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The Council For Technical Simplicity endorses the WAVE theory for Light Speed trials and participates in the BOOMERANG Project through our partner Hartwell Star Systems.

The WAVE theory (also SLIPSTREAMING or PHASE Travel) is currently the strongest Faster-Than-Light theory because it's built upon existing technologies, and mathematically does not have any variables in the equation equivalent that must be infinite.

In SLIPSTREAMING, a craft first begins to travel through Einsteinian Space (slower than light space) with its primary Driver. The Driver may be emitting a phased pulse thrust or not, but the effective ratio must be powerful enough to get the craft to half light speed on it's own for the transit above light speed to succeed.

Depending on the craft and the acceleration rate required the vehicle's forward EMITTER would then begin to project focused energy ahead of the ship through the SLIPSTREAM Forward Emitter or STREAMER.

The STREAMER energy is then run through various frequency modulation adjustments.   The energies are interwoven in a tight pattern until they're in a cohesiveness form, and then a series of resonances are introduced to the bond until a WAVE harmonic is created.

The hardest part of breaking the light barrier with this method is finding the correct harmonic. Initial tests are finding that as the Einsteinian effect of mass on the forward STREAMER energy increases, the STREAMER energy is picking up interference which thus far prohibits faster travel.
If this barrier can be breached then the STREAMER energy will be folded back over the craft by the mass effect of Einsteinian Space as the ship accelerates to the point where a pocket is created that the craft exists within, thus protecting from the predicted stresses of high speed travel. This is the reason all such craft are designed with a certain "streamlined" profile.

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