RadioTMI - July 1, 2015

While there's little doubt that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will eventually have to attack the NDP to stay in power, there's a lot of evidence that when he does it'll be by lumping them in with the Liberals he hates so much, and usually only with his base in areas that the NDP are likely to be a threat, you know, Quebec, BC and now that Alberta has swung hard left, Calgary.   We doubt it'll change his overall strategy that much, as indicated by this excerpt from THE TOP SECRET CONSERVATIVE HANDBOOK, available as a free e-book through to election day.


In the May 2, 2011 election that created the 41st Canadian Parliament the governing Conservative Party of Canada won 166 seats. The Conservatives not only formed their third successive government (the first time that's happened in over 50 years) but since we passed the 155 seat mark (of the 308 seats available) we also formed a comfortable Majority.

The Official Opposition was represented by the NDP which won 103 seats under Leader Jack Layton. Other parties on the Opposition side include the Liberal Party which took 34 seats, the Bloq Quebecois which took 4 seats, and Elizabeth May's lone Green Party seat.

It's true that we've lost 6 seats since that time, and the NDP has lost 8, while the Liberals have gained 2 seats (3 remain vacant because we'd probably lose them to the Liberals, while most of the others are sitting as Independents and therefore are not important), the fact is the NDP is not the enemy. Nor will they ever be.

While we may publically dismiss things said by the NDP and other parties, that is usually done only for sport, we never spend any election funds attacking them and we certain don't bother with them on our taxpayer funded Canada Action Plan ads or in the '10 percent Mailers' we send to voters in marginal constituencies [SEE Chapter 9 – The No-Spin Spin Zone, section 7 - Money for Nothing]. The only political party the Conservatives are concerned with, have been concerned with, and will ever be concerned with, from now until the end of all time, is the Liberal Party of Canada.

You may wonder why. After all, with 95 seats the NDP have more than twice the representation in the House of Commons as the Liberal Party does, furthermore they are the Official Opposition and have the 2nd biggest staff and research budget. Additionally, since every non-elected employee of the Government is a unionized employee the NDP would appear to have a natural ally in both Government and the Government Unions would have a natural ally in the House of Commons.

You could think that, but you would be wrong on all accounts.

In the history of Canada there have only been two parties that have formed Government, the Liberals and the Conservatives.

It's not fair, but we know this is true because from the beginning we tried really hard to prove it wrong. We spent more than 20 years trying to be the third party to form Government, 20 years and millions of dollars trying to be the exception to what we've now realized is a hard and fast rule.

In fact, we've used every trick and tactic imaginable without success. We branded ourselves as the party with a new vision under the Reform Party banner (RP), then as the “Conservative Alternative” under the Canadian Conservative Reform Alliance Party (CCRAP), then when someone pointed out the unfortunate abbreviation that name created we became the Canadian Alliance (CA).

We even agreed to form a coalition with the Bloq Quebecois if somehow that would get us control of the Government side of the House. All the scheming in the world was met without success.

The only option that worked was to engineer a hostile reverse take-over of the Progressive Conservative party (also known as: 'Uniting the Right'), carefully and slowly ditching the Progressive elements (ie: leader, name, logo, party members, policies, credibility, effectiveness, democratic traditions), and then we launched repeated and successive attacks on the credibility of the only roadblock to our forming Government: The Liberals.

For reasons that we are forever thankful, some Canadians in the last few elections have tried 'voting strategically'. This means they've paid half attention to what was going on in their own ridings, and when it looked as though the Left vote was being split they put their support behind whatever candidate appeared to be in the best position to defeat the Conservative candidate regardless of what party they represented.

And how did that work?

The NDP formed the Official Opposition, the Conservative Party of Canada came out of the last election with a majority government and the Liberals were humiliated. That's because the only way to stop Conservatives is to vote Liberal.

Why therefore would we ever seriously attack the NDP? They steal votes from Liberals, which under our 'First Past the Post' system of elections means a Conservative Candidate receiving only 26% of the votes in a riding can win a four to five year long, all expenses paid, trip to the Government benches.

If the enemy of my enemy is my friend, then the NDP is our BFF!

Previous to May 5, 2015 and the Alberta Provincial Election, all of the above was hard cold fact, but the election of Socialist Rachel Notley on apparently nothing more than charm and likeability has brought up some questions relating to the above.

Since Thomas Mulcair has neither charm or likeability continue as before, but be prepared that should that Socialist start actually being liked by people we may have to rapidly revisit whether he's more of an adversary to the One True Party of Canada, than the NDP's historical role as Liberal-vote-stealing-ally-of-Conservatism.