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Chronicle has been a unique reference source for over two hundred years.
Although linked to the Terran Standard Calendar (TSC) Chronicle has been archiving events affecting the UNITED ALLIANCE and this sector of space going back to prehistory.

CHRONCILE provides general event history with increasing background information relating to current events when recent events warrant such information.

Recent history is given special detailed attention with the Terran Standard Calendar years 2254, 2255 and 2256 with all relevant previous historical information appended.

CHRONICLE has EVENT STRINGS that allow a viewer to start at the first event in a sequence and then jump through links to each event directly related to that event until the end of that string.

For EXAMPLE... If the viewer were interested in MEGANITE History by following the MEG Event string (in ORANGE Text) the viewer could go from MEG PRE-HISTORY all the way to the most recent known MEG event by simply following the "NEXT MEG EVENT" links.

EVENT STRINGS currently listed are:
MEG history (ORANGE)
EARTH history (GREEN)
MacMANUS Family or RIJL Aerospace history (DARK BLUE)
ALLIANCE history or events leading to the ALLIANCE (LIGHT BLUE)
QUIN'DAX history (GREY)
655 Squadron, Crew events (AQUA)
CHEROK event string (Battle Grey)
K'RICK event string (PINK)
STELLAR 20 event string (ROYAL BLUE)
SPACE Event string (WHITE)

Other information, specifically listed because of their affiliated connections to the querries already commissioned on this site are also posted.
Ever wanted to know what events motivated the MEGANITES on their mission of Galactic Quarantine? then follow the MEG Event links.

Ever wanted to know how the recalcitrant DULLE people came to join the MUSSANI Federation? then follow the DULLE Event string.

Ever wanted to know how EARTH became the dominant culture in the UNITED ALLIANCE? then follow the STELLAR 20 Event string.

Ever wanted to know how RIJL Aerospace started and how the MacMANUS Family came to the forefront of the high tech industry? then follow the MacMANUS / RIJL Event string.

Ever wanted to know how the ALLIANCE came to defeat the MEG in the MEG WAR? then follow the MEG WAR Event string.

Ever wanted to know how the United States of America split up? then follow the AMERICAN Event string.

Ever wanted to know how the ECO-COLLAPSE started and it's immediate effects? then follow the ECO Event string.

Ever wanted to know about early Space Exploration, Lunar habitation and Space Colonization by Terrans? then follow the SPACE Event String.

Ever wanted to know about the career of Poul CHEROK and what led him to the highest field rank in history? then check the CHEROK Event string.

Ever wanted to know about Semage K'RICK and her rise to galactic fame? then check the K'RICK Event string.

Ever wanted to know about Robert MacMANUS, his crew, the Squadron they created and their impact on the cosmic stage? then check the 655 Event string.