04) Thirsty Work

Now, tip that cup up to my lips,
and let me search for the drop or two
you might have missed,
'cause it's ok to pass it around,
but there comes a time you gotta drink it down

I'm not sad, It's not grief,
no, these are tears of relief.
nah, it doesn't always have to hurt
but I'll tell you that living, man,
is thirsty work

Now, it seems like it's been dry round here
for the better part of half a million years,
but just a touch of grape, or just a bit of grain
can open up that sky and make it pour down rain


like one drop, I roll
my poor parched soul
across this hot dry plain
to where the ocean waits
the ocean waits again...

yeah, the milk of human kindness spills
so seldom that ya gotta take your fill.
and if life's a cereal, then your goal
should be to sit right down and have yourself a bowl