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ALL DATES LISTED use the Terran Standard Calendar (TSC).


2001 January 1
The first day of the 3rd Millenium (Gregorian Calendar only).

The Industrial nations of the Earth have precipitated a global crisis through heavy air pollutants which have been subtly altering the ecology of the planet. After two decades of increasingly severe weather patterns International tensions increase against NATIONS still refusing to deal with the growing crisis.

2022 September 29
A class action lawsuit brought against various industries identified as "source responsible" for the bulk of pollutants results in "injury awards" of such excess that several major international corporations are forced into bankruptcy, driving the USAmerica into an economic depression that dominos with several major trading partners.

2023 May 5
The USAmerica pulls out of the United Nations citing dissatisfaction with crisis resolution of the World Body after the UN Secretary General threatens expulsion unless they pay up monies owed. This act forces the UN to close its doors following decades of ineffectiveness and skyrocketing deficits. Plans for a "World Legislature" are shelved. Most of the Nations of the world retreat into heavy internalization as budget crises and environmentally related food concerns begin to tear their countries apart.

2025 September 29
The American Dollar collapses sending all other currencies into a tail spin finally ending the American strangle hold on the global stage. For the next 25 years another Great Depression occurs worldwide.

Toxin levels increase to saturation point. Countries around the world adopt strick Emergency Response Laws regulating water consumption, food and most importantly waste and energy consumption.

The European Space Agency links with the Russian (CIS) Space Operations creating EuroCosmos following a series of promising breakthroughs in long range spacecraft technology.

2038 April 6
The Canadian Ministry of Agriculture unveils the National Food Program, a program that viewed as greatly unfair to the western provinces the governments of provinces British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The NFP is only the latest in a series of fumbles by the Federal Conservative party.

2038 November 1
EuroCosmos launches the unmanned LRE/MND Mining Probe for the Jupiter system. NASA counters by dedicating it's resources on a mission commitment to Saturn.

2040 December 18
One of the 113 poorly maintained Nuclear Reactors in India suffers catastrophic meltdown spewing tonnes of toxic material into the air. The surrounding region is a deadzone killing hundreds of thousand while a band of radioactive fallout proceeds across the continent into China killing wildlife, crops and livestock. Chinese response to this is massive troop movement toward India in response to what they call a nuclear attack. Tension mounts as India threatens nuclear weapon retaliation if China crosses into their land. The Chinese government pauses when the UN negotiates to assume oversight responsibilities of India's Nuclear industry.

2040 December 22
Fallout from the Indian Meltdown is estimated to have directly killed 176,900 in India, 97,100 in China, 27,300 in (Vietnam or Korea) and nearly two thousand in Japan. 400,000 more will die in the next five years from residual effects.

Over 7,000 species of birds, fish and mammals die this year alone as the effects of Eco-Collapse spread throughout the animal kingdom. Populations of humans are forced to wear coveralls when outdoor due to exposure concerns. Attempts to curb pollution and reverse or at least slow down the damage are too little, too late. Riots break out in many areas as young idealists openly attack older citizens blaming them for their wasteful ways. Governments conflict on fears of escalating an already troublesome global economic crisis.

2041 February 26
Two more Indian Nuclear Reactors suffer less serious meltdowns but Chinese troops still standing firm near the Indian border cross into the sub-continent. The situation rapidly escalates as Indian forces engage while Nuclear weapons are fired from Indian into the heart of China. Over 30 nuclear missiles are launched with over a billion dead before this situation cools down as both sides see further expansion leading to mutual annilihation.

EuroCosmos begins work on the first permanent Lunar Colony.

2046 July 5
James Patrick Ferguson born to Anne Cawdor and Thane Ferguson. James will receive numerous decorations for leadership as a member of the hastily assembled WESTCAN Defence Corp in 2067.   James will put into use untested equipment that gives the WestCan group the edge it needs to hold off invading forces from the Heartland FREE STATES of America during the First FOOD WAR.

Ocean's have risen 138 centimeters world wide in the last 100 years. Many coastal areas are flooded. Growing seasons for food are becoming shorter each year. The cost of fresh food increases beyond most families budgets as availability grows more scarce. Regional FOOD WARS break out on African and Asian continents with Food Riots occuring in Europe and throughout the industrial world.

2048 September 29
Mary Catherine Ferguson born to Anne Cawdor and Thane Ferguson. Second child of Anne and Thane, Mary Catherine is part of the team which will develope the PAT-system "PAT-A" prototype Artificial Intelligence. PAT systems completely replace computers by 2100 and remain the best in information handling until the development of RAEB systems by RIGEL Aerospace in 2210. Following an illicit affair with long time friend Jonathan Douglas that results in first son Jonathan Adam, Mary will wed Sean Patrick MacMANUS eventually delivering three more children.

Transportation of pre-fabricated segments to the Moon for the building of the EuroCosmos "PAXSTAD" Lunar base begins.

The very rich around the world seclude themselves in BIO-DOMES and on Orbiting Space Platforms desperate to escape what many believe is the end of civilization.

2049 March 17
PAXSTAD (EuroCosmos), the first of three planned permanent LUNAR Bases begins operation.

A century old policy of restraining the Mississippi is abandoned by USAmerica and State governments after the river overruns its restraints flooding huge tracks of once habitable land from Minnesota down to Louisiana. Ten kilometers wide in parts the great river starts a chain of events that will forever alter both the geographical and political landscape of the nation. Similar events occur with the Red River and others, although to a lesser degree.

EuroCosmos lands the first component of the MARS Terraformer Project near the north pole of Mars. The project will be abandoned when the ECO-COLLAPSE snaps all Terran efforts to their homeworld. The unmanned components of this station will suffer high rates of corrosion in the Martian atmosphere.

2055 August 31
DIATOSHOWA LUNA Lunar base begins operation (Nippon/Japan).

Gareth David Harris, future First Lord Novus of Manchester is born in Torquay, England, UK.

2064 November
Nine states in the Central North West of the United States vote in HEARTLAND candidates as Governor. The HEARTLAND Party (backed predominantly by Militia FREEMEN) has been competing with the rival PRAIRIE REFORM Party in the region for decades.

2065 May 1
Years of mismanagement by the Federal Government of the USAmerica add to an increase in tensions between mid-west states and the rest of the country. Under HEARTLAND Party leadership the states of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Wisconsin, the northern counties of Missouri and the western counties of Illinois break away from the USAmerica to form a new republic, the Free States of America.

2066 January 21
Jonathan Adam MacMANUS born to Mary Catherine Ferguson-MacMANUS through an illicit affair with Jonathan Douglas. Jonathan Adam will work for MAG-Star Aerospace a division of MAGELLAN Shipyards until he develops the matrix for a counter-gravitation emitter which MAG-Star has no confidence in. Through Timothy Ryan O'Neill (a family friend who eventually changes his last name to MAGELLAN in an ill conceived bid to gain unwarranted promotional attention from the corporation), Jonathan is able to form RIGEL Aerospace and secure diversified investment venture capital that allows him to develop and produce his GRAV-PLATE technology.

2067 January 13
The first North American FOOD WAR begins with the invasion by HEARTLAND Forces of the Free States of America into southern Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The Canadian Federal government initially seeks assistance from USAmerica which declines involvement against the break away republic. Under the direction of Alberta Premier Mackenzie ROTH several western base commanders and whole contingents of Mounted Police act on their own accord fighting off the invaders. Canadian forces are heavily outnumbered by the invading Heartland Army losing most of the border below the 50th parallel until superior Canadian technology supplied by high tech aerospace firms in western Canada keep the Free States from overrunning Regina, Winnipeg and Calgary.

2067 January 31, 1721 hours
Marwayne Technologies in Regina, WestCan successfully fires their first Coil Induction Ballistic Weapon. The device was not originally intended to fire ballistics, but instead to propel public transit and cargo craft along existing infrastructure freeways. The weapon, which is too large to hand-carry, is jury-rigged at the last minute to help counter-act invasion. Mini-vans and other small vehicles equipped with these devices are used by the WestCan Defence Forces to repell the Heartland Invasion. This model is able to propel cylinders with a radius up to 30 cm a full 20 kilometers with pin-point accuracy.

2067 February 6
The Parliamentary Dominion of WESTCAN is created by the former Canadian Provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba following an uncontested invasion by Heartland Forces during the Food War.

2067 October 27
The well armed and well fortified HEARTLAND Army of the Free States of America begin a concerted push against Idaho, Oregon, Washington State and northern California in an attempt to gain control of a Pacific sea port. The USAmerica Federal government is slow to release resources still hopeful of a bloodless re-union. Washington State turns to WestCan for aid actually seceding from the Union to join the Dominion of WestCan.

2067 November 1
The Dominion of WestCan advances across the 49th parallel, deep into the Free States of America, reclaiming most of the territory lost in 2066 and overrunning Idaho and Montana down to the Lewis and Clark trail, thereby regaining territory once held by the Hudson's Bay company.   A misguided attempt by the Heartland Forces to retaliate with Cruise Missiles results in the detonation of a nuclear device obliterating Billings, Montana. This action allows the future Union of Western States to defeat Heartland forces invading Oregon, Idaho and California. By the end of the battle the Free States hold nothing west of the Continental Divide and little north of the Lewis and Clark trail through parts of Montana.

2068 January 16
California, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Arizona, Texas, Colorado and the southern counties of Idaho secede from the USAmerica forming the Union of Western States following near abandonment by the Federal Government of the USAmerica during the Heartland (Free State) Invasion. Alaska and Hawaii also join.

Food Wars in Asia between China, India and other countries have taken the lives of more than a billion people. The growing crisis shows no sign of changing as harvest after harvest falls short or fails. Armed conflict near Kyoto, Japan (Maru Sulu) erupts when a fleet of Korean warships violently takes over the kelp farms there. Conflict ends when Koreans determine the crop is unedible due to toxins in the water.

Unable to respond to each catastrophe resulting from increasingly extreme weather patterns, increasing toxins in air, sea and soil the ECO-COLLAPSE breaks already strained nations. Half of the remaining 10.5 Billion people on the planet will die in the first five years.

At a community meeting in a small neighbourhood in Minsk, Russia, Irini Iwona Tereshkova, a process engineer and mother of three, suggests a "Collective Association" strategy to help the people of her neighbourhood survive what is still believed to be a short-term crisis.

LUNAEUROPE Base begins independent operation on the Moon. Comprised of three sections (Lunashire-UK/Etoileville=France & Belgium/Mond Stadt=Germany, Denmark & Switzerland) the base mines the pure Lunar water for integration to a concentrated protein food source to be exported back to Earth to feed starving populations. At this point in history however the lunar surface is the safest most secure place to be with many of the residents being the young of very wealthy families and government officials.

Toxin concentrations have decimated whole city populations in North America, Central Europe and Asia. Cancer fatalities from internal poisons rise reaching 1in3 people by 2080. Health related exposure sicknesses bring the fatality rate to 1in2. A whole generation will never breathe unpurified air due to excesses of Industrialization particularly in the 20th Century now dubbed the "Century of Waste".

North Sea and Atlantic have risen nearly three meters on the shores of Great Britain in just the last decade. As the nation fights back against submersion North Ireland petitions for aid from the Republic of Ireland.

The dynamics of "Collective Association" spread throughout the Russian nation as Irini Iwona Tereshkova, negotiates a series of collective agreements with communities across Russia. Building on her principles the townships which participate find survival much easier as each person strives to benefit the collective.

Thane Ferguson (61 year old father of Mary Catherine Ferguson-MacMANUS) perfects the closed loop environmental system for food growth. The Canadian Ministry of Agriculture is the first to buy rights to this system implementing it on a very large scale by converting thousands of abandoned warehouses and office buildings throughout Ontario and southern Quebec into hydroponics farms. The crown corporation HydroPonics Farm Corporation (HPFC) is created to oversee these operations.

2082 December 29
Closer ties result in "Unity of the Irelands" after mainland Great Britain's government is brought to its knees by the coastal flooding.

Civil War breaks out in Great Britain. The monarchy is toppled as the structure of civilation on the British Isles collapses. Former Manchester Mayor Warwick Birnam rallies citizens throughout Manchester and then beyond to restore the Union.

The government of the Heartland Free States of America collapses as the effects of internal strife, Eco-Crisis and self-inflicted Nuclear winter take their toll. Agents from the USAmerica, Union of Western States and WESTCAN move through the region advising all citizens in the Great Plains region to migrate as official policy will be to allow the region to return to nature under the "Buffalo Commons Treaty".

Researchers at the University of Guelph in Ontario Canada have genetically developed a hearty grain that grows quickly in Hydroponics set-ups. This grain forms the basis of the HPFC "HyrdoBar" food product that is easily made, stored and delivered. More and more flavors and textures are developed. Within 5 years the HPFC crown corporation reaches a level where supply of food exceeds demand for the first time in decades. Although the food stuff is in bar form and initially not very appetizing, it is cheap, filling and plentiful.

HRH King Upton imprisoned for High Crimes. Princess Daliah Wales one of many who seeks asylum in the countryside. Princess Daliah arrives in Manchester and is protected from harm by UNITED, a mysterious group of Monarchists run by an even more mysterious leader known only as Crimson who operates out of the Salford area of Manchester.

Cobus Fritz, an engineer at Northern Aerospace, recovers original designs for components developed in the pursuit of the REPULSOR Emitter technology used to defend Westcan in the First FOOD WAR.   Able to complete the unfinished project Fritz develops the first COMPOSITE SCAN unit. COMPOSITE SCAN technology is able to release molecular bonds in matter allowing the sifting of any discarded waste back to its pure basic elements. Final completion of this device allows for clean waste management and is the first step in repairing much of the environmental damage done in the last two hundred years.

Raids by UNITED, in conjuction with Warwick Birnam's effects on the political front, begin to restore order in a rapidly expanding area around Manchester, which is soon recognized at the Nation's Emergency Capital city when Princess Daliah steps forward as the Spokesperson for the FOUNDATION PARTY. Conflict weary populations begin rallying behind the Princess and her First Minister, Birnam, leading to the Act of Re-Union. Princess Daliah crowned Queen following successful re-unification of Great Britain. For his efforts during "The Troubles" Gareth David Harris made First Lord Novus of Manchester by HRH Queen Daliah on the evening of his wedding to Jacquie Lockwood (13th in line to throne). Queen Daliah takes on the surname "United" in tribute to the power behind their triumph. Crimson fades into the countryside.

HydroBar becomes the number 1 selling food source in Canada with rapidly increasing exports as the varieties of HydroBar increase and spin off food sources.

When the Russian Federation government collapses Irini Iwona Tereshkova appears on State Media appealing to all Patriots in support of her "New Soviet" plan of "Collective Association". She is unanimously appointed First Minister of the New Soviet by members of the Russian Parliament.

Haywood Swain Harris, 2nd Lord Novus of Manchester is born to Gareth David Harris and Jacquie Lockwood.

Lillian (Lily) Rice - future 2nd Lady Novus of Manchester is born in Kensington, England, UK.

The New SOVIET takes control of all territorial RUSSIA, imposing strict controls on it's population in the concerted "socialist" effort to feed the population and return the nation to it's former greatness. The CENTRAL COMMITTEE of the New SOVIET resurrects GLAVCOSMOS after removing themselves from participating in the EuroCosmos treaty so they can concentrate on New SOVIET controlled orbital and lunar developments. The New SOVIET engages in international espionage to acquire and develop the latest in food processing technology. Beyond that the New SOVIET has its sights set on a series of Lunar Bases separate from the EuroCosmos Union.

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