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The Ginsang scale uses the old Terran language ENGLISH and rates environments from A to Z. The "B" Environment ranges from a sterile artificial environment to one which is partially controlled. Dr GINSANG likened the B Environment to a climate controlled space station.
A decorative emblem, usually metal, depicting affiliation often worn on the chest of a uniform. STAR COMMAND badges (COMM-BADGE) have built in microphones, speakers, electronic keys and locators as well as denoting the wearer's rank, name, placement and skill level.
Hartwell Starsystem 905. Hartwell name for the neutral KEPOZIER home system (Arcturus archaic).
A high orbital maneuver that involves rapid transit over a planet's polar magnetic field combined with a low stage gravitational slingshot maneuver. First devised in skirmishes leading up to the Great Holy War of 2199 by WestCan Pilots in high orbit combat. The maneuver resembles running away but the gain of speed on the slingshot return makes return fire almost impossible. The Baked Alaska reference comes from it's first use, over alaska and the condition of the fighter's shielding from the nearly crippling friction.
A sophisticated data base. The term specifically refers to the central processing center of a complex artificial intelligence such as a PAT-B or better system or an Electro-Brain system be it either RAEB or HAEB system.
System 994 with one of the oldest Alliance Colonies on the 2nd planet (population 3 million).
A branch of Christianity practice. Although the fundamental elements of the religion's roots exist the term Baptist fell out of favor following the Presidency of David "Ironside" HALLEY and his Baptist National Party in the latter years of the 22nd Century.
The dominant political party in the latter years of the 22nd Century. Led to power by David "Ironside" HALLEY the Baptist Nations brought to reality the religious rights long standing desire for control of the White House and the government of the USAmerica. Under HALLEY, a war hero of the Second Food War, USAmerica entered a period of intense isolation, racial persecution and paranoia resulting in the Great Holy War of 2199 when ended with HALLEY's pre-emptive nuclear strike against the Glavcosmos Lunar Base.
The subtle name change of the BAPTIST UNION Party after leader David "Ironside" HALLEY assumed the Presidency in the latter years of the 22nd Century. Following the Great Holy War of 2199 and HALLEY's removal from office the term "Baptist" has fallen out of favor.
Hartwell Starsystem 011. Hartwell name for the TEELENKSH home system (Delta Pavonis archaic). New BARCELONA is a pemanent member of the UA Security Council.
Archaic name for 014 New LISBON, home of the COMPRINE.
The Terran space mission launched in 2224 with 6 crewmembers for the sub-light journey to Barnard's Star. Barnard's Star was favored as the nearest system with potential of indigenous life. The mission was to take 13 standard Earth years either way with a one year lay-over in the system but was never heard from beyond it's transit into the Oort Cloud in 2226.
Hartwell Starsystem 705. Hartwell name for the THARUS home system (DM+32 2896 archaic).
The common name of the Border Patrol Starbase in the New ANCHORAGE system, New ALASKA sector.
The name given by Robert MacMANUS of the MEGANITE Base on ROSS 619 M115 New Repulse Bay during his unauthorized 6 month lay-over there in 22.
Military term for any weapons housing or cluster.
In the United Alliance's peace keeping forces STAR COMMAND a Battle group is one DREADNAUGHT supported by 3 to 5 support craft in excess of 50 meters or more, typically 2 destroyers, 2 carriers and one battleship. Battle Groups are used to secure territory during conflict as a show of force. During the MEG WAR the SGA Battle Groups were any combination of craft who's combined tactical rating exceeded 300 points.
A class of Star Command VESSEL specifically designed for combat and Fleet Actions. Battleships are regularly apart of most FLEETS and BATTLE GROUPS but the latest IDAHO Class BATTLESHIP is so sophisticated that they have been regularly running solo. This is a new development for this class although there were many instances during the MEG WAR.

An space on a vessel or base with a specific function. A MED BAY serves as hospital, a COMM BAY provides private communication systems, a LANDING BAY provides space for smaller craft aboard larger vessels. Not to be confused with the Hudson Bay which paved the way for the creation of Canada through fur trapping and then set up Department stores coast to coast.
Abbreviation for either BEFORE CHRIST, referring to Terran events which preceed the birth of the Terran Christian Savior or to the province of BRITISH COLUMBIA, originally a province in Canada and one of the founding provinces of WESTCAN.
A signal, light, transmission or other communication that guides or warns others. Used in search and rescue, navigation through treacherous areas or on approaching certain heavy traffic ports.
A workspace or work area, usually in the technical specialties.
Hartwell Starsystem 034. Hartwell name for the LOOAPH'UT home system (DM-73 1672 archaic). New BERLIN is a pemanent member of the UA Security Council.
Archaic name for the Article 6 protected system 982 New MOBILE.
Archaic name for 016 New AMSTERDAM, home of the KITTUQUON.
A Colony world specializing in the accurate, pre-nuclear thematic recreation of New York City. Occupying less than 100 hectares of the surface The BIG APPLE Planet Charter was taken over by the Diplomatic Corp when it was discovered the Colony was operating with servants tricked into coming to the world and then led by psycho-tronic means into slavery. Authentic recreations of Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens and the boroughs have made the BIG APPLE PLANET the largest known archaological recreation ever.
A device used primarily by MEDICOs to monitor organic tissue and physiology in Medical practices. Sometimes used by covert operatives during black operations to avoid detection and capture.
MAGELLAN Shipyards (MAGELLAN AEROSTAR) build proto-type Battleship. State of the Art craft able to operate for long term missions without support. Expected to replace most of the Battleships and be the backbone of many future Battle groups for STAR COMMAND.
A really bad month for stock exchanges all around Earth set off by the rapid decline of RIGEL Aerospace stock in 2225. The death of intended CEO Jack MacMANUS in April sent ripples of uncertainty through the exchange which negatively affected RIGEL stock. To counter this uncertainly RIGEL CEO Pamela Newhaven put pressure on her second son Robert Nathiel MacMANUS to assume Jack's duties. Robert's fiance ALISON GRAND assumed these duties instead but that act started a rift between her and Robert that resulted in their marriage being only a 5 YEAR TERM CONTRACT MARRIAGE. This act, coupled with two poorly thought out decisions by ALISON in the first weeks of her job on the Board sent RIGEL stock plummeting for the first time since Seth MacMANUS ran the company. The downward plunge took other stocks with it and would have resulting in another Depression had RIGEL Aerospace CEO Pamela Newhaven not engineered a series of carefully timed leaks relating to developments affiliated with RIGEL's Faster than Light BO
A status or condition on a ship or base where there may be intruders or other unauthorized personnel and additional precaution must be taken.
For STAR COMMAND blue is related to the pilot discipline with Dark Blue indicating Patrol Pilots, Medium Blue representing operational pilots and Light Blue indicating Command (Capital) Pilots.
Misterm use by some planets with poor Anglish skills for the General Council of the United Alliance.
Official but seldom used term for the General Council of the United Alliance.
The flagship of the IDAHO Class of MAGELLAN Shipyard built Destroyers. The IDAHO class will be the most sophisticated ships serving Star Command until RIJL's EXPLORER Class joins the fleet. BOISE, as with all IDAHO Class ships is capable of operating without supporting craft for up to a year at a time.
3rd planet in the ARTICLE 6 Protected system 585 New HALIFAX.
Common name given to the SHINDAR ONE Prototype BOOMERANG Faster than Light Test ship by those involved with the project. The term caught on quickly to include the first generation of Faster than Light Fighters based on the BOOMERANG space frame and using the SHINDAR Meg/Hy-Brid Ion Driver.
BOOMERANG Prototype Faster than Light Craft
The Earth craft built by RIJL Aerospace [nee RIGEL Aerospace] that in 2228 AD Earth Calendar broke the light barrier in a trans Mars return orbit from the Midway Platform.

BORDER (Meg Border/Treaty Border)
Negotiated in 2245 the Treaty bought peace between the Meganite Empire and the Solar Group Alliance (now United Alliance) that ended the MEG WAR with an established border, buffer zone and frontier expansion treaty. At the time it was not known just how far stretched the Meganite Empire's fleet was in comparison to the SGA.
On creation of the United Alliance the Border Patrol was established to Patrol and Defend the MEG Border and provide armed escourts through high risk space for commercial convoys. The real reason for creating the BP was to find useful functions for old war hounds from the MEG WAR during peace time while allowing STAR COMMAND to form with a fresh mission.
One of the Destroyers in the STAR COMMAND Fleet.
A class of Destroyers in the Star Command Fleet of which the UAC Boundary is the flag ship.
Hartwell Starsystem 402. Hartwell name for the TRAYETS home system (DM-34 11626 archaic).
Former Province of Canada which joined Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Yukon, NWT and Nunavut in the creation of the Dominion of WESTCAN during the First Food War.
Derogatory term for an overachiever seeking praise or reward from a superior through the eager handling of that superior's mundane chores, as in "look who's going for the bronze" or "got the bronze". Synonymous for "brown noser".
Slang familiar term for "you" or "buddy", "fella" or "partner".
A horizontal sleep or rest area for a single person on a vessel or base. Many ships are making larger bunks to accommodate the increase in inter-service marriages.
The housing for a beacon or other marker in space. From the ancient naval term.
NEUTRAL. Indigenous name for the people of 400 New MELBOURNE a world not aligned with the UNITED ALLIANCE.