FINNEGAN'S SQUAD: "Rampage" - teaser/opening act

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       FINNEGAN'S SQUAD: "Rampage"

               BEGIN OPENING ACT:

               EXT. SPACE - ASTEROID BELT

               Contrary to popular belief the distance between various
               asteroids in the belt is quite vast however for visually
               dramatic purposes we're going to pass a couple of asteroids
               of various size before closing in on one nearly moon sized
               object and the surface components that indicate this one is
               more than just a rock in space.



               A row of tables, almost resembling the sort of cubicles that
               prisoners use to communicate with visitors is lined up in a
               darkened room.  

               As we truck along the row we see that each of the Prisoners
               assembled is strapped in place, their heads immobilized,
               scanners reading their eyes as each hand, strapped to hand
               holds, clutches the unmoving grips for dear life.  For all
               intents they look as though they're being tortured.

               Opposite each one of these men, and they are all men, is a
               HOLOGRAPHIC PROJECTION of a woman, or more accurately the
               sexually perverted representation of a woman as created by
               the marketing forces of the early 23rd Century.

               She is curvaceous in every manner, puffy in all the right
               places, made up to the nine's with Egyptian style eyeliner, a
               perfect bob of straight shiny hair and the most ruby lips one
               could imagine.  She is writhing, accentuating her body,
               flirting, teasing, squirming in anticipation before each of
               her subjects all of whom are fighting their restraints.

                                   HOLO-TEMPTRESS (OFX)
                         Oh, Mister Lover.  I know you want
                             (more writhing, sexually
                              provocative writhing)
                         And I want to give it to you, soooo
                             (teasing the top button of
                              her short white dress)
                         I'll do anything you want baby,
                         once you take full control.

               The scene repeats as we move up the row, seeing the same
               woman, each time with different colored hair and at different
               moments in her pitch but all to the same effect.  These men
               want her.  They clutch the unmoving grips tighter, trying to
               force them like joysticks.

                                   HOLO-TEMPTRESS (OFX) (cont'd)
                         You want to control me, don't you?

               More struggling by the subjects.  She leans back in a baby
               doll pose.

                                   HOLO-TEMPTRESS (OFX) (cont'd)
                         These clothes are so tight...
                             (more squirming)
                         But I can't will myself to remove
                             (leaning in)
                         I need you for that, Mister Lover.

               We close on one such SUBJECT, his eyes wide.  He's staring at
               her top button, at the buxom breasts heaving beneath the
               tight fitting garb.  As he licks his lips we see he is raw

               The HOLO-TEMPTRESS in his bay breaks from the pattern of
               those around him and stands upright as she begins to coo.

                                   HOLO-TEMPTRESS (OFX) (cont'd)
                         Oooo Baby... Yeah.
                             (undoes the top button)
                         That's it.

               She starts to spill out of the dress.  He smiles hungrily as
               she continues.

               INT. STARKEY - OBSERVATION  

               The OPERATOR monitoring the boards turns from his display.

                         We've got a breakthrough on Number

               DALHOUSIE, the early 30's senior Scientist on this project,
               approaches the Displays looking for Subject Number 9.  On one
               monitor is the HOLO-TEMPTRESS sliding out of her dress
               revealing her equally tight bra and panties.  On another is
               the SUBJECT lasciviously enjoying his new found control.

               Dalhousie isn't paying attention to either of these instead
               concentrating on the Bio-Displays showing the Subject's heart
               rate and mental activity.  

               Her lack of reaction is in stark contrast to that of disgust
               registering on the face of the business suit wearing LORENZO
               who comes up beside her.

                         It's rather base isn't it?

                         We have a rule in Bio-Feedback,
                         Lorenzo, never argue with what

                         But surely you could have found
                         something - - less offensive.

               Dalhousie turns, moving to the opposite bank of Displays.

                         We tried over 400 different sims to
                         no effect.  This one was actually
                         an accident.

                         An accident?

                         That's the story we're sticking to.
                             (looks at Lorenzo)
                         Your people wanted results, right?

                         Yes but...

                         The Exo-Suits can't be consciously
                         controlled.  You can't have someone
                         in a firefight stopping to think. 
                         They must react and those reactions
                         must come naturally. 

                         I understand that Professor.  But
                         we want an army of soldiers, not

                         Training someone to use this
                         interface is like any other
                         application, you start with what
                         works.  Once the interface is
                         second nature to them then you can

               Dalhousie motions to a set of doors on the far end.  Lorenzo
               heads that way.

                                   DALHOUSIE (cont'd)
                         If you wait until the animal
                         figures out the trick before
                         feeding it...
                             (stops to open the door)
                         You'd have a dead animal. 

               Lorenzo crosses the threshold followed by Dalhousie.

               INT. STARKEY - EXO LAB

               They enter a large room.  In the middle of it stands the EXO
               COMBAT SUIT (ECS).  It's frame dwarfing the felon encased
               within.  Three HEAVILY ARMED GUARDS stand equidistantly to
               the unit.

               Dalhousie leads Lorenzo to the Ops Console set up in the
               room.  The OPERATOR looks up awaiting instructions. 
               Dalhousie ignores them motioning out toward the ECS.

                         Lorenzo, meet Subject Number 6.

               YEAGER is a mid-thirties ruffian hardedge of South Pacific
               decent who peers out from the restraints of the suit with an
               axe to grind. 

                                   YEAGER (MUTTERING)
                         Name's Yeager.

               No one heard him.

                         You're at the Beta stage already?

                         Yes.  Thanks to him.

               Dalhousie motions to the felon in the suit. 

                                   DALHOUSIE (cont'd)
                         He turned out to be a natural. 
                         We've done some test runs, a few
                         preliminaries if you will and he's
                         passed with flying colors.
                         Would you like to see a

               Lorenzo looks at Dalhousie in surprise.

                         Now?  Is it safe?

                         We've locked down the higher
                         functions, it's perfectly safe.

               Lorenzo looks around the room at the three armed Guards and
               then at the suit.  A sly smile creeps across his face.


                             (nods to Operator)
                         Go ahead.

               The Operator keys the suit active.  

               Within the open framework of the ECS servos and motors come
               to life.  Yeager flinches a moment as the link is established
               and then he stands upright.  He shifts his weight within the
               bulky unit which moves with the fluidity of melting butter.

               He raises his right arm and rotates the blunt wrist pod in
               it's socket.  Yeager then pivots and starts to move around
               the room with the grace of a dancer.  

               It's an incongruous image considering it looks like he's
               wearing a forklift. 


                         Isn't it though.

               Yeager stops.  His mouth tightens up in a wry smile and then
               he turns towards the Ops Console.

                                   DALHOUSIE (cont'd)
                         Very good.
                             (to Operator)
                         Power it down.

               The Operator turns and keys the commands.  The whine of
               interlinks dim to barely a whisper.  The suit comes to a

                         The General will be very pleased
                         Miss Dalhousie.

                         Good.  I can't wait to see the look
                         on Browning's face when...

               Suddenly Yeager steps forward.  ALL turn as this shouldn't be
               possible.  Dalhousie looks at the Operator who is frantically
               rechecking the board.

                                   DALHOUSIE (cont'd)
                         I said power it down.

                         It is.

               It isn't.  Yeager continues forward.  One step at a time.

               The first of three Guards steps forward, trying to block the
               behemoth's path but he is swatted away easily.  

               Another Guard draws his weapon and fires at Yeager but the
               shots bounce off a Force Field that now surrounds the suit.  

               Yeager continues to approach the Ops Console as Lorenzo backs
               off, moving toward the exit.

                         Force field?

                         That's a higher function.

                         Didn't you say those were locked
                         down, Professor?


               All three Guards are firing with everything from automatic
               ballistic weapons to Arc shots.  All to no effect.  Lorenzo
               reaches the exit and opens it.


               Dalhousie glances his way with a look of annoyance.

                         This has to be an aberration. 
                         It'll stop any moment!

               From the blunt wrist pod on the left arm of the ECS hydraulic
               claws emerge which Yeager uses to grab Dalhousie by the
               throat, lift and slam her against the bulkhead.  

               The Guards try to physically remove the ECS from the
               Professor but to no avail. 

               Yeager brings up the right wrist pod which flares an
               assortment of nasty tools all whirring, buzzing and whirling.

                         Sims are fun Doc.
                             (leering at her pretty
                         But they're not the real thing.

               Struggling to breathe around the claws the look on
               Dalhousie's face is one of abject terror.  Yeager leans in
               menacingly close to her.  

               A hook from the pod slides under a fastener at the top of her
               tunic slicing it off easily.  She flinches at this suddenly
               realizing where this is about to go.  Yeager straightens.  

                                   YEAGER (cont'd)
                         Pity I don't have more time.

               Yeager releases his grip on Dalhousie and takes two steps
               back triggering the retracted outer shell of the ECS to
               shutter closed around him.

               Two of the Guards quickly pull her away from Yeager and guide
               her toward the exit but she can't take her eyes off the

               When she sees Yeager raise the left arm and power up the
               Weapons Pod she screams.

                         He's going to decompress the room!

               The exit is locked.  Lorenzo is visible through the
               observation window but he refuses to open the hatch because
               of what Yeager is about to do.

               A particle stream erupts from the weapons pod and slams
               against the far bulkhead with a concussive blast that
               shatters the inner bulkhead and outer hull all at once.

               The impact is nothing compared to the sudden explosion as the
               bulkhead gives way to open space blowing Dalhousie, the
               Operator and the three Guards out into the vacuum.

               With his feet pods magnetically clamped to the floor Yeager
               doesn't move until the room settles.  Then, one foot at a
               time, he moves to the gaping hole and peers out.

               Yeager takes hold of either side of the tear and climbs out
               of the Station.


               Standing on the outside of the Station Yeager looks upward
               before triggering the oscillation rings on the bottom of the
               feet pods which quickly accelerate him away from the Station
               and into open space.

               END OPENING ACT:
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