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The UNITED NETWORK COMMAND AUTHORITY was created on 4 April 2194 integrating the civilian and military space programs of 18 affiliates, independant Nations and their Corporate partners, into one Authority committed to the peaceful development of space and each other's defence in that theatre with the infrastructure and support needed to meet any threats to such development.

Between 2195 and 2199 five more affiliates joined the Network while three others fell by the wayside.   On 12 March 2221, the South American Confederacy was welcomed into the Authority which currently numbers 25 members.

The UNITED NETWORK COMMAND AUTHORITY has continued to guarantee the security of its member operations through-out the Sol system through both the United Network Space Authority (Civilian) and the United Network Space Command (Military).

Today, as relative harmonious cooperation exists through-out space the United Network has transformed its political and military structures in order to adapt them to peacekeeping and crisis management tasks undertaken in cooperation with countries which are not members of the Network, and with other international organizations.

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WestCan (2194)
Rigel Aerospace (2194)
Union of Western States (2194)
Grand Designs (2194)
Great Britain (2194)
Hartwell Aerospace (2194)
Canada (2194)
Magellan Shipyards (2194)
Carribean Union (2194)
Anex Astralnautics (2194)
Japan (2194)
Nistar (2194)
Astio (2194)
Brazil (2194)
Ricosmos (2194)
India (2195)
Nordic Union (2196)
Alliance of Southern Africa (2197)
Kert Aeronautics (2197)
China (2199)
European Compact (2204)
Aysia (2205)
United States of America (2209)
Boemac (2209)
South American
  Confederacy (2221)

Former Members:
New Soviet (2194-2229)
Tepu Cosmonautics (2194-2229)
Glavcosmos (2194-2229)