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The UNITED ALLIANCE replaces the Solar Group Alliance.  UA Exploration Zones are established (UAWEZ/UAEEZ).   The QUIN'Dax are known but other MEG EXCLUSION ZONES are known only through external reports
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The yellow arrow "001" represents the position of New LONDON (Sol/Earth System) in the UNITED ALLIANCE.

While the MEGANITES have retreated to their own space other conflict and disputed areas emerge as UA Representatives stumble upon the QUIN'DAX, VIRCON and WEREDEN.

The area with the light green border (far right of map) represents an area of space the MEGs withdrew from.

Intercepted MEG reports refer to the occupants of this region of space in what translates as the KRISIANTEER DOMAIN.

Whether eventual contact between the UA and the so-called KRISIANTEER's will occur remains to be seen.