THEY MAKE MOLD LOOK GOOD!     Wet dogs smell better!     And their leader is wanted on 15 worlds for crimes too horrible to mention here . . .

(see below, we mention them anyway)

His crew follows him blindly, partly because he leaves the lights off to save money, but mostly because he's fun to invite to a murder, especially if it's your own!

FURTHERMORE... as Senior Constable Cybil P Bibble was quoted as saying:

This motley crew (not the band but hey, it's a good set of adjectives, don't you think?) was once unknown to these parts, and are believed to be from so far away, that even George Lucas doesn't go there!   But this is a group of ne'er-do-wells, who plague the Galaxy, in support of the bear named BEAR

GALAXY'S MOST WANTED also provides a handy reference guide to the crew of Bear In Space known far and wide as "The Crew of Bear In Space".

The Guide is called "WHO's WHO" and usually costs 62,000$ ( 3.45$ for the booklet, 61,996.55$ for shipping and handling ) but in a special, time limited On-Line offer it's free by clicking HERE!

Do not approach!!!

But if they do get close to you
( because they've spotted that cheese burger in your hands )
then use extreme caution !
( drop the burger and run )


* Farted in airlock at Regula 7;
* Pirated the "Fun-Queen", the "Sun-Daddy Five" as well as
    the "Sparky" Cruise ships;
* Failed to signal while passing Barnard's Star;
* Dumped Proton Waste in Sirius B;
* Caused Sirius B to Super Nova unexpectantly;
* Murdered six people who cut in front of them at auto teller
    bank machine cue (the District Attorney believes most
    juries might overlook this one);
* Kicked Galactic President in the "IHOP";
* Littered on Betelgeuse Prime (Punishable by death)

oh heck, the list goes on and on, just drop by your nearest Galactic Police Department for the latest.....