RadioTMI - February 12, 2014

"There is something wrong with you if you don't get angry about something."
        - Elvis Costello

I'd like to keep my judgments to behaviours not individuals, but yeah, what he said…

I know that most don't think twice about stuff and I don't judge on that. For too many people life is a short and miserable experience, so a vast majority of us spend whatever free time we have indulging in simple pleasures and escapes, and there's nothing wrong with that. Challenging the status quo, demanding better, advocating and being the voice in the wilderness is only a worthwhile calling if you get satisfaction out of it. And I do, I really, really do.

I regularly write to corporations about their crappy services, or call out their platitudes and hypocrisies. I file complaints with the CBSC on bad reporting and with Elections Canada whenever I receive tax payer funded election materials outside of an election (I have contacts at both agencies). And I'll point at ANY emperor anywhere and call them out if they're naked. It's how I was raised (and its very interesting how differently it expresses itself in my brothers, but it's still there in each of them). I'll also share any passion I have, dream wish or desire. I know I've made an impact on how many companies do things. It may not have changed the world in a big way, but like a glacier there are inches gained more times than not.

I can't help but challenge authority, demand better, work for the social contract, not just here but everywhere I can. It's why the ideals of the Kennedy era resonate with me and why Gene Roddenberry's STAR TREK remains my template for the future. I can't do it all the time because too much of anything, even love isn't a good thing, but I can't not do it for very long either.

We have a policy here called “Rapid Failure” in that we work to be flexible enough to implement test ideas quickly, and then just as quickly stop them if they don't work, all without blame. I'm truly blessed to finally be working in such an environment, but, and I want to stress this because I know sometimes my feed can make it seem otherwise, I'm an extremely happy person, or as I call it, fully realized. So I'm sorry if sometimes my observations and factoids cause you stress, or seem negative, or an otherwise intrusive disruption to your blissful lives, but regardless of your faith or beliefs, if you even once questioned something you took as given, spent even a moment investigating or delving into any point ever raised by me here, I'm taking that as a win, whether you change your mind or not, at least you should understand your position.