01) Donkey

I must say, on the whole,
I am a stubborn soul
who’s spent too much time resisting what he needs.
There’s something to be said
for going head to head
but not so you can just see yourself bleed.

Stick in the mud.
Fight for it now just to give it back later.
Turn your head or be someplace else,
because it hurts to see a donkey kick himself.

You can romanticize
words like ‘No compromise’
into your excuse to not let go your ball,
but it takes maturity to shade a line between
not selling out
and not stepping up at all.


The high road’s such a lonely place
from which to view your own bad grace.
Your neck gets stiff, y’know,
from shaking your head no.
Your throat gets sore from goin’
‘I told you so, I told you so…’

It is the master key
to slip these chains and leave this place at last.
There is no victory
in being you’re your own worst enemy.
It’s too late to see things clearly once they’re passed.


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