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The Ginsang scale uses the old Terran language ENGLISH and rates environments from A to Z. The "T" Environment is an Extreme Hazard environment with Intense corrosive or pressure extremes. Dr GINSANG compares the T Environment to the lower atmosphere of the gas giant URANUS.

Any conduit for the release of highly concentrated TACH Energy. Tach emitters may diffuse energy for shielding or concentrate it for Thrust or super concentrate it for offensive weapons depending on the design and specifications of the Emitter in question.

High Speed TACH ENERGY based communication burst. A TACH PIP generally is a self contained packet of encoded information which is capable of travelling greatest distances at great speeds and if run through relays can nearly equate REAL TIME Communications between points Light years apart. Even with relays however the time delay manifests itself as one second for every Metric Light year in each direction.

The realm of space filled with a myriad of particles all travelling faster than light. A ship, capable of projecting a tightly packed energy stream of Tach energy at the right frequency is capable of slipstreaming out of Einsteinian Space and sliding deeper and deeper into Tach space. The closer to TACH Synch the outer layer of the slipstream envelope gets the faster the craft can go due to the reduction in Tach Space Drag.

Theoretical particle believed by science fiction writers to exist only at light speed (or faster). The concept proved inadequate when a whole realm of faster than light particles were discovered. In Tach Space were found counterparts for nearly every type of particle that existed in Einsteinian Space (slower than light), the volume of which accounted for nearly a third of the so-called Dark Matter in the universe. In respect to the incomplete theory the realm was named Tach space.

Archaic name for 064 New STOCKHOLM, home of the former NAIKTA, base for RIJL Aerospace's STARBASE RIJL production complex.

A Special Action or Mission Ready Team equipped with a minimum 100 Quad Driver, Real Time Communications and Level 3 Offense/Defence package with an operational range no greater than 10 Light years. Most Starbases, Transports, Cruisers and carriers have designated TEAM A's (in the case of Carriers usually more than one team).

A Special Action or Mission Ready Team equipped with a minimum 75 Quad Driver and Level 5 Offense/Defence package which operates no more than 4 Light years beyond it's assigned base of operations. Most Starbases, Transports, Cruisers and carriers have designated TEAM B's

A Special Action or Mission Ready Team equipped with a minimum 50 Quad Driver and Level 10 Offense/Defence package which operates no more than 2 Light years beyond it's assigned base of operations. Most Starbases, Transports, Cruisers and carriers have designated TEAM C's

Created by Commodore Henry James of the UAC STARBENDER. Following the refit of the transport where the OMNI-TANK Launch Bay was replaced with BAY E Commodore James decided not to leave the bay empty and hired the RIJL FOUR with former commander Robert MacMANUS as one of the vessels specialty mission teams. RIJL Four extended STARBENDER's effective operational range to 10 Metric Light years while reducing response time to crisis by a factor of 10.

Indigenous name for the people of 011 New BARCELONA.

13th largest moon of Sol System (New LONDON) planet SATURN.

A fully equipped entertainment / information device. TELEVID's became popular when broadcast Television ceased and was replaced by subscriber only entertainment. Televids utilize Pat-B Artificial Intelligences and are flexible enough to tune in live feed news and arts programming as well as interact with the viewer to select specific preferences. The most popular brand of Televid are the Dar-Lin Units which also have Educational Tutoring capabilities.

ANGLISH name for the inhabitants and culture of Earth (001) New LONDON.

A weapon of highly charged energy (Tach Energy) which is self-contained on release from the source. Tessla's must be released with a fair degree of velocity as they will, on slowing down, drift toward the nearest energy source, picking up speed and absorbing the energy of it's target as it approaches. Bill MAGELLAN developed a method of Remotely Directing Tessla's while battling the New VANCOUVER MARAUDERS.

Indigenous name for the people of 705 New BARR SMITH.

15th largest moon of Sol System (New LONDON) planet JUPITER.

Although commonly defined as "to take or control the property of another without authority" in his best selling BOOK "Where did you get that, and how can I get that too?" 21st Century Socialist Philosopher Vinayak Razak Galan defined theft as "a rebellion against the orderly control of wealth" and considered stealing "a political act of frustration by the poor and disadvantaged in an attempt to stem, often through violent means, the effect of diminishing returns". Galan felt that wealth was orderly theft as all property held must come from someone else and that the someone else was usually under considerable pressure due to basic needs or societal peerage to obtain status through acquitision at all costs. Galan concluded that without exception "Any society which does not meet the basic needs of all individuals, does not provide true equality in all opportunities and is without an environment nuturing economic development, will always have theft. The surest sign of inequality between economic classes will be reflected better in crime statistics than in unemployment figures or by any other demographic category". Galan's work touched on many of the fundamental principles of human survival and may have contributed to a socio-economic revolution in governmental policy had the Eco-Collapse not wiped out half the population of Earth with problems much bigger than property and ownership disputes.

Archaic name for system 920 New ASUNCION, the location of the Neo-Baptist TULEV Colony.

3rd largest moon of Sol System (New LONDON) planet SATURN.

Hartwell Starsystem 942. Hartwell name for the location of Hellman's secret base of operations up to 2255. Destroyed by Robert MacMANUS and his team on their escape. (ROSS 627 archaic).

Also known as PITCH.

6th largest moon of Sol System (New LONDON) planet SATURN. Location of TITAN Colony. Population 4,257.

3rd largest moon of Sol System (New LONDON) planet URANUS.

ARTICLE SIX Protectorate world and home to JEROS people (Hartwell system 818) and Site of a Socio-Archaological research colony where an outbreak of the RENO STEIN VIRUS would have killed the entire team were the Anti-virus late arriving from New NATAL.

Indigenous name for the homeworld of the Kranstani in 550 New VICTORIA.

Indigenous name for the people of 578 New SCHEFFERVILLE and the security centre for the UNITED ALLIANCE's western frontier.

A city in CANADA / North America / Earth / New LONDON
The largest city in CANADA
Following the ECO-COLLAPSE the city shrank to a population of 1.875 million
but has since risen to 2.15 million. (highest population was 3.21 million in 2022)
Suburban areas around Toronto pioneered mass scale indoor hydroponics which helped to reduce
the casualties in Ontario Canada and much of the east coast during the ECO-COLLAPSE.
Toronto suffered a western incursion from the FREE STATES of America during the Second FOOD WARS.
The Army of the UNITED STATES of America assisted in defeating the agreesors.

Any device with input output capabilities whose primary function is to act as the conduit for translation be it through an internal processor or via communication link to a superior lingual database.

NEUTRAL. Indigenous name for the people of 402 New BRISBANE a world not aligned with the UNITED ALLIANCE. The TRAYETS were aligned with the Mussani Federation preceeding the Arrowhead maneuver in 1964 TSC. They suffered MEG Occupation until their liberation by SGA Forces during the MEG WAR.

Indigenous name of the people of 660 New KUYBYSHEV decendants of the only known surviving Mussani colony. The TREA voluntarily returned to the industrial age following Arrowhead maneuver by the Meganites against the MUSSANI homeworld. Although the TREA have no interest in space travel they have allowed, by treaty, Star Command to build STARBASE 660.

Operational vehicle for STELLAR 20 Mission Number 6. Commanded by Monica Crippen with Melbourne Girney, Stephen Marx and Tyler Young.

2nd largest moon of Sol System (New LONDON) planet NEPTUNE.

Registry selected by Bill MAGELLAN for the prototype LADIS FOUR A craft given him as a birthday present from Robert MacMANUS in 2256.

Abbrev for Terran Standard Calendar

Colony founded by Neo-Baptists who left Earth orbit in Multi-Generational Colony ships outfitted with the obsolete Shindar One Ion Drive. An unexpected side effect of the Shindar One Driver was a temporal effect resulting in the colony mission moving backward in time 3 seconds approximately for every second of on-board forward movement. The end result was that the Colony Mission landed on the 4th planet in 920 New ANSUNCION some 92 years before they left Earth. This fact was not learned until 2255 when the colony was discovered by the Transport STARBENDER to have far more people than should be possible for a thirty year voyage.

In Faster Than Light travel the method where connected artificial singularities create "tunnel" allowing slower than light travel through shortcuts. Often termed "wormholes" or "stargates". In current science the energies for such creations exceed current capability.