Captain THAMES BOLDER is a 17 time Hero of the Confederation and the youngest person ever to command a Starship (since the invention of Diesel Warp Drive) but that came crashing to an end when he was absorbed by the Plexus Trade Union.

In a panic Fleet Admiralty recalls the entire fleet to establish a final line of defence to protect Earth.

Meanwhile his nearly identical (separated by girth) twin brother JAMES, a successful, but otherwise unknown colony planter, rallies what few resources he has in a bid to rescue his twin Brother, the Galaxy's Greatest Hero.

With their Unrelenting Drive™ and Thames Bolder's charismatic abilities, the Plexus Trade Union continues on their rampant campaign to Unionize the Galaxy, but can their pawn, Captain Bolder, plow over his brother or will his twin finally figure out how to get the upper hand?