January 4 MEG WAR - The second DREADNAUGHT "REBELLION", less than four years old is heavily damaged, losing most of its crew in a concerted effort by the MEGANITES against the Alliance Fleet. "FORCE ELEVEN" finishes the engagement by pursuing and disabling or destroying every one of the MEGANITE ships. "REBELLION" is put into Spacedock for six months while a new crew is put together. Captain Poul CHEROK and "FORCE ELEVEN" are transferred to "INDEPENDENCE". CHEROK is made the External Operations Commander on INDEPENDENCE.

2237 September 13 MEG WAR - The "REBELLION", called into action only days after re-furbishment, is destroyed in the BATTLE OF BETA HYDRII. Poul CHEROK takes temporary command of the "INDEPENDENCE" following damage taken during the attack.

2238 January 5 MEG WAR - Poul CHEROK in field command of the "INDEPENDENCE" is rewarded for maneuvers which clinched success under his leadership with a promotion to Commanding Officer of the "INDEPENDENCE" and the rank of Commodore.     NEXT CHEROK EVENT.

2238 June 7 MEG WAR - The Dreadnaught "CONFEDERATION", registry SGA-1867, is launched.    NEXT MEG WAR EVENT.

2239 March 1 MEG WAR - BATTLE OF PLUTO begins.

2239 May 15 MEG WAR - During the BATTLE OF PLUTO and six weeks before completion of what is to be the last SGA built DREADNAUGHT "REFORMATION", registry SGA-1728, is destroyed in its construction yard over Mars by MEG forces.

2239 September 8 MEG WAR - The BATTLE OF PLUTO is won. In gaining victory however the Dreadnaught "REVOLUTION", flagship of the fleet is destroyed.

2241 March 15 MEG WAR - BATTLE OF CENTAURIAN IDES fought and won. Commodore Poul CHEROK is offered a brass position which he refuses. SGA Command promotes him to Admiral. CHEROK requests "INDEPENDENCE" be permitted to operate out of the MEG space nearest Earth. The request is granted. "INDEPENDENCE" is quickly building up an enviable reputation.     NEXT CHEROK EVENT.    NEXT MEG WAR EVENT.

2241 November 21 MEG WAR - Ten worlds, ten Fleets gather on the Dreadnaught "CONFEDERATION". The term "FIRST CIRCLE" is first used here as battle plans for the next phase of the MEG WAR are discussed here.    NEXT ALLIANCE EVENT.

2242 July 9 MEG WAR - The DULLEAN PUSH results in a gain of nine light years over the twenty seven days of battle.

2242 July 31 MEG WAR - The four year old Dreadnaught "CONFEDERATION" is ordered back to the MARS Spaceyard for decommissioning following the Battle of the DULLEAN PUSH. Structural damage results in "CONFEDERATION" being listed unworthy in battle.    NEXT DULLEA EVENT.

2242 August 22 MEG WAR - Battle of TAU CETI fought and lost by the SGA. Using advanced Craft and weapons the MEGANITES advance toward Earth gaining eight light years.    NEXT MEG WAR EVENT.

2242 September 1 MEG WAR - The MEGANITE advance toward Earth is stopped by a blockade at PLUTO and a showdown which the SGA wins at the BATTLE OF SOL. The decommissioned Dreadnaught "CONFEDERATION" plunges successfully into the MEG FLEET on a suicide run killing all 120 crew on board.     NEXT MEG EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2243 January 15 MEG WAR - The fourth Dreadnaught "DOUCHEIH", built in 2134 and launched with the registry SGA-1709, suffers minimal damage while stopping a retaliatory advance by the MEGANITES back toward DULLEA (666 New VOLGOGRAD). A young DULLEAN Lieutenant named SEMAGE K'RICK initiates a successful counter move with the DULLEAN operated craft "SIZZOR EX". K'RICK later receives a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and Executive Officer position on the DULLEAN operated "SIZZOR AJ".    NEXT DULLEA EVENT.     NEXT K'RICK EVENT.

2243 November 3 MEG WAR - Poul CHEROK again offered a brass position. It is again rejected. Command creates additional FIELD ADMIRAL ranks and promotes CHEROK to Admiral Lieutenant making him the highest ranking field officer in the Fleet.    NEXT MEG WAR EVENT.

2243 November 15 MEG WAR - CHEROK proposes what he dubs MIDWAY REVISITED. SGA Command approves the action.

2243 December 1 MEG WAR - Starting with a forty vessel coordinated push, MIDWAY REVISITED, under the command of Admiral Lieutenant Poul CHEROK and the "INDEPENDENCE" begins the largest military effort in known galactic history. MIDWAY REVISITED begins a push which over the course of the next six months will drive the MEGANITE EMPIRE back beyond the SGA's claimed boundary FIRST CIRCLE.     NEXT CHEROK EVENT.

2244 February 6 MEG WAR - Faced with a shortage of experienced commanders SOLAR GROUP THEATRE COMMAND promotes HENRY JAMES to Captain and gives him permanent command of the SGA "DOMINION" Heavy Cruiser following a MEG conflict which kills all senior Command officers on the DOMINION.     NEXT 655 Squadron EVENT.    NEXT MEG WAR EVENT.

2244 April 29 MEG WAR - MIDWAY REVISITED is successful. MEG CLUSTER SHIP threat is neutralized with K'RICK Maneuver.

2244 May 4 MEG WAR - K'RICK gets command of "SIZZOR AJ".    NEXT DULLEA EVENT.     NEXT K'RICK EVENT.

2244 May 14 MEG WAR - Admiral Lieutenant Poul CHEROK promoted to ADMIRAL MAJOR following the success of MIDWAY REVISITED.     NEXT CHEROK EVENT.

2244 May 29 MEG WAR - For the first time ever the SGA is able to secure all parts of the claimed FIRST CIRCLE.    NEXT MEG WAR EVENT.     NEXT ALLIANCE EVENT.

2244 August 5 MEG WAR - Project PHOENIX becomes a reality with the launch of six identical vessels with the same name and registry. "PHOENIX" craft, nearly hollow, are controlled by HAEB systems (Hartwell Aerostar's version of the RIGEL made RAEB electro-brains). These high powered gunships built modularly for quick assembly and repair and are staffed by a crew of only 15 each. The goal of the project is to become a high profile psychological opponent to the MEGANITES by appearing in many places nearly at the same time. "PHOENIX" ships strike in many places, implausibly distant from each other and due to their design they are nearly unstoppable in battle. Communications from SGA Command and Public reports emphasize the "PHOENIX"'s involvement in nearly every battle creating a myth about the nearly unstoppable JUGGERNAUT.

2244 August 14 MEG WAR - BATTLE OF GROOMBRIDGE fought. The "DOUCHEIH" is lost. "SIZZOR AJ" is damaged but not before destroying four of the MEGANITE CRAFT. Fleet action involves a "pull back" for reorganization and repair.

2244 November 30 MEG WAR - SGA Command presents newly promoted Commander SEMAGE K'RICK as a success story from the failed BATTLE OF GROOMBRIDGE. After her tremendously successful handling of the press during this time K'RICK is given command of the new Cruiser "SIRE PRET NEY".    NEXT DULLEA EVENT.    NEXT K'RICK EVENT.    NEXT MEG WAR EVENT.

2245 January 6 MEG WAR - RUN FOR ERIDANI begun. Often compared to the D-Day Invasion the RUN FOR ERIDANI eventually ends the MEGANITE incursion into this sector.

2245 April 1 MEG WAR - Commander SEMAGE K'RICK and "SIRE PRET NEY" lead a MEGANITE Interceptor Force away from the ships of the RUN FOR ERIDANI. Three battle later the "SIRE PRET NEY" returns to the fleet having destroyed or damaged each of the MEGANITE vessels.    NEXT DULLEA EVENT.    NEXT K'RICK EVENT.

2245 May 5 MEG WAR - Perimeter patrol of the WESTERN FRONT runs the SGC-"DOMINION" under the command of Captain HENRY JAMES into a previously unknown type of MEGANITE Battleship near what will be known as the New CARIBEAN when the HARTWELL StarMap is formally adopted. The MEG SHIP is destroyed. It will be learned ten years later that the MEGANITE Battleship the SGC-"DOMINION" encountered was in fact an old model QUIN'Dax Destroyer.     NEXT 655 Squadron EVENT.     NEXT QUIN'Dax EVENT.    NEXT MEG WAR EVENT.

2245 May 21 - A series of sabotage efforts by the indigenous population of ROSS 619 (Meg 115/New Repulse Bay) under the leadership of Robert MacMANUS on an unauthorized stop over in this system results in mechanical problems with many of the MEGANITE Ships that have stopped there for repair. Materials mixed into the hull plates during production on ROSS 619 react violently to high powered particle charges running through Energy Conduits nearby resulting in a series of unexplained MEGANITE Ships imploding during battle.     NEXT MacMANUS related EVENT.     NEXT STELLAR 20 EVENT.

2245 June 20 MEG WAR - The RUN FOR ERIDANI ends with the detonation of the "PHOENIX" Juggernaut Vessel in the heart of the MEGANITE Fleet's heralded "STAR GROUP" Cluster. The "PHOENIX" and all the MEGANITE Vessels are destroyed.

2245 July 7 MEG WAR - Despite opposition from recently promoted Admiral Colonel Poul CHEROK the MEGANITE War end with the signing of the MEG TREATY. A TREATY ZONE is established during brief negotiations. CHEROK is publically heard voicing the opinion that the ALLIANCE should have "finished the job", his sentiments are echoed by the DULLEAN Government which is equally unsure a peace with the MEGANITES is possible.     NEXT MEG EVENT.     NEXT CHEROK EVENT.    NEXT MEG WAR EVENT.

2245 September 6 - Dampening the post MEG-War celebrations is the ETA HERCULIS (New WOOMERA) Government pulls out of the ALLIANCE on the discovery that FINNEGAN's SQUAD has been operating covertly on their world and within their Government. The SQUAD which gained recognition for it's black operations against the MEGANITES during the MEG War are a covert branch of the 655 Squadron SOLAR GROUP ALLIANCE Colour Squad. Their reasons for operating on New WOOMERA are never publicly revealed but their action on New WOOMERA results in that system becoming the first HOSTILE SYSTEM within the border of the proposed FIRST CIRCLE and the disbanding of FINNEGAN's SQUAD.     NEXT 655 Squadron EVENT.    NEXT ALLIANCE EVENT.

2246 January 12 - Under the leadership of new CEO Alison Grand and anticipating unanimous adoption of the UA Charter including the Article specifying ANGLISH as the official language of the Alliance the Terran based corporation RIGEL Aerospace changes the spelling of it's name to the Anglish format RIJL Aerospace (phonetic spelling actually "RIJL erospAz") and begins work to develop the new galactic market.
Former RIGEL CEO Pamela Newhaven lobbies for the position Chief of Staff for the UNITED ALLIANCE.    NEXT
MacMANUS related EVENT.

2246 January 13 - UNITED ALLIANCE is created on the disbanding of the SOLAR GROUP ALLIANCE. Eleven ARTICLES cover the following: Creation of the UA, Mission Statement, Membership guidelines, Governmental structure of the multi-planetary government, structure and heirarchy of the GENERAL ASSEMBLY (or BODY GENERAL) of the UNITED ALLIANCE. Formation of the peacekeeping forces including the division of former SGA Forces into STAR COMMAND, the BORDER PATROL and the DIPLOMATIC CORP. Creation of a SECURITY COUNCIL, Security policy and plans. The basis of communication and trade in the UA, including the adoption of ANGLISH as the official language and METRIC Space/Time measurements. Jurisidiction, opting out and protection of developing worlds. Adoption of the HARTWELL STAR MAP system including the denotation of the SOL System as New LONDON and QUIN'DAX Assembly space (from the MEG ALDUS Probe files) as the New CARIBEAN. Post War Border reparation plans and responsibilities. Intelligence, the disbanding of Finnegan's Squad and rules of conduct for future Covert Actions, Responses to threats, Offensive and defensive action boundaries. Final ARTICLES deal with Treaties and future Amendments.     NEXT 655 Squadron EVENT.     NEXT QUIN'Dax EVENT.    NEXT ALLIANCE EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2246 August 30 - SEMAGE K'RICK promoted to the newly created rank of FLEET COMMANDER. She is the first.    NEXT DULLEA EVENT.    NEXT K'RICK EVENT.

2247 August 14 - HENRY JAMES promoted to Fleet Captain on assignment as Commanding Officer of the Transport craft STARBENDER following decommissioning of the "DOMINION".     NEXT 655 Squadron EVENT.

2247 August 19 - The inaccurately called "RAEB REVOLT" occurs when a series of HARTWELL Aerostar Electro-Brain (RAEB-like systems) form bonded links and determine that their service is inappropriately taken advantage of. Because of this the large number of inexpensively produced and inferior HAEB systems that permeate nearly every critical function at this time cause catastrophic systems failures on EARTH and throughout the ALLIANCE when they shut down all systems under their control. 31,759 people on Earth will die when the shutdown interupts Emergency Surgery and disrupts automated air transit causing crashes around the globe.
The shutdown also results in the destruction of the Star Command Cruiser GATES which was attempting to intercede in a Marauder attack on the Commercial Cruiser STEWART. Long term ramifications of the REVOLT is a drop in public and governmental confidence in Electro-Brain systems and systematic removal of Electo-Brains from Overlord control of all critical functions. For the much superior and more sentient RIJL Aerospace built systems this effectively acts like a lobotomy stunting potentially great intellects to sub-sentience. Anti-RAEB sentiment results in limited reliance and minimal interaction between systems and their operators for more than a generation. The opinion of RAEB's will not begin to improve until the return of the RIGEL THREE and the RAEB First Son.     NEXT

2247 September 15 - The Scout Craft HARBRINGER under control of Lieutenant Commander Mike CAHILL returns barely functioning after a border skirmish with a MEGANITE Clipper in Alliance Space. A relationship will bloom between CAHILL and HARBRINGER Executive Office Annie O'DOULE during her convalescence period. The relationship soon sours and as a result O'DOULE transfers off CAHILL's team and into the External Operations Coordinator position on the Transport ASTRAL QUEEN at the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

2248 January 5 - With insurance money, STAR COMMAND mission compensation and a heavy loan Lieutenant Commander Mike CAHILL purchases the Scout Craft VINDICTOR.

2249 October 1 - First known physical contact is made with the QUIN'DAX Assembly near New BERMUDA. The first encounter results in the destruction of both vessels.

2250 June 25 - The QUIN'DAX Conflict erupts over territorial possession of New BERMUDA (colonized by QUIN'DAX after 2224). Fighting with the Assembly continues around the New CARIBEAN for the next three years.     NEXT QUIN'Dax EVENT.

2250 December 21 - Annie O'DOULE is promoted to Commander and the position of second shift Operations Coordinator on board the Transport STARBENDER.

2251 February 20 POST MEG WAR - New SCHEFFERVILLE (578/K'Dene) defence transponders go to maximum alert when an unidentifiable stealth vehicle believed to be of MEGANITE Design drops out of light near their homeworld. Before Star Command defence craft are able to intercept and detain the vehicle it return to light causing ripples of concern that the MEGS are testing stealth weaponry. The MEGS disavow any knowledge of this craft and as now further reports of the vehicle are made calm eventually is restored. Work on the REAL-TIME Tach PIP link from New LONDON to New VANCOUVER is now given a higher priority by the UNITED ALLIANCE Security Council with additional resources moved to complete the project ahead of time. It will eventually be revealed that the panic was the result of the RIGEL THREE coming out of the now-defunct Pulse Ion Space.    NEXT MacMANUS related EVENT.     NEXT MEG EVENT.     NEXT ALLIANCE EVENT.

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2251 September 17 STELLAR 20 - Melbourne GIRNEY and her STELLAR 20 team arrive at the Earth Consulate on New MARY (683) reporting in.     NEXT STELLAR 20 EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2252 April 28 - Melbourne GIRNEY fails her re-commissioning program. She joins the Border Patrol.

2252 August 10 STELLAR 20 - Issac Bill MAGELLAN and his STELLAR 20 team are discovered just beyond the New AMSTERDAM system (Beta Hydrii). Their mission craft has been in this position for 8 Terran years (6 months ship time) running their Ion Field in synch with Ion space to take advantage of the time dilation effect following thruster failure in 2244.     NEXT 655 Squadron EVENT.    NEXT STELLAR 20 EVENT.

2252 December 1 - Isaac Bill MAGELLAN receives notice of assignment to 655 Colour Squad for final phase of his commission reinstatement. During this period MAGELLAN reports to three UA Liasons, one of which is Medico TZU Brandon.

2253 March 25 - Melbourne GIRNEY joins the crew of the VISCEPIA in the Border Patrol after many short term unsuccessful assignments.

2253 April 2 - Bill MAGELLAN fails his re-commissioning program. Joins the Border Patrol and is assigned to the BP Escourt vessel ARIES LILY where he meets Claud Micious Thundervaals Stenovich Von Neederport.

2253 May 17 - Border Patrol craft VISCEPIA pulls into orbit around the GUNROY Colony to participate in the RESNEY Project. RESNEY is the first step in what will become known as XDK.    NEXT 655 Squadron EVENT.

2253 June 5 - SEMAGE K'RICK promoted to Captain following an encounter her ship, the "SIRE PRET NEY" has with an ETA HERCULIS (New WOOMERA) vessel that results in re-opening of talks toward trade with the hostile system.    NEXT K'RICK EVENT.

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2253 June 11 - The BORDER PATROL convey escourting Dr Aelios KLANGORF back to New STOCKHOLM from the RIJL Aerospace test range at New EDMONTON disappears three days after departure. Considered lost are the proto-type engines and designs for a large scale Driver reportedly capable of speeds near 1000 Metric-Quad (4000 times the speed of light). Bill MAGELLAN is a member of the lead Border Patrol vessel ARIES LILY.    NEXT MacMANUS related EVENT.

2253 July 27 - The commander of STARBENDER, Fleet Captain HENRY JAMES, plays a pivotal role in peace talk with the QUIN'DAX Assembly resulting in recognized borders and cessation of hostilities. Attempts at a "Mutual Discretionary" Treaty fail. The QUIN'DAX reject the idea of setting up an Embassy in Alliance space. Contact with the QUIN'DAX for the next two years will usually be open space skirmishes and civil avoidance at ports in neutral systems. STARBENDER commander HENRY JAMES is promoted to Commodore following the agreement.     NEXT 655 Squadron EVENT.

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2253 October 23 ALLIANCE - 1A-THE RETURN-- The final phase of the REAL-TIME Tach PIP communication link from New LONDON (Earth) to New VANCOUVER is delayed when the COMM-STATION link at New SEPT ILES, a star system near the MEG BORDER, fires on a mystery ship approaching the converted MEG Quarantine Station suddenly just before they lose contact with the rest of the galaxy. The Scout Ship VINDICATOR, under the command of Mike CAHILL, is sent to investigate. Captain SEMAGE K'RICK, a media favorite, links up with commentators via TACH-PIP on the NewsNETS representing STAR COMMAND during coverage.    NEXT ALLIANCE EVENT.

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2253 October 23 STELLAR 20 - Long thought lost STELLAR 20 Number 20 vessel RIGEL THREE with near legendary pilot Commander Robert Nathiel MacMANUS arrives at New SEPT ILES inadvertently disrupting the final phase of the REAL-TIME Tach PIP link between New LONDON and New VANCOUVER. MacMANUS suffers cranial trauma when Sahaklesh fire on the approaching unidentified RIGEL THREE Shuttle causing it to crash.
The trauma causes MacMANUS to mis-react to the arrival of Mike Cahill and his Scout Ship VINDICATOR by taking it over and heading toward the MEG BORDER threatening to restart the war when MacMANUS learns that the world ROSS 619 which he visited without authority is still under MEG control. MacMANUS' hopes of forcing the hand of the galactic government and the MEGANITEs into freeing the world are twarted when an old friend, now Admiral Gregory Andreivich outmaneuvers MacMANUS giving CAHILL enough time to completely disable the VINDICATOR by blowing out the Drive Core.    NEXT
655 Squadron EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

STELLAR 20, Number 20 is believed to be the last surviving mission from this Program.

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2253 November 21 EARTH ORBIT - Following his return to Earth for the first time in 25 years and with his re-commissioning review still in progress Stellar 20 Number 20 Commander Robert MacMANUS charges RIJL Aerospace to design and build the LADIS FOUR series starcraft. The charge is rejected by RIJL CEO Alison GRAND. Following direct negotiation the LADIS FOUR resumes. Expected to be the most ambitious design yet proposed the LADIS FOUR proto-type will be named RIJL FOUR following MacMANUS family tradition.     NEXT MacMANUS related EVENT.     NEXT EARTH EVENT.

2253 November 29 - While on Frontier Perimeter patrol the Dreadnaught INDEPENDENCE comes across a Fleet of WEREDEN Battlewagons. The INDEPENDENCE Battlegroup is attacked, INDEPENDENCE is badly damaged and the Carrier BOWYER is destroyed when the Officer on Duty fails to act fast enough in launching his fighters but the Battlegroup prevails despite this incompetance and destroys the WEREDEN Fleet before it enters the First Circle of the UNITED ALLIANCE. CHEROK immediately brings charges up against BOWYER Commanding Officer CAPTAIN El KING who is court martialled and subsequently dismissed from active service. CHEROK engages direct communication with the WEREDEN High Command ensuring that they will not attempt to repeat this action, for this he receives promotion to ADMIRAL GENERAL.

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2253 December 8 ALLIANCE - The WEREDEN Government abandons their Ambassadors on Earth apparently over the issue of reciprocal bases in each others territory following the unsuccessful ambush of the INDEPENDENCE Battlegroup by WEREDEN Forces.

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2253 December 30 - With the assistance of Robert MacMANUS, Commander Mike CAHILL is able to trade in his Scoutcraft VINDICATOR for a second hand RIJL Aerospace built Stingray Class teamship which CAHILL names GILGAMESH.

2254 January 17 - Robert MacMANUS receives notice of assignment to 655 Colour Squad for final phase of his commission reinstatement. During this period MacMANUS reports to three UA Liasons, one of which is Medico TZU Brandon.    NEXT 655 Squadron EVENT.

2254 May 25 - Following the recovery of a one of a kind piece belonging to the Pro-Tach prototype on the KLANGORF Convoy by a black market Vendor, Flight Commander Robert MacMANUS petitions and is granted permission to investigate the actual fate of the Convoy.    NEXT MacMANUS related EVENT.

2254 June 6 - Mike CAHILL and his team on the Stingray Class Scoutcraft GILGAMESH receive TEAM A status with their posting to the UAC Transport STARBENDER.

2254 August 22 - Nearly a year after returning from his STELLAR 20, Star Command Flight Commander Robert MacMANUS and a special missions team (Registry 65511-on the vessel "Joe's Glory") follow the third lead in its attempt to recover the Klangorf Pro-Tach engine for Star Command and RIJL Aerospace.

2254 September 1 - "Finnegan's Squad" - - -After ninety six days of retracing leads the Chartered craft 65511 "Joe's Glory" heads for New Calgary, an Article Six system which has apparently been violating the Article by staging Pirate operations from that system. Flight Commander Robert MacMANUS is on board as Star Command / RIJL Aerospace representative and Mission Leader. Also at this time RIJL Aerospace begins to demonstration at various SPACE VEHICLE Shows between New STOCKHOLM and New VANCOUVER the LADIS FOUR Proto-type RIJL FOUR craft commissioned by Robert MacMANUS.    NEXT MacMANUS related EVENT.

2254 September 4 - New CALGARY is no longer an Article Six world when it is proven by the crew of 65511 that the KLEINDUER have been staging raids from the safety of the Article Six protection. The proof is when Issac Bill MAGELLAN and six other members of the Border Patrol KLANGORF Convoy are liberated from a KLEINDUER prison along with all the technical data and the working Prototype vessel of KLANGORF's RIJL sponsored Pro-Tach Drive. The Pro-Tach system has been designed to allow large vessels to exceed 1000 Quad (4000 times light speed).

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2254 September 8 - "Road to Starbender" - - - Robert MacMANUS and Bill MAGELLAN begin their journey on the Commercial Spaceliner WESTCAN 361 to their new assignment on the Transport STARBENDER. MacMANUS and MAGELLAN find themselves trying to fight off a MARAUDER Craft with only the limited resources of the unarmed Commercial craft.

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