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The Ginsang scale uses the old Terran language ENGLISH and rates environments from A to Z. The "D" Environment ranges from a marginally controlled environment to environment with seasonable atmosphere. Dr GINSANG likened the D Environment to the temperate zones of Earth during spring/fall.

A period in Terran history where religious persecution in Europe retarded the sciences.
Trade name for line of extremely user friendly artificial intelligence entertainment/information systems. A popular model of Televid system.
A device thought only theoretical until a planet wide Deaf Bomb was exploded on . Causing indefinite hearing loss to the population of . In 2255. The . Are now considered AM Article 6 Medical Quarrantine by the United Alliance.
Largest moon of Sol System (New LONDON) planet MARS.
Delta Pavonis
Archaic name for system 011 New BARCELONA, home of the TEELENKSH and a permanent member of the UA Security Council.
Meg Religious Leader who first proposed the segregation of other species as a recommended way of avoiding a repeat of the ARROWHEAD Maneuver. A Linde is the highest level in the Meganite Religion.
Name given by Terran forces for class of small Meg fighters which can be converted to faster than light travel.
Where the effort to contribute into something is met with smaller and smaller payout each time. Although not a new expression "Diminishing Returns" are no better demonstrated than during the mid-21st Century when shrinking corporate profits and increasing governmental tax burdens led to an all time high violent wealth related crimes. 21st Century Social Philosopher Vinayak Razak Galan stated that a "rebellion against wealth" is inevitable when each paycheque a worker receives is progressively less than the worker received on each previous paycheque for an equal amount of work. Galan dismissed any surprise at this from the wealthy class as "Virtual thoughts from a Virtual people living in a Virtual society". By spending too much in their artificial worlds of social calm the "wealthy class" were easy targets for the increasingly growing population of disadvantaged and economically abused people. This problem would have grown worse, or Galan's theories would have restructed society in an economic reform, ha
4th largest moon of Sol System (New LONDON) planet SATURN.
12th largest moon of Sol System (New LONDON) planet SATURN.
On creation of the United Alliance the DIPLOMATIC CORPS was created to represent the United Alliance to all internal or external agencies which contact would be made, oversee and manage all Colonies within Alliance space, operate Diplomatic Missions whereever possible and negotiate trade while promoting cultural exchanges between all species, members or not.
DM (CD) -46 11540
Archaic name for 303 New JERUSALEM, home of the neutral KORSEVOODLE people.
DM+10 2531
Archaic name for system 927 New LIMA, location of the GUNROY Colony.
DM+12 1944
Archaic name for 998 New JUNEAU, location of JUNEAU Resort.
DM+22 2301
Archaic name for 946 New LOS ANGELES, home of the ANNOITSHUN and a world currently classified ARTICLE 6 MEDICAL Protectorate by the UNITED ALLIANCE.
DM+27 2055
Archaic name for 939 New SAN SALVADOR, primary base of operations for Drug Lord HELLMAN up to 2255.
DM+32 2896
Archaic name for 705 New BARR SMITH, home of the THARUS.
DM+43 1953
Archaic name for the HOSTILE system 556 New CALGARY, home of the KEINDUER people.
DM+45 2743
Archaic name for system 431 New WELLINGTON, home of the XOPUNFO and a permanent member of the UA Security Council.
DM+66 717
Archaic name for 989 New NEW YORK, site of the BIG APPLE PLANET recreation of pre-nuclear New York City.
DM-1 2892
Archaic name for system 928 New MONTEVIDEO, home of the Neutral KOLED with a treaty negotiated Star Command STARBASE.
DM-1 4774
Archaic name for 655 New MOSCOW, home of the neutral PARER people and site of the treaty negotiated Star Command STARBASE 655.
DM-2 2901
Archaic name for the Article 6 protected system 553 New NANAIMO.
DM-2 3000
Archaic name for 550 New VICTORIA, home of the Kranstani of the planet TOLLER.
DM-22 2345
Archaic name for 999 New ANCHORAGE, location of the Border Patrol base STARBASE ALASKA.
DM-34 11626
Archaic name for 402 New BRISBANE, home of the neutral TRAYETS people.
DM-4 2490
Archaic name for 596 New FORT NELSON, home of the YOHDOL EM.
DM-59 2351
Archaic name for the Article 6 protected system 571 New NANAIMO.
DM-60 7821
Archaic name for 665 New VOLGOGRAD, home of the DULLEA and centre of the UNITED ALLIANCE's Eastern Frontier Security.
DM-73 1672
Archaic name for system 034 New BERLIN, home of the LOOAPH'UT and a permanent member of the UA Security Council.
A period of extremely low humidity which in the case of the Meghan (MEGANITES) lasted for hundreds of years previous to 89,000 BC (ESC)
DUBLIN, New Starbase 003
Site of Star Command STARBASE 003 and half of the New LONDON INVASION INTERCEPT Fleet.
Indigenous name for the people of 665 New VOLGOGRAD and the security base for the UNITED ALLIANCE's eastern frontier.