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CODY RIFLES were the first Coil Induction weapons to enter mass-production and our models still provide the finest, and most reliable sports and military small-arms available to forces throughout the world.   The top model is the CODY 185 extended stock version (upgrading from our earlier CODY 175 model), while the one below it is the CODY 215 Military issue compressed stock version (upgrading from last year's CODY 210).

A - Collapsible shoulder stock
B - Clip-Lock (to secure closed stock)
C - non-propellant grip clip
D - Heads Up Display
E - variable side-clip entry (left and right)
F - ARC &trade Emitter
G - Grav-Assist/Coil Induction muzzle (with compression effect and external variable mount)
H - Forward Grip
I - Thumb switch selector (left and right)
J - ARC ™ Emitter trigger (variable pressure selection)
K - Self-Propellant 5.56mm barrel with silencer
L - Optional Grip for 5.56mm weapon
M - Clip locked removable pistol (top clip loaded - optional)
N - mid-grip collection tray for spent casings
O - top mount plating
P - power winch optional accessory

For more information contact your location CODY Dealer or MAGELLAN SHIPYARDS - Small Arms representative. *** end ***