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KeyComm Badges are used by all UNSC Forces regardless of Ops Group for common identifiers as well as electronic access control and communications.

References charts for each visible components of the KeyComm by clicking:

      BADGE       OPS GROUP       DIVISION       COMBAT/WING Status       RANKS

Ranks for both the KEY-COMM BADGE and UNIFORM follow the same progressionary system although the KEY-COMM BADGE display for rank
is the tiny upper right hand space above the bearer's name.

Ranks display the same for both GROUND, SECURITY/BASE OPS and FLEET/SPACE OPS except for colour of the stripes and some Service specific terminology.   They are:
Muted Silver for ASTRALS/GROUND Ops -
Sage Green for SECURITY/BASE Ops -
Lunar Blue for FLEET/SPACE Ops.

As a unified command various ranks have been blended with the rank of ENSIGN retained from the Naval tradition and the rank of CAPTAIN following the lower supervisory position consistent with the Army tradition.

Command ranks seperate according to historical tradition for field of operations with the GROUND/ASTRAL=SECURITY/BASE Ops ranks of MAJOR, LT COLONEL, COLONEL, and BRIGADIER respectively matching the FLEET/SPACE Ops SQUADRON COMMANDER, LT COMMANDER, GROUP COMMANDER and COMMANDER.

The Flag ranks for GROUND/BASE Ops rank are MAJOR GENERAL, LEFTENANT GENERAL and GENERAL while the SECURITY/BASE Flag ranks are GENERAL (1), GENERAL (2) and GENERAL (3).
Flag ranks in SPACE COMMAND favour the Naval tradition and include: COMMODORE, ADMIRAL and FLEET ADMIRAL.

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