FINNEGAN'S SQUAD: "Post Partem" - teaser/opening act

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       FINNEGAN'S SQUAD: "Post Partem"

               BEGIN OPENING ACT:

               EXT. SPACE - ASTEROID BELT

               A nearly moon sized object in the Asteroid belt unique
               because it's surface has man-made structures and components
               that indicate this one is more than just a rock in space.


               INT. STARKEY - CELL BLOCK RED

               A row of stainless steel cell doors with small window line
               this two level but narrow passage way which is Cell Block
               Red, the highest security cell block in the United Network.

               Following the unlocking chime, a far end hatch opens and an
               orange prison jump-robed EVANGELINE enters, limping because
               of the spinal wound inflicted upon her by Finn during their
               last encounter.

               She shuffles slowly down the mono-chromatic cell block, past
               doors whose only indicators are red letters stencilled just
               below their tiny high impact glass windows.

               Behind her are four heavily armed and well-padded GUARDS who
               keep at least two of their rifles trained on her at all
               times.  It's a mostly symbolic gesture.  Because of her
               injury she can barely get around on her own.

               Finally they come to her cell, the door opens automatically
               and she enters.


               Though spacious for a prison the cell, as with the rest of
               the block, is almost entirely mono-chromatic.  A slightly
               wider red leather padded section lines the left wall, which
               is her bed, and continues as a padded bench along most of the
               back wall.

               At the far end is an open Shower/Lav unit.  The chrome toilet
               beneath the small chrome sink, below an unbreakable chrome
               plate acting as her mirror, below the shower nozzle.

               To the immediate right of the door is a stainless steel table
               with a low resolution Video display recessed into it.  On
               either side of this, for completely aesthetic reasons are two
               padded chrome chairs, both anchored to the floor.

               The cell door closes behind her with the mean-spirited
               chuckle only a prison guard who truly hates the subjects
               under their control, or someone who guards Martha Stewart,
               can muster.

               Evangeline stands in the middle of this room, looking down
               with deadened eyes.  She is docile, broken spirited, and left
               with nothing but her grief.

               After what seems like a lifetime she is distracted by the
               unlocking and opening of the hatch behind her.

               She turns as Doctor MELON enters pushing his stainless steel
               cart before him.  She steps aside to allow it inside, after
               which the hatch closes.  She looks at him curiously.

                         Disrobe please.

               Evangeline stares at him with a confused look on her face.

                         I thought you were done?

               Melon ignores her while he starts unfolding and setting up
               his cart.  The lid, folded over, creates half an examination
               bed.  It too is chrome, with the same red leather padding as
               the rest of the place.

               He folds out two leg stirrups, but they are down, nearly at
               ground level.  Another fold out and we see that the
               examination table is designed for her to lean against,
               permitting him clear access to her back.

               As Melon pulls out two arm rests, both with wrist restraints,
               he turns to her, impatiently.

                         Do I have to get the Guards again?

               Unsure what is going on Evangeline begins to disrobe.  She
               has little choice.  

               Evangeline's one piece orange jump-robe falls to the ground
               in one, swift motion, dropping from her like a towel.  She
               stands there, uninhibited and leaving little to the
               imagination, or at least that would be the case were it not
               for the clever camera angles.

                         I thought the plan was to leave me
                         barely mobile.  Just enough so I
                         wasn't a burden.

               Melon takes a step back, motioning her to take her place.


               Evangeline limps toward the table and steps onto the stirrups
               before carefully leaning forward, bracing for the cold
               against her bare form, until her face, like someone at a
               masseuse, is resting against a padded donut.

               Melon steps forward and brings her hands up to each armrest,
               securing them with the wrist restrains.

               He does the same to her feet in the stirrups and then finally
               to her neck, immobilizing her against this padded cart.

               He then slides open a deep drawer which has his equipment
               resting on a tray beneath and between two glowing purple
               lights which apparently are the sanitation unit.

               Melon dips his hands between the two panels of light bathing
               them and sanitizing them.  He reaches deeper to pick up a
               tool, something that looks like a dentist's drill, cable
               included, which he clutches as he moves behind her and

               Melon peers at the side display he has set up which shows
               Evangeline's spinal chord as he begins to move the wand
               around her lower back.

               It ZAPS and SIZZLES while the display shows pinpoint and key
               repairs being done to her back.

               Evangeline's face reflects the sensations, some pleasurable,
               some painful.  Her legs twitch, her back muscles spasm, her
               body tenses.  Instinctively, reflexively, she pulls at the
               wrist restraints while he works, guiding the wand where it
               needs to be.

               She groans and moans with an increasing pace as he works
               faster and faster behind her.

               She grimaces as he reaches over and directs the display to
               run impulses down her back.  More muscle tensions, her hands
               clutch the arm rests firmly.  She screams and then...

               He is done.  Melon steps away from her, replacing his gear
               and cleaning up.  He slides the drawer closed and then starts
               removing the restraints.  Her hands first, feet next, then

               She rises, stiffly, sweating and clutching the cart for
               support until she's upright.  He hands her the robe, which
               she takes, and as she slips it over her, he finishes packing
               up the table.  She arches her back and then realizes that she
               has full mobility.  She looks at him confused.




                         I wouldn't let anyone know that, at
                         least not until after the trial.

               Melon taps the hatch.  It opens and he starts to push the
               cart outside.  Evangeline steps forward, very confused now.

                         What's going on?  Why did you...

               He stops and turns to her.

                         I'm merely doing what I was told.

               Evangeline doesn't understand.  She looks down as she
               straightens her back again, feeling right for the first time
               in weeks.

                                   MELON (cont'd)
                         Get some rest and remember what I
                         said.  Wait until after the trial,
                         then be ready.

                         For what?

                         I'm told you'll know.

               Melon exits the cell and without looking back he speaks.

                                   MELON (CONT'D)
                         Oh yeah.  And C. U. Soon.

               Her head bolts upright at him as the door closes.  In another
               time and place that phrase meant something to her.

               END OPENING ACT:
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