What is it?

SPACE ODDITY is a science fiction light drama/action series with continuing characters in a highly researched and detailed "universe"


SPACE ODDITY is an amalgam of TELEVISION SHOWS from the sixties to today.

SPACE ODDITY is what you get when you mix elements of the original "ADAM 12" with "RAT PATROL" and "SEINFELD" and then throw that into something like the "STAR TREK" universe.

How is SPACE ODDITY different from other SCIENCE FICTION?

The biggest difference comes from the word "light drama".

SPACE ODDITY is about people who enjoy each others company, they are friends in their off time and when they are apart the audience can see that each performs less well than when they are together.

ADDITIONALLY, the very name SPACE ODDITY means we expect to tweak common sense every now and then, play with long standing Science Fiction concepts and twist them on their ear.

In fact, many episodes have been written as if they might fit on one of the other science fiction shows but elements of them have been re-written with a different sensibility.

Ultimately SPACE ODDITY is a multi-part saga with story arcs ( we call them BOOKS ) spanning important events.   Some BOOKS cover wars, others long term special missions while others simply deal with the upheaval in the lives of these characters.

Where some people direct films as if they were a series of visual paintings tied together with a narrative, SPACE ODDITY is written as "moments" or scenes that will develop character stories over whole seasons.

SPACE ODDITY takes full advantage of the flexibility of the genre.

Easy to say, but can it be done?

Much of it already is done.   More than eighty eight episodes, broken into FIFTEEN BOOKS covering four full seasons of 22 episodes each have been written to at least the first draft.   Each stands on it's own as a chapter in its book while adding to the story arc of each season.

And the "BOOK" groupings provide more flexibility for production as well !

What sort of FLEXIBILITY?

The fact that there are already 88 hour long scripts written creates an unprecedented ability to plan financing, production and release of the series.

Consider BOOK ONE.
Four episodes grouped together through the common bond "MARSIDE". These introduce our main characters, demonstrate their skills and show them breaking onto the "world" stage. Four hours that set up the series.

But if they alone were produced as a LIMITED SERIES then these four episodes could play, repeatedly on cable, as specials, off-prime and even sell on their own in video.

Each BOOK in SPACE ODDITY does the same thing.
Creating event television in the form of a LIMITED SERIES.

Now, instead of deficit financing a five year series, financing can be secured one BOOK at a time.

How does that work?

If the series is produced one BOOK at a time then each BOOK forms a
SPACE ODDITY PARTNERSHIP with the investors in that BOOK owning shares in it.

The profits from the episodes in that BOOK not only pay returns to those in the partnership but also earn the way for the next BOOK based on distribution of the episodes and merchandising from events, ships and characters tied into each BOOK.


If a CD-ROM game comes out based on events originated in BOOK ONE, or VIDEO TAPES, Music and even ACTION FIGURES or PLAYSETS are released from that BOOK then a share of those profits go to that PARTNERSHIP.

Even novelizations and other adaptations will be included. In fact profits from any aspect exclusive to a particular BOOK will be split among the members of that PARTNERSHIP.

And SPACE ODDITY has a very effective continuity control system for this purpose.

What if there is a continuing production commitment?

Then costs drop quickly. With 88 episodes written, planning and design can take advantage of fore knowledge. Actors, even guest stars can be called onto set ONCE negating the need for costly call back months later. Elaborate sets needed in the course of a whole year could be used until the required shots were completed and then struck, their parts transferring to other sets.

If planning saves money then SPACE ODDITY will be able to produce higher quality product with greater flexibility for a lower price than any comparable series.

The production strategy is designed to maximize use of materials and minimize cost of production WHILE increasing the production values of the series.

At this moment SPACE ODDITY has 88 Episodes. FOUR FULL SEASONS scripted creating a unified inter-connected storyline in fifteen story arcs (BOOKS).

How detailed is it?

Very. All science fiction requires that the setting be established but SPACE ODDITY has had the opportunity to follow the lead of Ridley Scott's BLADE RUNNER in the "700 Layer Cake" approach.

SPACE ODDITY has a detailed and well-researched foundation including characters, settings, history and design but not just design for designs sake. In SPACE ODDITY the design has a history as well an evolution from HERE TO THERE that is key to SPACE ODDITY's structure.

Both a marketing and merchandising plan to utilize this detail has already been created.

The FOUNDATION includes:

-A STARMAP, accurately recording every star system for 26 light years from Earth.

-A full deck-by-deck floor plan for the main base ship STARBENDER (Book Five through Eight) matching the set designs for "rooms" on that ship. The same has been done for smaller ships such as RIGEL THREE (Book One through Four), VINDICATOR (Book Four), GILGAMESH (Book Five through Seven) and RIJL FOUR (Book Five onward).

-A detailed backhistory for the three main characters and thirty five supporting characters helping ensure better character continuity. The actors for these parts will be able to fully understand future motivations as they prepare for their characters.

-A detailed TECHNICAL MANUAL for the first four seasons which covers the thirty years of development in technology and society seen as well as a TIMELINE bridge connecting the HERE and NOW to the FUTURE.

-The creation of a method for displaying Star Systems that is accurate, useful and the fan base will pick up on quickly.

-The development of METRIC TIME, a "futuristic" time system that works.

The physics and astronomical information, mechanical and technical designs are based on references from over 28 scientific books and dozens of technical articles from magazines ranging from "Scientific American" to the "Planetary Society" making SPACE ODDITY the only television series that comes with a bibliography.

In fact SPACE ODDITY has more information now about its universe than Paramount Pictures had when they finished their third season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The franchise was twenty five years old at that time!


-The SPACE ODDITY PRODUCTION PARTNERSHIP includes a CONVENTION ACTION PLAN for grass-root promotion as well as a POST-RUN VIDEO RELEASE ACTION PLAN designed to stimulate sales even for those viewers who taped the series off-air.