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Threat Zone Seven: MARS
- Mars is currently undergoing a massive green-house gas build-up and this is by design.   In the only example of full co-operation Corporation facilities, Multi-national plants, United Network affiliate and New Soviet controlled bases are polluting the Martian atmosphere on a large scale in an attempt to thicken and warm up the atmosphere, a crucial first stage to terraforming this world.   This is not to say Mars is a model of harmony.   The planet has numerous regions currently hosting Terran habitation but the primary concerns are:

ARCADIA:   RIGEL Aerospace is engaged in both mining and production at bases in this region.   The silicate by-products made here include EMITTER ARRAYS and other energy management components used in everything from GRAV-PLATE levitation technology through Propulsion and offence/defence weaponry.   RIGEL is very protective of this operation and has the highest security contingent of any Mars facility including the New Soviet bases.   Evidence exists these precautions are not unwarranted as the Arcadia operation also seems to be target of more sabotage than any other.
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HELLAS:   New Soviet mining and production is centered in this plains region.   Branch productions operations are spread out through the Noachis, Hesperia and Eridania plains as well but all of these are controlled from the Hellas main base.
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ARGYRE EXCHANGE:   A large primary facility run by a multi-national consortium that specialises in being the central storehouse of supplies for Mars.   Nearly every planetary concern deals with ARGYRE at one point or another as the option for replacing critical supplies takes almost a week at high-speed and for most several months.   As such Argyre is a prime location for collecting trans-Martian news.
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ZIZU RAIDERS:   An increasing threat.   Mysterious pockets of almost nomadic groups that strike at transports and bases throughout Australe Mare and as far north as Margaritifer Sinus.   Intel supports a theory that the ZIZU RAIDERS are raiding parties sent from one of the poorly funded concerns around the Argyre Exchange but subjects have yet to be contained so confirmation remains elusive.
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SOJOURNER STATION:   The primary orbital platform orbiting above the Tharsis continental range.   Sojourner is another co-operative concern (except for the New Soviet who have their own station See ISIDIS STATION).   Because of the large volume of traffic moving through Sojourner this is another prime source for casual information on Martian events.
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ISIDIS STATION:   The New Soviet Orbital Platform.   Consistent with the isolationist policy of Glavcosmos all New Soviet traffic moves exclusively through Isidis.   As with every other New Soviet operation the recent shift to secure data silent technology increases the threat register for this operation.
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