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ASTRALS (Ground Operations)

Emblem of the GROUND OPERATIONS - ASTRAL CORPS MARWAYNE 350 - Standard Issue Astral Rifle

MARWAYNE 500 - Multi-Action Astral Rifle (Variant)

MARWAYNE 750 - Heavy Combat Astral Rifle (Standard)


The standard issue rifle for Ground Operations members in the ASTRAL CORPS is the MARWAYNE 350 ™ (Mar 350) a Quad Action weapon with both a three way, five preset, coil induction ballistic barrel / chip launcher, as well as a three setting ARC ™ Emitter.   The Mar 350 also features heads up display, grip and side based ballistic clip for firing standard 5.56 mm PLUG ™ Armour piercing bullets.   Additionally special chambers are built into the weapon which can be accessed at a touch for firing specific armaments (ie: explosive rounds, tracers, micro-sensor pods).

The coil induction barrel is somewhat of a misnomer using both a coil induction as well as a FLYNT Micro Gravity Plate.   The combination allows the bullets to be fired without self propellant (saving weight and space) with speeds anywhere between stun setting (100 km/h impact) to Mach2.   Furthermore the FLYNT is capable of maintaining lock on the bullet during flight, increasing speed to Mach4 while allowing the Riflemin to guide the projectile to target through the HUD (Heads up Display).
The ARC ™ Emitter is capable of emitting a series of short pulses ranging in power from one-tenth ARC (90 million joules) to half ARC or building up a sustained emission of three quarters ARC until safeties in the unit force power down.   Recovery between rounds is determined by usage, available power in the cells and age of the array.

The MARWAYNE 500 ™ (Mar 500) is a variant of the 350 available to Astrals Troops as per the COMPACT AGREEMENT of 2210.   Though the same length as the 350 the Mar 500 weapon includes additional features.   A , including a standard removable firearm, capable of feeding cartridge self-propelling 9mm shells.   A special collection tray in the fore-grip retains spent casings during covert field operations.   The most visible difference is the replacement of top grip with a top mounted plate.   This allows for a variety of add-ons such as the Vector Power Winch or any other compatible accessory to be firmly fixed to the weapon.

The MARWAYNE 750 ™ (Mar 750) is a modified 350 with a fixed forward extension that increases range, accuracy and lethality of ballistics through the addition of a FLYNTASTIC Micro Gravity Plate system capable of projecting shells up to 50mm to Mach4 speeds, line of sight distances with no loss of accuracy.   Compression Dampners help reduce traceable energy signatures making the 750 the preferred choice of Snipers in the service.

Both the 350 and 500 are compatible with the Auto-Supply/Recharge Pocket located at various posts throughout most ASTRAL Transports and vehicles.   Pockets for the 750 are usually only present where such weapons are regularly based but by removing the fixed foreward extension (and following prescribed maintenance removal protocols) the 750 can be modified for the Recharge Pocket with little effort.

A - Collapsible shoulder stock
B - Clip-Lock (to secure closed stock)
C - non-propellant grip clip
D - Heads Up Display
E - variable side-clip entry (left and right)
F - ARC &trade Emitter
G - Grav-Assist/Coil Induction muzzle (with compression effect and external variable mount)
H - Forward Grip
I - Thumb switch selector (left and right)
J - ARC ™ Emitter trigger (variable pressure selection)
K - Self-Propellant 5.56mm barrel with silencer
L - Optional Grip for 5.56mm weapon
M - Clip locked removable pistol (top clip loaded - optional)
N - mid-grip collection tray for spent casings
O - top mount plating
P - power winch optional accessory

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