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ALL DATES LISTED use the Terran Standard Calendar (TSC).


2101 January 1
The second century of the 3rd Millenium begins with the surviving peoples of the world bent on picking up the pieces following the ECO-COLLAPSE.

Thane Ferguson (81 year old father of Mary Catherine Ferguson-MacMANUS) perfects the closed loop environmental system for food growth. The Canadian Ministry of Agriculture is the first to buy rights to this system implementing it on a very large scale by converting thousands of abandoned warehouses and office buildings throughout Ontario and southern Quebec into hydroponics farms. The crown corporation HydroPonics Farm Corporation (HPFC) is created to oversee these operations.

GARGARINGRAD Lunar Base begins operation. (New SOVIET).

Haywood Swain Harris, 2nd Lord Novus of Manchester, weds Lillian (Lily) Rice at Novus House, Manchester, England. HRH Preston is Best Man at the wedding.

HANSARD Agreement signed between Lakota Cheyenne natives (Chief Irving Hansard) and USAmerica. Issued on Executive Order by then President Sergio Albert Shea releasing territorial claims around the Cheyenne No1 Dam on the condition that the Lakota Cheyenne people assume maintenance of the facility.

Thames Finnegan, future Minister of Defence for Britain, is born. Thames will marry the 3rd Lord Novus (Lady proper) in 2142 thereby injecting the surname Finnegan to Novus House.

2117 June 14
David HALLEY is born.HALLEY will become a war hero in the Second FOOD WAR of North America and the subsequence Second CIVIL WAR of the United States before moving into politics as a Baptist National candidate. On his election to the Presidency HALLEY will reveal his true colors delivering a reign of terror and paranoia not laid upon a society since the early 20th Century.

2119 July 20
Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the first manned moon landing MOON BASE ARMSTRONG (USAmerica) begins operation although in a radically scaled down form and still greatly dependant on neighbouring bases. The original plan had been to have a full scale independent base operating by 2069 but the plan was derailed by the ECO-COLLAPSE and the break up of the USAmerica.

MARXSTAD Lunar Base on the lunar farside begins operations. (New SOVIET).

2122 August 9
Jane Andrea MacMANUS is born to Seth Adam MacMANUS and Sunset Elliot. A gifted orbital pilot and heir to the struggling RIGEL Aerospace family business. Jane will commission the LADIS ONE proto-type MULTI-CRAFT (RIGEL ONE) and then proceed to master it herself, promoting it to various customers until age of 35 when she assumes control of RIGEL Aerospace as CEO guiding it to become the dominant force in the Aerospace industry. Her phrase "Better than State of the Art" will become the Corporate Motto before she passes on the reins to daughter in law Sarah Temple in 2184 and returns to University to complete her Masters of Business Administration. She will lecture part-time to overflowing lecture halls until her retirement in 2199 where she will proceed to write about her life until her passing in 2209.

Researchers at the University of Guelph in Ontario Canada have genetically developed a hearty grain that grows quickly in Hydroponics set-ups. This grain forms the basis of the HPFC "HyrdoBar" food product that is easily made, stored and delivered. More and more flavors and textures are developed. Within 5 years the HPFC crown corporation reaches a level where supply of food exceeds demand for the first time in decades. Although the food stuff is in bar form and initially not very appetizing, it is cheap, filling and plentiful.

HydroBar becomes the number 1 selling food source in Canada with rapidly increasing exports as the varieties of HydroBar increase and spin off food sources.

Gareth David Harris, First Lord Novus of Manchester passes away quietly at Novus House, Manchester, England, UK. Eldest child, Haywood Swain Harris becomes Second Lord Novus on his father's passing.

REFORM AMERICA candidates are elected in gubernatorial races in Michigan, Missouri and Illinois. Despite close association with the failed Heartland Free States this movement is gaining in popular opinion among the ravaged populations of the mid-west.

REFORM AMERICA candidates win gubernatorial races in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Kansas.

Haywood Swain Harris, 2nd Lord Novus of Manchester, passes away. Eldest child, Avalon Mae Harris, becomes 3rd Lord Novus (Lady Proper).

USAmerica General Elections show a stark regionalism forming. REFORM AMERICA candidates take control in Indiana and Iowa but lose Kentucky to the New Confederacy Movement. The NCM rejects the ineffective Federal Government and the excessive tax burden being levied against the remaining states by launching a multi-state/multi-level lobby group working from within to strengthen the Union with the goal of eventual re-unification of all original states. The core support base of the New Confederacy is the newly formed Baptist National party.

3rd Lord Novus of Manchester [Lady proper], Avalon Mae Harris, weds Cabinet Minister, the Honourable Thames Finnegan, in a quiet ceremony at the Queen Daliah United Memorial Hospital chapel, Manchester, England, UK.

Jacquie Lockwood, 1st Lady Novus of Manchester, passes away at Queen Daliah United Memorial Hospital, Salford, Manchester, England, UK.

Jane MacMANUS challenges RIGEL Aerospace engineers to raise the bar on State of the Art through her commissioning of the LADIS Project named after project Leader Kassandra Ladis. The proto-type of which is delivered to Jane in 2149.

The Canadian HydroPonic Food Corporation develops processes which turn its cheap and plentiful food source into a wide variety of product. HPFC product accounts for 27 percent of Canadian GNP within one year.

Nearly every open Congressional and Senatorial seat for the ten states with REFORM AMERICA Governors are won by REFORM AMERICA candidates. National polarization deepens as the RA agenda comes in direct conflict with the NCM/BN agenda. Southern revivalism swells while mid-west unrest increases.

The 2nd North American FOOD WARS begins when the Army National Guards in states controlled by REFORM AMERICA invade southern Ontario, Canada by way of Michigan to take control of the HPFC Hydro farms in the Greater Toronto Area. The USAmerica, dependent on HPFC food exports and hedging toward implementing similar Farms themselves is forced to aid Canada and intercept the Heartland forces.

David HALLEY, Captain (32) becomes a war hero by leading a small USAmerica Battalion across Lake Erie and into southern Ontario Canada cutting off and combating REFORM AMERICA forces from behind while Canadian forces led by Colonel Natalie Royale rush to engage the REFORM AMERICA Army in the Battle of London, Ontario. Following this battle, Corps of Engineers from both nations work to build an express highway from Buffalo NY to London Ontario in the event of further Heartland action. A Joint Services base will be set up near Welland Ontario as both nations take over operation of the Welland Canal by treaty.

After winning mid-terms in many Eastern and near Southern States and anticipating further USAmerica actions in defence of southern Ontario Canada, masses of REFORM AMERICA forces invade and attempt to overtake Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. They are largely welcomed by residents.

Coordinating 3 USAmerican Battalions Colonel David HALLEY leads the charge into REFORM AMERICA controlled territory taking back control of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and the eastern half of Michigan. Further pushes bring Chicago back in Federal control. A later effort coordinated under General David HALLEY's command brings 5 USAmerican Battalions up from the south into Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas and Oklahoma in an attempt to subdue the REFORM AMERICA Army.

LADIS ONE Multi-Craft Prototype is delivered to Jane MacMANUS who christens the vehicle RIGEL ONE in anticipation of this being a continuing challenge for RIGEL Aerospace. For the next 13 years Jane will promote the RIGEL ONE design to various potential customers making it the single highest selling commercial spacecraft.

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