RadioTMI - August 19, 2015

As the Mike Duffy/Senate Expense trial continues its easy to dismiss those actions as either mis-communication between a person with no Parliamentary experience who should never have been made a Senator due to his being woefully unqualified (Duffy) and an overcontrolling micromanaging Prime Minister who won't even let his staffers take a crap without permission (Harper), but whether its a real problem, a minor problem, or just plain Conservative incompetence the most interesting thing about it is that its the first time since Stephen Harper became Prime Minister, 9 years ago, that any of his scandals have stuck. The man isn't teflon, he's super carbon 60.

Harper usually finds a way to squelch interest in one of his scandals with dangling keys or a snap election, which is of course contrary to his promise of Open & Accountable Government. Not one of the things listed under his time in office below ever made it to even the Inquiry stage. The only PM never to call an Inquiry on wrong doing, which of course you wouldn't do if the source of the wrong doing was YOU.

Its worth noting that Pierre Trudeau was the longest serving PM at 16 years, yet didn't have a single scandal during his term. Conservatives frequently berate Trudeau's as incompetent, particularly those Conservatives who can't seem to avoid scandals.

From the THE TOP SECRET CONSERVATIVE HANDBOOK, available as a free e-book through to election day.


Diefenbaker – Progressive Conservatives

Munsinger Affair            Progressive Conservative Party       1960s
̃ Canada's first national political sex scandal.

Mulroney – Progressive Conservatives

Tunagate           Progressive Conservative Party       1985
̃ Tainted tuna.
“Operation Governor” (Grant Bristow)           Heritage Front       1988 - 1990s
̃ Government initiated Canadian Security Intelligence Service infiltration of Reform Party of Canada and covert founding of Heritage Front
Airbus affair            Progressive Conservative Party       1983 - 1995
̃ Prime Minister Brian Mulroney was implicated in a kickback scheme to purchase Airbus planes for Air Canada

Chretien – Liberals

APEC Inquiry            RCMP       1997
̃ Royal Canadian Mounted Police conduct at the APEC summit in Vancouver

Shawinigate            Liberal Party       1999
̃ An alleged conflict of interest lobbying effort by Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.

Sponsorship scandal            Liberal Party       1996 - 2004
̃ Misuse and misdirection of funds disbursed through the Liberal government's 1990s sponsorship program. Investigated by the Gomery Commission.

Harper – Conservatives

Shoe Store Project            Conservative Party       2007
̃ Prime Minister's Office under Stephen Harper plans $2M, government-controlled media centre to replace current National Press Theatre (which is run by press gallery staff, instead of those from the PMO).

Julie Couillard scandal           Conservative Party       2007
̃ Conservative Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier resigned after leaving sensitive NATO documents in the home of Julie Couillard, an ex-girlfriend with links to the Hells Angels biker gang.

In and Out scandal           Conservative Party       2007
̃ Alleged circumvention of election finance rules by the Conservatives in the 2006 election campaign.

Afghan Detainees Inquiry or Prorogation 2           Conservative Party       2010
̃ Prorogued government a second time claiming it was for the Olympics to avoid inquiry into the maltreatment of Afghan detainees. Harper was found to be in Contempt of Parliament for refusing to share information. The first time in Canadian history

Robocall scandal           Conservative Party       2012
̃ Allegations of widespread voter fraud occurring during the 2011 Canadian federal election. Robotic and live calls to voters are claimed to have been made in 38 ridings. Currently under investigation by the RCMP and Elections Canada.

The ETS Scandal           Conservative Party       2000s
̃ An ongoing Canadian political scandal involving alleged wrongdoing by Canadian government officials in the award of a $400-million information technology services contract and allegations of political interference in the ensuing cover-up.

F35 Fighter Jet Scandal            Conservative Party       2012
̃ Involved misleading costs of F35 Fighter Jets to replace former CF18s.

CFIA Scandal            Canadian Food Inspection Agency       2012
̃ An ongoing scandal involving food inspection services being insufficient to the Canadian public this comes after the budget cuts to Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the temporary closure of XL Meats due to a widespread E-coli outbreak in Alberta.

Canadian Senate expenses scandal           Senate of Canada       2012
̃ An ongoing investigation concerning the expense claims of certain Canadian senators which began in late 2012. Senators Mike Duffy, Mac Harb, Pamela Wallin, and Patrick Brazeau claimed travel and housing expenses from the Senate for which they were not eligible.