Yeah, I know what you're thinking, oh no, not another CAT PAGE, well relax, ok, this isn't your normal cat appreciation page, it's got way more ego than that.

For one it's my actual page, not some owner generated thingy, oh sure, they type, but I dictate, you follow?   It's not like we could leave the world up these people, not if we wanted things done.

Hey, I'm not knocking cat fanciers, don't get me wrong, but we're not just cute little animals, we've got things to do, we're happening, we're not napping 'cause we're bored, know what I mean . . .

So relax 'cause we're getting the job done, kapeesh?

And in the future, if we offer you a dead animal as a token of our respect don't yell "ewww" and toss it in the garbage, not if you know what's good for you, understand?

I'm just saying, that's all . . .