RadioTMI - June 24, 2017

Millennials don't exist.

What I mean by that, and what I believe Historians will one day confirm, is that there wasn't ever an actual generation of Millennials just as there was never actually a generation of Slackers.

In the history of life on this, and I believe any other, planet in the universe, there is one truth for higher organisms: the young learn at the hands of the old.   And this was true until around 1977 when the cost of TVs came down and cable made it possible for youth to sequester themselves away from their elders and self-educate.

Self-education by people not equipped to properly teach is what created Millennials. Powered first by Cable TV, and propagated by the Internet in ways no one could imagine.    The result is we have children carrying on and entering adulthood with the same set of values the Velociraptors in JURASSIC PARK had - none.

They barely function in society because they weren't educated on what society needed of them and any attempt to warp society to fit their flitting needs is a recipe for doom.

Sadly their sound-bite education also means they can't focus long enough to learn anything useful either.    And if it isn't an entertaining 30-second viral video put out by a peer they won't pay attention long enough to gain any knowledge, insight, or education about the world we need them to inherit.    In short, they're human "Etch-a-Sketches" - it doesn't matter how much effort you put into drawing out the lines, the slightest bump and you're left with a blank slate.

It's not their fault, exactly.    They're by-products of a world of distractions and they simply got addicted to that Soma before anyone realized the injury it was causing.

Ultimately though the true definition of Millennials, the only real one that means anything, is a generation of children who may have been born of Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y or even Gen Z, and who have raised themselves through ALT-SOURCES like Cable TV or the internet.    A generation who have rarely spent time learning anything from, or even witnessing things, at the side of their Elders.

And like the Velociraptors in JURRASSIC PARK, we'll all die if we let them roam freely.