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" Reach out and Drive it™ !"


The ultimate in two passenger luxury. Travel around Earth or anywhere in local space in high style with this sporty vehicle!

Featuring our much copied but never equalled TRIBRID DRIVE™ * this orbital craft is capable of long range atmospheric distances **, MOEV™ ++, and Full Lagrange Access ***.

* TRIBRID DRIVE™ is a registered combination of RIGEL Grav-Plate™ technology, our exclusive LIMBIC™ Propulsion system and twin RIGEL TADIS™ Aero-Turbine motors.

** Atmospheric distances vary based on altitude and usage but average range according to prescribed operation with full fueling is 300,000 km.

++ MOEV™ is a registered trademark for our Multiple Orbital Escape Velocity system. With full fueling at prescribed operations 16 insertions and returns are typical. Actual results may vary based on usage discrepancies.

*** Full Lagrange Access is a registered term referring to benchmark standards based on a Trans-Lagrange tour defined as Earth to Orbit, sequencial visits (including docking and retraction) from each of the Lunar Orbit Lagrange stations (with typical turn arounds) and landing and launch from Luna with return to same spot on Earth without refueling. It is not recommended that any leg of that trip be undertaken with less than one-quarter of the recommended fuel for that leg.

*** end ***