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Mars is has been undergoing a massive green-house gas build-up since first habitat occurred almost 40 years ago but this is by design.   In the only example of full co-operation: Corporation facilities, Multi-national plants, United Network affiliates and New Soviet controlled bases are polluting on a large scale in an attempt to thicken and warm up the atmosphere, a crucial first stage to terraforming this world.

UNSA operates both the ARGYRE EXCHANGE and SOJOURNER STATION (the later in cooperation with UNSC).

Argyre is an open association facility complex with massive warehousing, supplies and support services.   This facility attempts to bring much of the luxury of Earth to this near barren world.

Sojourner Station is an Orbital Platform facility parked in stationary orbit above the Tharsis range.

In addition to direct UNCA operations on the world many affiliates are at work mining on the surface of this world.   The most dominate player is RIGEL AEROSPACE who runs four surface facilities along with their extensive mining operation.

Nine other operations, run by MAGELLAN Shipyards, ANEX Aeronautics, RICOSMOS, KERT Aeronautics, NISTAR, HARTWELL Aerospace, BOEMAC, GRAND DESIGNS and ASTIO dot the Martian landscape.

The New SOVIET operates 10 facilities in the Eastern Hemisphere with their orbiting platform kept in stationary orbit above the Isidis plain.

Planning continues in preparation of establishing the first full Colony on the Martian surface.   Final deliberation continues to determine the best location for this facility with a decision expected sometime early in 2238.

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