The first page, Bear flushes himself down a toilet.ADVENTURES OF BEAR (and Friends) - Originally passed around class in 1977 this collects presents the earliest BEAR comics including a colourized version of the very first BEAR IN SPACE.   We've also added the complete Adventures of JOE RAT; MARTY MOLE; HARRY & WOOF; WILLIE WEASEL and whatever else we could find that involved those characters.

The first page, Harry The Fluff helps the Robots defeat the Fleet.BEAR IN SPACE - Begun in 1978 and originally drawn on school notepaper (for over 80 pages) BEAR IN SPACE loosely satirized TV's original "Battlestar Galactica".   It tells the story of a space ship filled with intelligent animals trying to find the Ice Cream Sandwich Planet for reasons that are only vaguely tied into the destruction of their homeworld by Robots known as everything from Cylons to Nylons.

The poster page for the BEAR TREK satire.BEAR TREK - The 1979 Bear-daptation of STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE, starring Marty Mole, with Bear and the gang as they chase after a destructive cloud on a direct path for Earth.   Drawn from memory after multiple viewings of the film.   For the sake of history the first two pages of the comic based on the sequel are included in this set.   The sequel is called "BEAR TREK 2: The Wave of Kalm" by the way.

The first page, Bear and Friends help 3 aliens who look a like teachers at the time find the Prime Integer.SCHOOL BEAR in BLACK & WHITE - Beginning with comics done for Hugh McRoberts' SCHOOL NEWSPAPER, continuing with title pages done for the 10th Matthew McNair HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK and concluding with 3 panel strips done for the 20th High School Reunion these are treasures of a simpler time.   When Bears and Moles got along in perfect harmony and a talentless artist proved you could get published if you were the only one who delivered on deadline.

The first page, a semi summary of how what's been going on with that cute little bear from BEAR IN SPACE.THE NEW BEAR IN SPACE in BLACK & WHITE - During the 1980's there was an attempt to turn BEAR IN SPACE into something that wasn't just a satire of a 70's scifi series through an overhaul of the character's set up.   None of which was properly laid out, adequately lettered or well-drawn.   Heck, it wasn't even in colour!   But it does include some interesting hints about how the cute little Bear became a murderous cutthroat space pirate!

The first page, after finding Earth what remains of our heroes are sent on a commercial spaceship away from everything.BEAR IN SPACE: The Ruxpin Oddyssey - Here's more black & white BEAR IN SPACE attempting to tell a long form story that the artist got bored with about 3/4 of the way through...
On the plus side though he did leave us the script so we have some idea how it ends.

The cover of the BEAR VACATION Calendar.ADVENTURES OF BEAR Calendar - Full colour comedy showing Bear and friends vacationing around the world.   A year of fun you can skip through in about 3 minutes.