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ALL DATES LISTED use the Terran Standard Calendar (TSC).   BC refers to BEFORE CHRIST, the birth of the Terran Christian Savior anchors the Terran Standard Calendar.


92,000 BC approx
Oldest Earth settlement dates from this time. Terrans predominatly hunters/gatherers. Survival harsh during ICE AGE.

52,000 BC approx
Migration to North America first begins, arriving in South America and spreading north.

10,500 BC approx
ICE AGE ends.

5000 BC approx
First Cities form in Mesopotamia (South West Asia), Civilization begins.

3500 BC approx - BRONZE AGE begins (South West Asia and Far East).
Great leaps in mathematics occur during this period as art and agricultural sciences flourish.

2000 BC approx - AGE OF ANCIENT KINGDOMS begins.
Legal systems and law develop, geometry is first used on Earth for astronomical measurements.

1500 BC approx - AGE OF ANCIENT TRADE begins.
Includes the IRON AGE as monotheistic belief spreads and diseases are passed from region to region with greater frequency.

The first population explosion begins as city states form throughout Europe and Asia. Empires form, expand and engage in conquering each other. The Roman Empire is born.

AD is an abbreviation of the term ANNO DOMINI from an ancient Earth language called Latin. From here on Terra's Standard years are recorded moving forward.
1750 AD marks the Modern Age following which there will be no suffix.

477 AD approx
Trade results in the "Plague of Constantinople" spreading throughout Europe killing half the population. Around this same time Europe enters its DARK AGES, a period of religious extremism in the region. This results in a general slow down of development throughout the western world. During this same time the Middle East experiences a period of intellectual enlightment which will protect much of the knowledge Europe will use during the Restoration.

600 AD approx - AGE OF REBUILDING.
China flourishes in the arts (including publishing), and experiences the first large localized population explosion. Smallpox spreads throughout Europe and Asia. Nation States become the dominant form of government.

1000 AD
Christians mark the end of their first millennium with a calendar system that will eventually assume world dominance.

1347 AD
Major set back with the Bubonic Plague in Europe killing 75 million (one third the population).

1492 AD
Discovery of New World (North and South America) by the Europeans propels the Renaissance into motion.

1750 - Birth of the MODERN AGE.
Industrial Revolution begins on Earth turning the pre-industrial Agricultural society into a mass production world. European influence will be felt throughout the world in less than 200 years. Population will begin to grow exponentially by the late 19th Century.

1903 - AGE OF FLIGHT begins.
Mechanized flight is realized only 147 years after the Industrial Revolution begins.

With it's entry into the Second World War the nation state of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA begins its rapid climb to world dominance. Influencing everything from political reforms to food, economy, culture and the environment no other nation will ever have or abuse so much influence on the planet. With the detonation of the first Atomic Weapons (against an opponent) the Americans set the world on a path that nearly takes the whole planet to extinction.
A successful landing on Earth's lone moon LUNA will be achieved only 66 years following the first Flight and a permanent space based residence less than 40 years later.

1945 August 6
First use of Atomic weapons ushers in the nuclear age.

World War II ends.

The second serious attempt at world unity begins when the UNITED NATIONS is chartered.

1947 October 14
Mach 1, the sound barrier, was broken by American Charles E "Chuck" Yeager in a Bell X-1 rocket powered aircraft.

1957 October 4 - SPACE AGE begins.
Launch of the first Terran built artificial satellite SPUTNIK by the Soviet Union begins the "Space Race".

GLAVCOSMOS (CCCP Space Agency/Russia/Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) formed.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA/USAmerica/Earth) formed.

1961 April 12
Yuri Alexseivich Gagarin becomes the first Terran in space when his VOSTOK space craft orbits the blue planet.

1969 July 20
Neil Armstrong becomes first Terran to walk on the surface of the Moon and utters the most viewed dialog blooper in history as Armstrong says "One small step for Man, One giant leap for mankind" instead of "One small step for A Man, One giant leap for mankind".

ROMI consulting, predecessor to the ROMI Corporation begins operations in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

MARSPROBE ceases function just before making orbit at Mars.

Millennial angst swells toward the end of this year despite the fact the 3rd Millennium doesn't begin until January 1, 2001.

Despite minor glitches the planet survives minor millenial pressures and anxiety caused by short-sighted electronic information processing methods and continues terribly blind to the very serious and rapidly approaching ECO-COLLAPSE.

Another NASA built Martian probe fails to operate on arrival at the fourth planet. The exact cause of these early program failures remains unknown.

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